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In 03 2015

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How beautiful Ms Michelle Obama is !

14260112328924.jpg What a beautiful picture this is too! Mrs. Michelle would wears any type of dress very well . And such clothes of the Asian design like Kimono suits her very well.Many Japanese citizens are captivated by her beauty.Probably Mrs. Michelle will match the kimono,I think.Ohhhhh ...How beautiful she is!!!!Ms.Michelle would visit Japan soon From March 18 to March 20.It is very exciting for Japanese citizens.
I criticize Prime Minister Abe day after day as if he were an ogre or the devil , but Mrs. Akie Abe is a wonderful woman .Because Mrs. Akie Abe would escort Mrs. Michelle and her beautiful daughters in Tokyo, I think they can spend the happy time in Japan.
Mrs. Michelle promotes girls' education, and she would do the activity so that the correct girls' education would be received in any areas.If every girl can try to study hard for becoming a splendid beautiful wife and splendid mother such as Ms. Michelle, it is wonderful.
As for me,I want to know her eating habits and how a woman can get such long long feet like Mrs. Michelle .
Should girls eat cheese for a period of growth?Ummmmm .... Almost Japan's cheese are not yummy.Because the trade agreement among Japan and EU doesn't progress well, products of the cheese in France or Denmark are awfully high.Japan is one of the developing countries about the cheese.
By Ms.Michelle's visit,Japanese women may become more beautiful.Haaaaaa.Her visting is exciting...
I think that the plan of the American First Lady would have been already prepared and I think that the prestigious restaurant may already have been decided.So, I would like to hope to introduce a cafeteria and the souvenirs of the green tea of delicious dessert.
tujiri_2015031615424981d.jpg It is green tea's dessert parfait of tujiri to certainly want to eat if I go to Kyoto.The French pastry cooks compete for the skill by the making of cake, but dessert parfait is not the important position for them.On the other hand, from "the dessert parfait of Japanese Tujiri" spreads splendid flavor and delicious smell because it is made with green tea of the highest grade.World's most delicious "the dessert parfait" is this one of Japanese Tujiri.It is the refreshing taste with elegant sweetness.
573-3 Minamigawa Gionmachi Shijo dori, Higashiyama-ku , second floor or 3 floor of Gion Tujiri head office
Phone number 075-561-2257

Everyone can eat green tea's dessert parfait happily without lining up if everyone can enter the shop with opening of a store at 10:00 .
I often hear that President Obama would love sweets of the green tea.If the U. S. Embassy and an American consulate would prepare the souvenirs for President Obama, Mrs. Michelle can spend the time of the schedule effectively.
抹茶チョコレートnamachoko2013_re.jpg 1 set of 16 chocolates made from Uji powdered green tea and the fresh cream is 1,000 yen (tax-included 1,080 yen :US$8.25(tax-included 8.91))
This green tea chocolate made from white chocolate which enhances bittersweetness of the green tea has wonderful taste like mellowing.
Mail order
This is sold only in Japan.
050F-579s1_20150316174121a60.jpg      050F-579s2_201503161741227bc.jpg The combination among smooth mellowing chocolate like the silk with the Tanba's black soybean and a heavy fragrance of powdered green tea is very nice.
Box size (about): 5cm *16cm *5cm(about 2.0inch* 6.3inch*2.0inch)
Mail order
This is sold only in Japan.
J4bKf68ybV3y2hU_1zZni_128.jpegJiichiro-conceptpage.jpg A moist and heavy 24 layers of Baumkuchen. This is the highest quality sweet made by craftsmanship.I feel the Baumkuchen which the Japanese chef Jiichiro makes has higher quality than any Baumkuchen of any European chefs.As for the Japanese skill, I always admire the skill to make something of good quality. 24 layers of Baumkuchen are miracle.Because the Baumkuchen's storable duration is long , the Baumkuchen is most suitable for souvenirs to the staffs of the White House.
Because the mail order will not be in time by the day when Mrs. Michelle would go back to USA, the staff of the consulate had better buy this Baumkuchen directly at the store.
Kuchen studio Jiichiro Kyoto Marui shop
68 Kyoto Marui B1F,Shincho Higashiiru Kawaramachi Shijodori,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 〒 600-8567
Phone number 075-255-0373
Map Business hours From 10:30 to 20:30 (follow it for business hours of Kyoto Marui)
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Japanese unbaked sweets
It is a Japanese-style confectionary shop of the purveyor of Heian-jingu Shrine. Japanese unbaked sweets are very very very yummy.
But this Japanese sweets don't keep for long because they are not baked.It will be most suitable for eating these sweets when Ms. Michelle and her daughters move by airplane and Shinkansen railway.If Mrs. Michelle and daughters would not visit Heian-jingu Shrine or Nanzen-ji Temple, the staffs of the American consulate had better buy these sweets to prepare for eating something sweets while movement from Kyoto to Tokyo.
373-10,Horiike town ,Sanjo agaru , Heian-jingu Shrine street,Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-City, 〒605-0038
Telephone: (075) 761-3355 (main number)
I would like to hope it would be a wonderful trip.I love and respect Ms. Michelle.Both Maria and Sasha grew up wisely beautifully.While the US president and the first lady always hold great duties, the US president and the first lady would always love their daughters with the true hearts and both Maria and Sasha are happy.Whenever I see the happiness of US president's family, I become happy , too.I love US president's family from my bottom of my heart.
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