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Life is not that easy.

abeputin.jpg On November 19, President Putin exhibited recognition for the northern territories in open Japan-Russia Summit Meeting in Peru so that there was the sovereignty to the last in Russia .
President Putin spoke about "Soviet–Japanese Joint Declaration of 1956" by an interview of Russian media on November 20 of the next day of the summit meeting as follows. It was not written how Russia surrendered the territory of the northern territories to Japan, on what kind of basis , under which power and sovereignty, on what kind of condition ."
President Putin put the policy back on the drawing board about the progress of the negotiations among Japan and Russia of the issue of northern territories although Prime Minister Abe made financial support of approximately 1 trillion yen(US$8,777,000,000) for Russia.
Several well-informed people insist that President Putin abandoned Prime Minisetr Abe because President Putin judged that American President-elect improved U. S.-Russia relations.
Prime Minister Abe dispatched Japan's Self Defense Force for PKO in south Sudan forcibly. Prime Minister Abe is going to ratify TPP forcibly.It is very clear that Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
In non-antragsdelikt, the nation can punish a criminal as a crime regardless of the intention of the victim.In TPP agreement 18 chapters Article 77-6(g) , infringement of copyright should be non-Antragsdelikt .As an example, the government can arrest the citizen unfairly as infringement of copyright even if a citizen have only quoted the article of the newspapers in blog or SNS service.
Prime Minister Abe tries to ratify TPP forcibly in order to rush into the military regime and intends to approve TPP related bill.Prime Minister Abe is not going to explain the detail of TPP to Japanese citizens if it is inconvenient for his power.
The Abe Administration steamrollered Official Secrets Act and the security treaty legislation through the Diet. And the Abe administration rushes into the military regime. . Even if the Abe Cabinet discloses information about the official document of TPP, Abe Cabinet paint the almost contents black . The Abe Administration ignored a peace constitution by the PKO dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in south Sudan. Prime Minister Abe is going to let Japan be just the country starting war.
40% of the worker becomes the irregular employment, and one of six people of the child is poor. Japan is an abnormal situation. Far from improving a difference, Prime Minister Abe promotes only the bill becoming disadvantageous of the nation called an overtime work charges zero bill or the pension cut bill for enforcement more. And Prime Minister Abe would be going to promote the bill to increase the burdens of medical expenses this time. Japan must not ratify TPP. Also almost TPP related bills are the worst.
Does Prime Minister Abe make the environment to let Japan expand the expansion of income gaps so that almost citizens become poverty and can't but go with the army to the battlefront? 1brgn5_e0line.gif
President Putin judged that Prime Minister Abe intended to cause Japan-China War as much as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger who were four wicked people wished.
If Prime Minister Abe intends to cause Japan-China War, President Putin can't let Japan and Russia peace treaty pass.
abenaikakushijiritu.jpg The public opinion poll of Kyodo News reported that an approval rating of the Abe Cabinet was 60.7%. However, by the investigation into Facebook, people who do not support the Abe Cabinet occupy 91.3%. The Nazi Administration was full of lies, and hypocrisy, and the Abe Cabinet is totally like the Nazis government.
Life is not that easy.Can you understand?Prime Minister Abe.
You should already resign. You need not groan under the miserable fate such as arrests of the Nazi members in the future if you resign now .According to a recent public‐opinion poll of Facebook, support for the Abe cabinet is still lingering below 6.4 percent.The true approval ratings of the Abe Cabinet may be 2% more than the Park Geun-hye government.
However, the people are disaffected towards the government of Prime Minister Abe. The Abe government has lost the people's confidence. Prime Minister should wake up from your own bad dream.

Era Ameno
Prime Minister Abe.
I neither hate nor dislike you.
Does Prime Minister Abe want to perish like Iraqi ex-President Hussein?
Please wake up from your bad dream.
Please resign now.You are not a slave of 4 wicked old men.
Prime Minister Abe !!!You should be freed from their rule.
Let's burst your own chain,sir.

