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Development of Sri Lanka

Commonwealth announces dates for 2013 Heads of Government meeting
The 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 15 to 17 November 2013. The Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 independent member states.
Australia extends support to Sri Lanka to hold November Commonwealth summit, and it will be a great opportunity.But I hear the news that Australia took the initiative of sending back 1071 Sri Lankans who illegally entered Australia from August last year. Another group comprising 42 was sent back to Sri Lanka on Wednesday May 3, 2013.If Sri Lanka escalates the employments, I'm convinced that these problems will be settled peacefully.
But Sri Lankan government is criticized now in the process of settling the incident which involved a human rights issue.
Prince Charles ,British Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague will be attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka in November.This year, Prince Charles will take her place at the meeting in Sri Lanka in November after Buckingham Palace said that the number of long-haul flights taken by the 87-year-old monarch was being reviewed.
Human rights groups last week criticised David Cameron's decision to attend the summit. Canada's government has said it will boycott the meeting, with the country's foreign minister saying that allowing Sri Lanka to host it would be "accommodating evil".
It is easy to criticize Sri Lanka, but financial support is necessary to solve the issue of human rights and a dispute completely .
The issue of human rights of the Myanmar minority race is much more serious than Sri Lanka.But a beautiful image of Aung San Suu Kyi of the Nobel laureate brings Myanmar vast speculative business.The world accepts an effort to democratization of Sri Lanka and should cooperate for further democratization of Sri Lanka.
An important thing is to think about what the world can do to offer the employments to the Tamil people and the Sri Lankan Muslims.
The Commonwealth biennial meeting in November this year, will be preceded by the Commonwealth People's Forum, the Commonwealth Youth Forum, and the Commonwealth Business Forum, and usually attracts several thousand delegates, and global media coverage. It will provide the opportunity for the 54 Heads to meet to discuss matters of global and Commonwealth concern, and agree collective policies and initiatives.
We must not destroy the chance of democratization and the chance of Sri Lankan economy which will greatly move forward by leaps and bounds.
If we can provide the environment where Tamil people and Sri Lankan Muslims can live happily, 3 ethnic groups between Sinhalese people, Tamil people and Sri Lankan Muslims can become cordial with one another .And I am convinced that Sri Lanka can unite nationally .This progress will be connected to the Sri Lankan international exposition that is my dream.
スリランカでチャリティ・ファッションショー開催This is the fashion show that support group [Viru Daru] for children who lost their parent in war and Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology (LIFT) held.The local dancers appeared in the orchid way, too.
The Sri Lankan people don't want to continue a fight.The Sri Lankan people pray for peace.Sri Lanka has taken significant steps towards improving its AML/CFT regime which is‘Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism'.
We can't give Sri Lankan orphans hope and a dream only by our criticizing human rights problem of Sri Lanka .
The great ability of Sri Lanka should be fully appreciated by the world.
Azath Sally
For the Sri Lankan Muslims, what we can do?
Muslims in eastern Sri Lanka staged a protest on Thursday against the recent arrest of an outspoken Muslim politician.Shops in the eastern town of Ampara were shut and public transport came to a standstill in support of Muslim politician Azath Salley.Salley was arrested recently over allegations that he had made statements which could create communal disharmony.State media later reported that he had links with terrorist groups.
Because terrorism is wrong, he may receive legal sanctions.But the Sri Lanka government should declare to be ready to provide the employments for Muslims of Sri Lanka.
Ampara District was the rare area where all sorts of races and religions gather together in Sri Lanka and had been a fierce battle district in the civil war.The Muslims occupy 43.63% of population, and, as for the Sinhalese people, 38.73%, the Tamil people are 17.40%.I think that it is hard for the foreign capital industry to enter in Ampara District.In Ampara District, Sri Lankan government should develop the tertiary industry to ship the sweets box , folk crafts and ‘the gift box of the specialty crops' to each local tourist hotel.This idea can develop the industry of each race equally in Ampara District.Urban areas of Puttalam District are dominated by 95% of Muslims. Sri Lanka government had better give priority to the area that gives the employments for the Muslims to Puttalam District more than Ampara District,I think.
