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In 03 2012

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At an extraordinary cabinet meeting of the midnight (the morning of Japan Standard Time the 29th March) on the 28th,the Israel government determined to consider that Chairman Arafat of the Palestinian Self-Governing Authority was an "enemy", and have started large-scale military operation. The Israel army attacked autonomous region Ramallah's chairperson prefecture by tank etc. on the morning on the 29th March. In Jerusalem, suicide bombing of the woman from Palestine occurred and it caused more than 20 casualties .

Please, please stop murder each other.Human beings are all born in order to give hope to people.
Human beings are not born in order to kill someone.

Both of Israel and Palestine have fallen into the fear that they are killed if they don't kill the other. I pray to God,"please tell me how to solve".God has only always become silent. In the time of the Old Testament, God interfered in human beings' actions so much. Why God has become silent in the present age?
Moses, Christ, and Mahomet have a deep fate relating to Jerusalem. If three bases of operations of religious leader were each distant place , respectively, human beings did not need to be in pain like this.

The children playing with the kites which were drawn of the picture of the national flag of Japan, do not receive injuries? They are all alive?
For the Israelis who passed away by suicide bombing of Jerusalem, the Israelis are shedding tears at the funeral now?
Please, please stop murder each other.

I consider to solve this problem between Israel and Palestine.

GUNDAM series

pure drama of Oshin

I think if the mind to love Japan is born to the both sides of Israel and Palestine, they stop attacking Japanese farms in Palestine and Japanese factories in Israel each other.

I think that they need to make the situation where Japanese factory or Japanese farm are never destroyed by dispute even if Japanese companies expand to Palestine and Israel .

It is necessary to get a chance to start the peace.

I hope that both of Israel and Palestine will broadcast the hit animation of Japan and a pure drama of Oshin at the same time slot .

I would like to recommend the anime of the GUNDAM series to the children of both of Israel and Palestine. Because the characters' design are a little alike to Star Wars , this anime is not broadcasted in the world. However, this anime's story has exceeded Star Wars by far .Probably, the GUNDAM series will not have arrived to Israel. It is necessary to make a common denominator to the next generation of Israel and Palestine ,in order to compromise in an amicable way .I hope the GUNDAM series is specially exported , for peace of Israel and Palestine.The theme tell us about a doubt why we must fight by separating to an enemy and an ally.

And the pure drama of Oshin drew an unprecedented number of viewership in all Asia area .The theme of Japanese pure drama of Oshin is telling the meaning of living with smiling ,and living without saying a grumble, however unhappy human beings may be. An woman called Oshin will have a female ideal image, to fit to Israelis' sense of values, or Muslims'sense of values .I think that Israel and Palestine can compromise by sharing impression because the drama of Oshin is not seen without a tear.

If the mind to love Japan will be born to both sides, Japan can advance to Israel and Palestine as foreign funding industry.Moreover, please make an effort to also consider my proposal to Israel and Palestine.

Although two atomic bombs had been dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan ,Japan got to know the value of peace, and Japan loves and understands the United States.

Both sides should stop retaliation in order to prosper.

Thanks to the present Emperor and the Empress's love, Okinawa's island did not become an area-of-conflict like Palestine. True Love is required for Israel and Palestine. True love may realize peace.
Please receive my proposal.

I love Israel.
I love Palestine.
I love Iran.

It is not normal to waste the lives of human beings ,for only each national interest.

True love may realize peace.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance



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