Aozora Japanese Resistance

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The stable keypoints to victory of President Obama

ISIS_20161201163316e5c.jpg The left map is the countries under their jurisdiction after five years that Islamic nation showed once.
However, the Allied Forces of the Iraqi military and Kurd corps surrounded Mosul city of Iraq now. Because water pipe was exploded by a battle, I am worry about the Mosul citizens , but I think the liberation of Mosul from ISIS will come true soon .In addition, the Syrian military recaptured the northeastern part of Aleppo on November 29.
If President Obama would arrest " Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger" who established ISIS and have executes the remote operation of ISIS, ISIS is weakened more and more in an instant, and President Obama will be freed from every suspicion now and can protect the legacy of President Obama.
In order to let each siege of Aleppo and Rakka come true, all is decided only with President Obama's mind by one step. President Obama should make your own great legacy be firm.The President-elect Donald John Trump would have declared that he would be against the Muslims, and the President-elect Donald John Trump may be seduced in the wrong direction by four evil people who are " Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger".
If President Obama wouldn't be able to decide to arrest " Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger" now, all peaceful legacy of President Obama may become spoiled then. If the President-elect Donald John Trump does even a signature, it is possible for him to let all legacy of great peace of President Obama be invalidity .
If President Obama would arrest four people now, the President-elect Donald John Trump may become the good US President in the future.However, if President Obama can't arrest four people now,the left map which is the countries under their jurisdiction after five years that Islamic nation showed once will come true and the President-elect Donald John Trump may cause World War 3.
After the arrest of four people, President Obama should declare that Obama Administration would accept plea bargaining if ISIS releases all sex slaves including the children.
Because four people are not arrested, combatants of ISIS never surrender. If four people are arrested, combatants of much ISIS escape, and ISIS ruins itself by all means.

Era Ameno
American President whom I love and respect.
Great President Obama
The American presidency is a bully pulpit.
Please punish the root of various crimes so that every citizen all over the world can sing Christmas songs comfortably.
President Obama !!!
Let's burst your own chain,sir.

Aozora Japanese Resistance

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I felt his magnificence of Former Chairperson Castro