I think that Muslims of Sri Lanka can become a bridge between Sri Lanka and Middle Eastern countries.If Middle Eastern people can take the qualification of the diving in the sea of the Sri Lankan atoll because the Middle East has a lot of deserts, they will feel it splendid.
Because the island of the atoll becomes shallow to a considerable distance from the shore at the time of ebb, everyone can watch closely the creature of the bottom of the sea such as the sea anemone .In the island of a round-shaped atoll, there are many schools of fish because a wave is slow.Because Sri Lanka has a relatively round shape, they can watch a lot of tropical fish. They will be surprised as if tropical fish were many group of the jewels.
The Sri Lankan government can offer much jobs to the Sri Lankan Muslims if Sri Lanka builds the luxury hotel for tourists of the divers of the Middle Eastern Muslim.Sri Lanka can become second Hawaii for Middle Eastern people.I hope nominate it "The plan of ‘Second Hawaii for Middle Eastern people'".
Have you played with a sea anemone?The sea anemone has a mouth on its head.If you put one stone on its head of the sea anemone, the sea anemone mistakes it for bait .And it does swallowing, a belch and will discharge it .Because Okinawa island of Japan is shallow to a considerable distance from the shore, I was fun at time of the ebb .Because Sri Lankan beaches has great natural beauty, I am convinced that the trip to Sri Lanka is very fun.
I hope that the Sri Lankan government tries "The plan of `Second Hawaii for Middle Eastern people'".Puttalam is a big town in Puttalam District, North Western Province of Sri Lanka. Puttalam has one of the largest lagoons in Sri Lanka.Urban areas are dominated by Muslims(95%) while Buddhists and Christians are residing outside the town. Hindus are minority. All religious places are available in the town as well as outside the town.I want to recommend Puttalam District to "The plan of ‘Second Hawaii for Middle Eastern people'".If Sri lankan government will erect the mosque in a hotel and match the time of meal to the religious precepts of the Muslim, Puttalam District will become popular as a sightseeing spot.
Well,For the tamil people, what we can do?
0113elephant.jpg This is a small elephant which was washed away in the flood. Kilinochchi is the main town of Kilinochchi District, Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It was the administrative center and de facto capital of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) until 2 January 2009, when troops of the Sri Lankan Army recaptured the city.
In the northern state drill notch prefecture, even only one waterwork facility of prefecture is damaged by longtime internal war and the waterwork facility doesn't operate now.Therefore most of inhabitants of the drill notch prefecture including the citizen of return depend on a water wagon or the well water and are the situation that they can't get enough supply of water .
Japan provides ODA business to maintain waterworks facilities in Kilinochchi prefecture, but these construction will continue until 2020.
The large infrastructure facilities can provide a lot of jobs to Tamil people and develop this local economy.If India cooperates for the infrastructure maintenance of the Kilinochchi prefecture, the trade between India and Sri Lanka will develop and prosper more and more.
I would like to hope that India will act of forgiving a sin mercifully of the history that the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) used to repulse Indian army in the old days,because India is becoming the business center in Asia.
In addition, the damage of the flood of the wet season in this area is serious, and even an elephant is washed away.I hope that both Japan and the world cooperate for the irrigation construction of the Kilinochchi prefecture.
The buildings of the elementary schools of the Tamil are poor in Kilinochchi prefecture.. I hope that several ODA business of all over the world will build a more wonderful school.The Sri Lankan government should build many schools in the Tamil's area and provide the scholarship to then excellent Tamil people and should provide systematic human resource development of the Tamil people, such as the lawyer, profession called systems engineering and operator of PC.
The sincere of the Sri Lankan government will bring peace to tamil people .If Sri Lankan government makes these efforts,Sri Lankan government can change world prejudice for Sri Lanka.If the Sri Lankan government builds the schools for theTamil people and prepares infrastructure facilities, the world will feel that the issue of human rights of Sri Lanka would be settled.
And Sri Lanka needs the financial support and the Kilinochchi prefecture needs ODA business for democratization from the world, rather than criticism.
In the old days,the U. K. gave Tamil people of the minority the important posts as key government officials. British performed "the division rule" to let Sri Lanka govern a Sinhalese of the majority by a Tamil of the minority.The former rule of the U. K. causes the financial difficulties of the Tamil's race.
The British protection of human rights group criticizes the Sri Lankan government, but I think that they went a bit too far in Sri Lankan criticism.
Their argument is off the point.

