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Does the arrest of Aso get close ?

suidoryokin.jpg asoaho.jpg Minister of Finance Aso spoke that Japan would privatize water service service of Japan in the conference of "the G20 Ministers of Finance" of the central banker at the CSIS strategy diplomatic problem research institute on April 19, 2013.
Because a water rate becomes 4 times if Japan privatizes water service service, many people objected to an opinion of Aso. Aso was going to push forward a business talk to sell whole Japan's water service to French company Veolia off with Christine Lagarde IMF's chairperson forcibly in 2016 which is the last year.
Abe Cabinet made a cabinet decision regarding privatized water service on March 17, 2017. However, a collection office work trustee of the Tokyo Waterworks Bureau becomes Veolia Jenets although it is not discussed in the Diet about privatizing water service while any citizens does not know it.
Aso is a traitor.
Aso carries out a strategy making Veolia gradually get into the water service of Japan while covering up their tracks to the citizens. In the current situation, water service of Tokyo only subcontracts the collection section to Veolia . However, the act of the traitor of Aso is mean.
Aso should be sent to the can by crime of fraud, and Japan should let foreign capital get out of all water service sections.
Fortunately, the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office special investigation department accepted the bill of indictment of the breach of trust against Ministry of Finance regarding Moritomo Gakuen which tried to establish the elementary school of Abejugend.
Probably Minister of Finance Aso was the person who gave an order for the Kinki Local Finance Bureau to discard the daily reports and records of proceedings when the Kinki Local Finance Bureau reduced the price of 820 million yen unfairly from a sale price of the national land.
Because any government officials don't want to be arrested , I think they will testify that just Minister of Finance Aso ordered to discard the daily reports and records of proceedings.
Even if he is arrested by another matter, because all water service of Japan should be managed in the nation, Aso should stay in a house of detention at a police station.
600_phpVkMSfW.jpgAbe Administration should ruin,too.Prime Minister Abe is going to start the Diet deliberations of the preparations punishment such as terrorism(anti-conspiracy) on April 6.
This is the terrible law imitating of the anti-conspiracy that Hitler had made. By this terrible law, if the police authorize a citizen with a terrorist, it is the bill that police can arrest citizens without any restriction. However, isn't just Prime Minister Abe just a terrorist?
A terrorist intends to make preparations punishments such as terrorism in imitation of the anti-conspiracy that Hitler made and is going to perform many injustice arrests, torture and genocide.Japan can ratify "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" without doing establishment of new anti-conspiracy law which Prime Minister Abe is going to make.
Prime Minister Abe would tell a lie as if Japan couldn't ratify "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" without doing establishment of new anti-conspiracy law.
The lie of Prime Minister Abe conflicts with sedition of the Subversive Activities Prevention Law. And based on a present Constitution without accusation, national police can arrest Prime Minister Abe .
The Liberal Democratic Party preparing for Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft enabling an unfair arrest, torture, slaughter is a hit squad, and if the police applies the Antisubversive Activities Act, the police can arrest Prime Minister Abe , Vice Prime Minister Aso, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan , Inada Minister of Defense who are rushing into the military regime and the main members of the media which supported Abe Cabinet .
The Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft conflicts with also Article 18 - Crimes against humanity. In our country, there are already 58 kinds in total of anti-conspiracy law that Police can arrest the criminals before the crime's attempt about the criminal act to participate of the organized crime group .By this current 58 kinds in total of anti-conspiracy law,the police can arrest the members of Abe Cabinet.
Of course it is not necessary for Japan to make newly "preparations punishments such as terrorism" which imitated of anti-conspiracy law of Hitler .
The Abe Administration ruins by all means.
Japan is not a colony of the Western countries.
The Abe Administration has already checkmated his own policy.
Prime Minister Abe, you should not start a Diet deliberation of the anti-conspiracy law today.
Do you continue what is cursed by Japan's citizens to the very end ?
Aozora Japanese Resistance



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