Former President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba Fidel Castro , 90, died on Saturday.
Former Chairperson Castro was a revolutionary who upon assuming his island's highest political office reasserted his nation's dignity and self-worth, stood up against the West and capitalism.
Cuba is one of the few societies that remain untouched by commercialism. Cuba's leader Castro focused on providing health, education, and literacy to his constituents. His achievements in social development, such as establishing a universal health care and providing free education, became models for many developing nations with limited fiscal resources.
On March 3, 2003, Former Chairperson Castro visited Hiroshima and offered flowers in Peace Park and inspected the Atomic Bomb Museum and attended at the luncheon party that it was hosted by Governor of Hiroshima. When Former Chairperson Castro offered flowers in Peace Park, Former Chairperson Castro gave a silent prayer to a memorial service monument and left the words "The human race has a duty to visit this place as one of the human, and to remember". The visit to Hiroshima seemed to have made a deep impression on President Castro, who stated that humanity should never repeat the suffering experienced by Hiroshima.
I know that the reign of terror of Former Chairperson Castro is criticized in various spheres of activity.But I respect him and I felt his magnificence. He was as great a politician as ever lived.
Overdoing of the free trade and the overdoing of the market economy are wrong. Japan should protect the important things such as water, air, health care, medical care and education and must not privatize it. Japan must not expose them to market competition.
Prime Minister Abe should learn the basics of the head of state from Former Chairperson Castro rather than becoming a dictator.
Though President Obama would have announced formally to give up assembly approval of TPP, the reason why Prime Minister Abe would be going to ratify TPP forcibly is because Prime Minister Abe has the plan of Public Private Partnership of 500 trillion yen of Japan for foreign capital industry. If his wicked plan comes true, Prime Minister Abe may get contingency fees of "several tens billions yen " from foreign capital industry, but it is an act of the traitors.By Public Private Partnership of 500 trillion yen,Utility bills become too expensive prices more than 4 times by Public Private Partnership.
Law revision of Abe Administration(The steamrolling of the draft law to change the law interpretation) is not enough safe for the dispatch of south Sudan.
Only when the Self-Defense Forces can ensure the security, Captain of Self-Defense Forces can exercise so-called "kaketsuke keigo" which translates as "rush to the rescue missions".Because the civil war of south Sudan may develop into a holocaust, the United Nations requests each country for PKO dispatch. South Sudan is never safe.Because a civil war of south Sudan is not finished, by the current law of Japan, the SDF dispatch to south Sudan is unconstitutional.
The Self-Defense Forces are groups defending Japan, and Japan will not have the armed forces in the Japanese constitution. Therefore, a member of Self-Defense Forces will be judged in a civil law as one private citizen when a member of Self-Defense Forces shoots a person by mistake because a court-martial does not exist.
In the standard of the self-defense, the member of Japanese Self-Defense Forces is prohibited of using the weapon bigger than required than the weapons of the enemy.However, the weapons which the militiaman of the anti-government organization of south Sudan has are the rocket launchers.The armored car which Self-Defense Forces has hasn't any bulletproof effects for a rocket launcher and "the members of Self-Defense Forces in the armored car" will be in the situation as if they were baked in the roaster instantly by heat of several hundred degrees by the rocket launchers of enemy.
The weapons of the Self-Defense Forces dispatched in South Sudan are too shabby, and it means they virtually go to South Sudan in order to be totally murdered.
Because Prime Minister Abe and the Inada Minister of Defense want to avoid being criticized by Japan's public opinion to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in the dangerous area such as South Sudan, they prevent the Japanese Self-Defense Forces from going to the battle front with full armed as if south Sudan were safe.So the Japanese Self-Defense Forces must be dispatched with light-armed.It's unbelievable.
I doubt that "Prime Minister Abe and the Inada Minister of Defense" drove out "the members of Self-Defense Forces" from Japan to South Sudan as sacrifices in order to cause Japan-China War in south Sudan for the Chinese armed forces which has stationed in South Sudan.
The emergency lifesaving correspondence of the Self-Defense Forces dispatched in south Sudan is insufficient with only four army surgeons per the military unit of 350 people.
Because members of board of health of the Self-Defense Forces are not doctors and they are emergency paramedics, even anesthesia is not usable, and, it is not possible for them to operate the patients such as to empty the respiratory tract into in a hurry at the battle front. 4 army surgeons are not only insufficient, but also it is not allowed for the members of board of health to provide a medical care.
In addition,whenever the Japanese Self-Defense Forces tries to rescue the camp of the Chinese military which is stationed in "Juba and surrounding areas" of south Sudan, the Chinese military may fire their guns at the Japanese Self-Defense Forces under cover of the confusion in order to cause Japan-China War.
The Abe government should withdraw all the Self-Defense Forces of South Sudan promptly because the Abe Administration is lacked to prepare for the security of the Self-Defense Forces of the battle front.
Former Chairperson Castro did not determine such irresponsible things like Prime Minister Abe. Prime Minister Abe should learn the basic of head of state from Former Chairperson Castro.
The people are disaffected towards the Abe government.
Anyone suspects that the Abe Administration who deployed Musashi computer tampering with amount of votes of the election in the polling places of the whole country tampers with an approval rating.Everybody is convinced that the approval rating of Abe Administration which is announced should be a lie.

If Prime Minister Abe would become a dictator, Prime Minister Abe will be murdered like Former President Hussein of Iraq.Rumsfeld was ever a close friend of Former President Hussein of Iraq. Rumsfeld presented the beautiful pistol with the decoration of many pearls to Former President Hussein and they often drank liquor together, and talked about the future.
If Prime Minister Abe would be threatened by them and would intend to rush into the military regime and would be going to become a dictator, Prime Minister Abe had better resign. If Prime Minister Abe would resign now, Prime Minister Abe need not die like former President Hussein of Iraq.
It is the head of state's wit and generosity to resign. It is courage. Prime Minister Abe should wake up from the bad dream.
At least Former Chairperson Castro had never started the war for the profit of the war industry of other countries.