At one time Sri Lanka was a British colony.
The former British troops were not as cruel as the former Japan forces . And I think everybody was indignant at Japan's atrocities before the World War Ⅱ although the former Japan forces had never occupied Sri Lanka.

But the U. K. should participate in ODA business of Kilinochchi District more positively rather than criticism.

Japan already provides ODA business to maintain waterworks facilities in Kilinochchi prefecture.Japan makes superhuman efforts to maintain world peace in order to restore world trust.Because the U. K. did a considerably dangerous things, the U. K. should make some efforts. Believe it or not, , but would the U. K. criticize a Sri Lankan human rights problem because the U. K. doesn't want to perform ODA business in Kilinochchi District?Because Japanese Prime Minister Abe does not apologize to ‘comfort women for the officers' during World War II, Japanese Prime Minister Abe is always frowned upon in American Congress.All politicians are of a sort.But I know that the Englishman likes doing better than talking .I hope that the Englishman is better than Prime Minister Abe. Therefore I love the Englishman.
Sri-Lanka-240-animated-flag-gifs.gifGreat Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene stated at‘Treaty of San Francisco', "I hope that you don't forget that the Asian people who expected independence sympathized with the ideal that Japan advocated ". Great Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene said,"The hatred never stop by hatred", and he quoted words (gatha of the Dhammapada .1 chapters fifth) of Buddha to say,"Stop it by affection" and he declared his own settled convictions . He was steadfast in his faith.His speech created a miracle of the sensation among the audience and Japan could avoid the division.
Because Aozora doesn't have natural virtue enough as Great Mr. Junius Richard Jayewardene, Aozora can't give a good speech like him.But I can't help loving Sri Lanka which has a lot of splendid beaches.Sri Lanka has been called ‘'The tear drop of India'' because of its shape and location and is known as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" because of its natural beauty. It is also known as "The nation of smiling people". The island contains tropical forests, and diverse landscapes with high biodiversity.I desire the peace of Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka means ‘an island shining' by Sri Lankan local words.I hope that all Sri Lankan people will live happily by the hope and the shining dream .
Junius Richard Jayewardene
Great Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene

We need a shift change.
We should change ourselves.
But we must not forget the kindness which we received.

To love such world.
I stake my all life now.
I'm standing here now and forever.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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It's an awfully good business chance in Sri Lanka.

Sri-Lanka-240-animated-flag-gifs.gifSpeaking from the development experience of various Asian countries, including Japan, infrastructure development such as construction of roads, ports, and power plants is an essential basis for economic growth.Sri Lanka is creating new demand and new business opportunities in the market.
Washington: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected Sri Lanka's growth rate at around 6.25 per cent this year, observing that the country has achieved notable progress on a number of economic fronts over the past few years.
Real GDP growth is projected to increase to around 6.25 per cent in 2013. The recovery will likely be constrained by the need to continue fiscal consolidation, high inflation, which limits the room for near-term monetary easing, and a continued slow recovery in Sri Lanka's main trading partners, particularly the US and EU.
Advantageous information in the direct foreign investment to Sri Lanka
Literacy rate is 93%!human resources with their study abilities which are the highest quality
Splendid locationIndia having a world eminent consumption market is Sri Lankan immediate neighborhood.
Air route from Indian Tiruchirappalli International Airport' to "‘Bandaranaike International Airport' of Gampaha prefecture of‘ Katunayake State ' in western Sri Lanka" is the shortest distance.
The time required is only approximately 45 minutes, and the fare of a round‐trip ticket is around 30,000 yen(302.88US$).
Active progress of the infrastructure maintenance
by domestic restoration in the post-war era
1.)Domestic electricity development, harbor development, road maintenance
2).Development of the hotel construction , new product, and service industry
GDP (gross domestic product)
$126.2 billion (2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 67
$118.2 billion (2011 est.)
$109.2 billion (2010 est.)
Private consumption accounts for around 70% of the GDP.
GDP - real growth rate6.8% (2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 28
8.3% (2011 est.)
7.8% (2010 est.)
The ratio of the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment' per GDPResults base of 2012: 1.5% of GDP ratios
Results base of 2011: 1.6% of GDP ratios
Results base of 2010: 1.0%.of GDP ratios
Development of Strategic Objectives of the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment
(February, 2011)
Sri Lanka intends to raise it to the levels of 4-5% of the GDP in three years.
View Point
Sri Lankan Bridal Models Sinhalese Bride17bd5d80db35ca0fb46932963a1cb855Actress-In-Bridal-Saree-Gallery-23.jpg
Tamil Bride

How beautiful they are!!! Unbelievable beauty..

In fact, a Sri Lankan woman is extremely beautiful.
Oh,yes...Let's drink Sri Lankan tea more.
According to the report, I hear that Japan will offer technical assistance to Sri Lanka's energy sector to help facilitate more efficient energy production.We don't know the details of more efficient energy production well,but Japan should suggest of a safe nuclear power plant to not only Saudi Arabia but also Sri Lanka,I think.If Sri Lanka can secure abundant electricity, Japan can expand to the suggestion of a subway and the monorail.
Japan should repay the kindness of 2nd President of Sri Lanka Junius Richard Jayewardene at ‘Treaty of San Francisco' in 1951.
Japan held the international exposition after the war, and there is an history that Japan's economy grew up greatly by the international exposition.
If Sri Lanka will hold an international exposition of the tea, I think that this exposition will succeed because visitors can eat side dishes or a cake made from several kinds of the tea leaf of the world.
I love ice cream of the Ceylon tea. If there were ice cream of the rooibos tea because I like the Egyptian rooibos tea, it is wonderful,I think.
Apart from my suggestion of icecream,because the international exposition is an emblem of peace, an image of Sri Lanka will be improved.Of course I hope that Sri Lanka reproduces every Sri Lankan temple and ancient beautiful gardens.
The ethnic dance , ethnic music and the ethnic crafts of both of Sinhalese people and Tamil people are very attractive, too.If there is the pavilion to wear ethnic bride costume of all over the world for taking photos to remember it by, it is wonderful.Ohhhhhh...It is good idea that there is the international exposition of the ethnic bridal costume .Ohhhhhh...How peaceful it is!!!
It is necessary for Sri Lanka to more substantially raise the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment for the accomplishment this year.
New tax holiday systemBy national budget of 2012, Sri Lanka reduced the basic tax rate of the corporation tax for the foreign direct investment from 35% to 28%.
Sri Lanka introduced the preferential treatment (tax holiday) of a wide corporation tax in "a classification appropriate for each scale and the type of the company" and carried it out from April 1, 2012.
1.New investment by the small-scale companyTax holiday of 4 years is applied to agriculture, and the service industry (only as for the specific activity).
2.New investment by the medium-scale companyThe tax holiday from 4 years to 6 years is applied to ‘manufacturing industry (except a cigarette, alcoholic beverages)' and ‘ agriculture' and ‘a service industry (only as for the specific activity)' and ‘ education' and ‘IT-related' and ‘the others' .
3.New investment by the big businessesThe tax holiday from 6 years to 12 years is applied to manufacturing industry and agriculture and a service industry (only as for the specific activity) and tourism industry and renewable energy and waterworks development and a shipping industry and a city housing estate and others.
4.Strategic industry for the business of import-substitutionTax holiday (it becomes 12% after the end of an exemption period) of 5 years is applied to ‘textile' and ‘pharmaceutical products' and ‘dry milk' and ‘the cement' .
5.Strategic development project
Gangalama Temple
Gangalama Temple of Buddhism
A roadside Hindu Temple in Jaffna
A roadside Hindu Temple in Jaffna
Not only business to lead to national interest bringing social profit to Sri Lanka's economy but also the business that changes the sight of the country besides.
These business will be applied the corporation tax exemption to 25 years in the maximum.
The withholding tax of ‘ the dividend and the royalty and the interest' becomes the exemption.
In addition,large-scale infrastructure projects such as a harbor or the urban development will be applied.
It includes these projects as follows.
Shangri-La hotel which is planned the opening of business in 2014.
The construction plan of the new resort "Shangri-La, Hambantota, resort & spa" in Hambantota and Colombo at the Sri Lankan south coast.