Henry Kissinger seemed to have advised the president elect Donald John Trump that USA must let Abe government defeat soundly because Prime Minister Abe was the most dangerous person in the present time. Prime Minister Abe, can you understand? Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger intend to murder Prime Minister Abe. They murder too many persons to monopolize their wealth.Prime Minister Abe is one of only goyim for them.Although they induce Prime Minister Abe to become a dictator, they seduce the president elect Donald John Trump that Prime Minister Abe is an accomplished villain .
If Japan-China War breaks out, they perform a naval blockade of Japan, and if they cause artificial famine in Japan, they intend to let Japan defeat.Probably Prime Minister Abe can neither break through a naval blockade nor escape with vast wealth to Argentina.
They intend to let Japan and Prime Minister Abe ruin with the nuclear weapons.
The Chinese government will execute family of the Japanese Emperor publicly in Beijing before letting Japan bury in seawater with several nuclear weapons. The Japanese engineers will be taken to China as the technical slaves.
It is true courage to cancel the wicked plan.

"Because former Chairperson Castro abolished racial discrimination", each black people, each white people, and each Indian people doesn't form each group , when students gather in the lecture hall of the Cuban university. Some races disperse equally, and they gather as friends.This is the scene which is not seen in the Western countries.
A Cuban black old woman said that she couldn't go to even a junior high school at her childhood because she had to work as a maid, but she said because Former Chairperson Castro reformed society , her grandchildren graduated from each university for free.
Former Chairperson Castro would have never been the racist. When Former Chairperson Castro visited Hiroshima, he showed gentleness full of the human love.In fact, various racial people are assigned to bodyguards of the Cuban government VIP.I respect Former Chairperson Castro who came true the society over racial discrimination.
Because Cuba was not able to get a pesticide and scientific manure by economic sanctions, the Cuban government developed the organic crops .
Because in order to prevent bringing any butterflies close to the crops, the Cuban farmer always plants the strong bright flower of the good fragrance in the footpath of the Cuban farmland .Therefore the Cuban rural sceneries are incredibly beautiful.
The Cuban farmer breeds earthworms, and they let the feces of the earthworm ferment, and they make very good manure. Therefore the Cuban farm products are less bitter compared to the farm products of other countries and have the little healthy sugary taste.
If Cuba makes vegan foods from organic vegetables and exports them, I think that there is big demand.If "the soybeans which are used for Japanese soy sauce and tofu" will be the soybeans made in Cuba, the Japanese citizens come to be able to have soy sauce and tofu in safety.
Former Chairperson Castro loved Cuban agriculture deeply.
Prime Minister Abe should not make the farm co-op become the stock conversion, too and should imitate agriculture reform of Former Chairperson Castro.

Legislation that would reform the pension system by creating new rules for deciding pension amounts has been approved by the House of Representatives' Health, Labor and Welfare Committee.
The bill was approved Friday with support from the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, as well as backing from Nippon Ishin no Kai.
The legislation mainly revises the mechanism by which pension payments are raised or lowered in line with fluctuations in wages and prices, and strengthens its macroeconomic slide, which is designed to ensure that payments increase at a rate less than prices and wages.
The Democratic Party and Japanese Communist Party did not participate in the vote, saying debate had been “insufficient.”
The government and ruling parties expect the bill to pass the lower house Tuesday, then be sent to the House of Councillors.
As a result of having made the pension assets of Japanese citizens be converted to a joint-stock corporation by management of goldman sachs asset management, Prime Minister Abe does not take the responsibility of having given a loss of 10500 billion yen (US$92,788,500,000)and is going to approve a bill to devaluate a pension.
"Many medium and small-sized business which imports raw materials cheaply from the foreign countries" will go bankrupt when it is 1 dollar 113 yen.Prime Minister Abe performs currency manipulation for the loss of the stock trading of GPIF extremely cruelly and brutally .
Ohhh..Prime Minister Abe....You are a cold-blooded person, aren't you?
Japan should cancel management of goldman sachs asset management, and the Bank of Japan should buy all the stocks of GPIF. Prime Minister Abe must no longer do a gamble with the assets of the nation. The Goldman Sachs head office does an insider trade in cooperation with goldman sachs asset management of the subsidiary and gets vast wealth obviously.
The Japanese head of state should protect the assets of the nation rather than giving foreign capital industry money.
And Japan should make an exchange rate up from 1 dollar 100 yen to 105 yen normally.
In addition, the pension reform to devaluate a pension which is connected with the wages is not necessary.