wonderful beachtropical fishThere are a lot of beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.Please plan a swimming tour with dolphins and a swimming tour with sea turtle.If there are several cute cottages to get the diver's qualification , it will be nice too.
The staffs of the foreogn companies which go into Sri Lanka can enjoy Malin sports.Is there a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean from the room of Shangri-La hotel?
How nice it is!!!Besides, Sri Lanka is very kind for foreign enterprises because a tax is very low.
Sri Lanka is so beautiful that Aozora can forget Ikeguchi Ekan of dˈæm bonze for a while.Thank you very much,Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka is a fantasy for me. ane_001.gif

We need a shift change.
We should change ourselves.
But we must not forget the kindness which we received.

To love such world.
I stake my all life now.
I'm standing here now and forever.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance

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A model of one peaceful settlement

Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Sri Lanka’s President's House in Colombo on Thursday morning May 2
Japan and Sri Lanka will hold their second high-level talks in less than two months as the East Asian nation seeks to safeguard ties .
When Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the President's House on Thursday morning May 2, he conveyed that the Japanese government has prepared to offer technical assistance to Sri Lanka's energy sector to help facilitate more efficient energy production.
During the meeting, the President also expressed Sri Lanka's gratitude to Japan for its continued support in major development projects and told Mr. Aso that he appreciated Japan's understanding of Sri Lankan issues.
Mr. Aso, in return, assured President Rajapaksa of Japan's support to Sri Lanka at international fora. The President and the Deputy Prime Minister also agreed that the two countries should do more to enhance economic cooperation and promote investment.
Mr. Aso also visited Sri Lanka's main port in Colombo, which has been expanded with $800 million of Japanese assistance.Japan tries to counter China's growing influence on an island lying on key maritime routes.
President Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka has lured investment from China, Japan and India as he capitalizes on the end of Sri Lanka's 26-year civil war to build a trade gateway to emerging markets.
China has tightened its embrace by committing at least $3.7 billion since 2005 for projects from ports to a power plant, on an island that has attracted the world's dominant nations since the 16th century for its access to pivotal sea links.
Prersident Rajapaksa, whose armed forces defeated separatist rebels in May 2009, is seeking to take advantage of Sri Lanka's position 31 kilometers (19 miles) off India's southern coast. There lie the main shipping lanes connecting the Far East, West Asia, Africa and Europe. Because Japan's maritime self-defense force vessels engages in anti- piracy operations, Japan thinks to want cooperating with Sri Lanka very much.
I can predict which country hands a lot of weapons to pirates of Indonesia and Somalia in order to fill pirates in 2 exits of the Indian Ocean .Japanese people often use the word of ‘a clear red lie' as a means of expressing ‘ a downright lie'.What country is it?It is a quiz.The answer is secret.
Well,The history of a colonial policy by the U. K., Portugal and Netherlands caused the civil war in Sri Lanka.The tropical nation's strategic location led to colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch and British until independence in 1948.
In Ceylon, Portugal visited a shore in 1505, and the Netherlands visited a shore in 1658, and they built each colony in Gulf region for getting cinnamon .In 1815, all of the islands became the British colony after the extinction of the Kandy dynasty.From this time, each Sri Lankan racial boundary line was ignored, and Sri Lanka came to be ruled integrally by the U. K.
Furthermore, the U. K. gave Tamil people of the minority the important posts as key government officials. British performed "the division rule" to let Sri Lanka govern a Sinhalese of the majority by a Tamil of the minority.
The Sinhalese of the Buddhist occupies 74% of the total population, and the Tamil of the Hinduism occupies 18%, and the Sri Lanka Moor occupies 8%.The Sinhalese of the majority continued suffering by gap-widening society.
After the control for more than 100 years by the U. K., Sri Lanka became independent as Commonwealth of Nations self-governing dominion "Ceylon" in 1948.Naturally the Sinhalese of the majority became to persecute the Tamil people of the minority.
The Tamil people of the minority formed an anti-government organization called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) and began independence movement.More than 70000 people were dead by the civil war for 26 years , but President Mahinda Rajapaksa lets the refugees of the Tamil of approximately 280000 go back to their own country and shows a thought pushing forward "devolution" to recognize constant self-government in each state including the north, the eastern part.
I think that President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the very great President.President Mahinda Rajapaksa brought peace by rare unique patience and his own abiding belief in Sri Lanka.
Myanmar should learn something from the political policy of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is a model of one peaceful settlement to have united by acknowledgment of the autonomy of the Sri Lankan minority race as one nation.
By the civil war for 26 years and the persecution of the Tamil, the United States and Europe continues economic sanctions to Sri Lanka, but I would like to hope that the United States and Europe will stop prejudice for the government of Sri Lanka to accept holy courage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Sri Lanka removed all land mines by cooperation of Japan, and Sri Lanka's economy grows up.Sri Lanka shows the results of the peace more than Myanmar.I hope that many speculative business is concentrated in Sri Lanka from all over the world.