Either the overdoing of the socialism or the overdoing of the capitalism will have each problem ,but I felt his magnificence of Former Chairperson Castro.
I think that an unfair arrest and torture and the reign of terror are wrong.
However, the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft which the Liberal Democratic Party prepares is copied from the Weimar Constitution that the Nazis worsened and is the bill of the devil for the ruling party to justify an unfair arrest and torture and a reign of terror. The Abe Administration steamrollered the wicked bills in sequence through the Diet against fierce opposition.

Fukushima is 5 5μSv A radiation dose within the range of 30km of the Chernobyl no-go area is 0.53μSv.
A radiation dose of the return area of Fukushima is 5.5μSv.
Prime Minister Abe lets inhabitants return in the area of 10 times radiation dose of the Chernobyl no-go area.
Would Prime Minister Abe hope to let Fukushima citizen die ?
Would Prime Minister Abe want to let Fukushima women give birth to handicapped babies?
A lot of babies who have six fingers are born around Fukushima. In Fukushima, they must wait for three months to receive the operation to cut one finger now because there are so many babies who have six fingers .
Why doesn't the Abe Administration adopt "the method to extract the debris from Fukushima nuclear power plant" that Haruo Morishige doctor proposes?
Why doesn't the Abe Administration adopt Russian technique to delete radioactivity by a laser and microbes?
Does Prime Minister Abe hand over data of the experiment on a human body of Fukushima to Rumsfeld and others?
The politics of Former Chairperson Castro did not fall into ruin.
However, Prime Minister Abe aiming at the dictator falls into ruin clearly.
Can't Prime Minister Abe love citizens a little more?
Prime Minister Abe should protect a right to life in civic happiness in Japan more.
Current Prime Minister Abe is too cold-blooded head of state.
Former Chairperson Castro has never been a puppet of someone else.
However, Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.

Many Japanese citizens pray to God so that Prime Minister Abe would wake up from the bad dream by the death of Former Chairperson Castro.
I swear sincerity so that Japan becomes independent surely from the colonist place of the foreign capital industry of other countries such as the war industry , financial companies, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.
We surely protect our beloved mother country Japan.
Of course I pray for Former Chairperson Castro's soul to rest in peace.
I miss you, Former Chairperson Castro.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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I offer all victims my feelings of condolence.

iraq terrorism
ISIS Bomb Aimed at Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq Killed at Least 100 persons in the southern city of Hilla on Thursday. 24 people Shiite pilgrims on their way home to Iran, were killed when an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated a truck filled with explosives at a roadside service station in southern Iraq.
I offer all victims my feelings of condolence.The pilgrimage is a duty to be fulfilled at least once during a lifetime for all followers who are physically and financially able, and a Muslim who has completed the pilgrimage is greatly respected and called 'al-haji.' It's too cruel to murder many pilgrims.
I heard that there were some people who let ISIS rush around wildly in the Middle East to let the price of the oil soar.Also the members of ISIS are deceived by some misers of the munitions industry of all over the world.The price of the oil will return to normal numerical value if ISIS doesn't let the price of oil slump by selling the oil which ISIS stole cheaply.
The world should let the Middle East return to the peace.The Middle East is the cradle of civilization.The Middle Eastern people should live peacefully happily.
Every member of ISIS should surrender and should live. They do not have to fight for the wicked sponsors who intend to let the Middle East be the wasteland . They should live.
By the ground war of Okinawa of World War II, many Okinawa citizens wound clothes around their abdomen to attach each land mine and jumped into the tanks of U. S. forces. The death of the victims by the suicide bomber is very sad. However, the suicide bombing is sad.
The military regime is only hypocrisy. Either their own lives or the lives of other persons must not be deleted for a hypocritical nation.Please live...Please .Please live and please build the peaceful society in the Middle East.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