One of the suggestions to divide the occupied Japan at ‘Treaty of San Francisco in 1951
There is a history that Japan was helped by Sri Lanka after defeat in World War II.Because the former Japan forces were too cruel and were cold-blooded and were unjust, the victory countries intended to divide Japan into pieces as follows so that Japan never be able to be the great power.2nd President of Sri Lanka Junius Richard Jayewardene was the Sri Lankan Minister of Finance in those days in 1951, and he was the leader of the Ceylon (Sri Lanka) government delegation which attended at ‘Treaty of San Francisco' in 1951.
He stated at‘Treaty of San Francisco', "I hope that you don't forget that the Asian people who expected independence sympathized with the ideal that Japan advocated ".
Junius Richard Jayewardene
Great Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene
He said,"The hatred never stop by hatred", and he quoted words (gatha of the Dhammapada .1 chapters fifth) of Buddha to say,"Stop it by affection" and he declared his own settled convictions . He was steadfast in his faith.His speech created a miracle of the sensation among the audience and Japan could avoid the division.
Aozora desires to repay the kindness of noble Sri Lanka in 1951.Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso declared that Japan became the rainbow bridge between the American - European social and Sri Lanka.Because Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso is good at solving a dispute, I pray for the world giving him a chance becoming the rainbow bridge .
The next step is waiting for Taro Aso. Somebody must do the intermediation of the peace between " Israel and of Palestine" and between "the United States and Iran".
Because the Bank of Japan prints a large quantity of money and purchases Japanese government bonds in large quantities, Japan is restoring the economy of weak yen high stock prices.Mr. Taro Aso should let "
Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" come true.Because 65% of the Netherlands country are lower than the sea surface, I think the Israel can increase their territorial possession more by the financial support of Japan.I think that Israel can stop occupation of Palestine if Israeli land can increase by 230%.In addition, if this splendid dream comes true, Israel can return 30% of their territory to Palestine, and I think that it can connect Gaza Strip and Jordanian West Bank.
Palestinian children who threw out many stones to the Israeli soldiers are arrested now, but Japan should provide money tio Israel for their bail.If ‘Corridor for Peace and Prosperity' will come true, Japan does not lose something because Japan can get profit at a long-term span.And it may expand the range of available options to negotiate between Iran and the United States.
At first Japan should make an effort now so that Iran can accept the earthquake disaster support of the United Nations and the United States.At the time of Tohoku great earthquake disaster, Iran donated a lot of very delicious canned food to Japan.Japan must not forget the kindness of Iran.I am convinced that Japan can do something.Japan should become the rainbow bridge between the United States and Iran.Japan should make the environment where Iran can accept earthquake disaster support of the United States and the United Nations.Yes,it is.That is Corridor for Peace and Prosperity'.

We need a shift change.
We should change ourselves.
But we must not forget the kindness which we received.

To love such world.
I stake my all life now.
I'm standing here now and forever.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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