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Kim Tehyon!!!No more of your ridicule !Her avarice is insatiable.

shoujozo20161125.jpegI feel like my heart is going to break every time I look at the girl's bronze statue.The Japanese armed forces were the terrible corps which were composed cruel devils.The Japanese armed forces was still not different from ISIS.
I think that terrible sadism fascinated by abuse, human rights violations, and slaughter hides behind the minds of all human beings.I think that the human must build peaceful society after having recognized it.
Victims suffer by their own memory that they can never accept throughout their lives.The Japanese people should understand the cry of the victims that they don't want to let the sad history be forgotten.
Several Japanese commentators often insist Korea keeps bringing up the same problem over and over again although "the problem that women were forced to have become sex slaves of the former Japan forces" were already solved in Japan-ROK Basic Relations Treaty of 1965 .
If the pain of the poignant regret that an assailant feels assumes it 10, the pains that the victim received are ten thousand. The victim must live with suffering from terrible memory while an assailant wants to forget each own crime.
The Japan-Korea agreement of 2015 does not help the minds of all victims, and I think that Japan and South Korea should review the Japan-Korea agreement of 2015.
the Korean government established "the foundation for the settlement and healing" based on a Japan-Korea agreement of December , 2015 about the issue of the victims' women who were forced to have become the sex slaves by the former Japanese armed forces.

Kim Tehyon of the chief director of the foundation
This foundation announced in a hurry on November 16 that 23 people had been paid cash among 46 former victims who were alive (40 people live now) at the time of " agreement of Japan and South Korea" .
The survivors were paid approximately 100 million won (approximately 9, 300, 000 yen(US$82,491) per person. The payment is in progress in form of the payment in installments according to the hope of victims.
In addition, approximately 20 million won(approximately1,860,000 yen(US$16,498) per person will be paid to each agent of the bereaved of 199 victims who have already died in those days at the agreement of Japan and South Korea.
A total of 370, 140, 000 yen(US$3,283,141.8) is going to be paid to 199 deceased persons.
A total of 372 million yen(US$3,299,640) is going to be paid to 40 survivors.
It is 742, 140, 000 yen(US$6,582,782) in total.
Does a foundation embezzle 257, 860, 000 yen(US$2,287,218)?
How many staffs are there in this foundation? Is their total salary of one year necessary for a total of 257, 860, 000 yen?
A little less than 60 million yen(US$532,200) are enough for the total sum of their salary even if there are 20 staffs.
Another 200 million yen(US$1,774,000) should be distributed between all victims.
Kim Tehyon!!!No more of your ridicule!Her avarice is insatiable.You are the same type as "Japan's Minister of Defense Inada" holding the militarily related stocks certificate of 100 million yen with a plan to cause Japan-China War.Oh yeah.That is..."Birds of a feather".
Because it is not paid as compensation for damages by the nation of Japan, such an embezzlement occurs. As for the pain of the victims, they bear a deep-rooted sadness. The amount of money which will be paid is too low for the sacrifice that they received.Japan and Korea should review a Japan-Korea agreement.
Prime Minister Abe have begun to say that he would not write any apologies for the victims. The girl's bronze statue is never removed by the Japan-Korea agreement of 2015.
ohh.....When I think about your sadness of these old women, I feel unbearably sad.We must never forget about the sacrifice of the war.We must not repeat the war again.
As for me, I will call the victims ”어머니(mothers)”.
Did you display the Christmas tree, mom?
I always squeeze each your hand of mothers in my heart.
I love Christmas carols.
Let's sing Christmas carols with me, Mom.
I wish that God would protect mothers.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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