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In 04 2016

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Policies for overcoming deflation

Nobel-winning U. S. economist Paul Krugman (left center) met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (right center) at a meeting at the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo on March 16.. Economist Paul Krugman has baffled the government by revealing an off-the-record conversation with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has been making an appeal of meeting with prominent economists in preparation for the Group of Seven summit.
Economist Krugman was the third economist invited to Japan by Abe, who is highlighting meetings with global economic experts ahead of the G-7 summit and a high-profile tax hike decision. At the summit, Prime Minister Abe would hope to show determination in stabilizing financial markets and raising economic growth. Tokyo also hopes to show leadership by adopting a more effective communique than the one at the G-20 summit in Shanghai in February, which pledged “all policy tools” to strengthen global recovery. By meeting with top economists, he also hopes to get their views on the Japan and the 2 point tax hike scheduled for next April.
His Abenomics growth policy is losing steam while China's economy continues to slow. Economist Krugman, and fellow Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University, who was also invited to Japan, recommended he delay the tax hike a second time. Harvard University professor Dale Jorgenson, who spoke with Abe last month, said it was too early to decide on the timing of a tax hike but admitted that he and Abe didn't discuss the issue.
Prime Minister Abe would want to have more options for the timings by hearing from globally trusted economists.
However, if I said honestly, these economists winning nobel-prize only advised to postpone rising the consumption tax, and they proposed nothing about the concrete plan for overcoming deflation .
Finance Minister Aso
Japanese Finance Minister Aso was irritated and said a controversial remark at the meeting of Nobel-winning U. S. economist Paul Krugman .Japanese Finance Minister Aso said,"Because World War II had occurred during the 1940's and that became the solution (of deflation) for the United States. So, let's look at the entrepreneurs in Japan. They are stuck with the deflationary mindset. They have to switch their mindset and should start making capital investments. We are looking for the trigger. That is the utmost concern."
Japanese Finance Minister Aso spoke that the war solved the deflation.
Ohhhh....Even Donald John Trump who always attaches a strange wig never says such a stupid remark.Japanese Finance Minister Aso,you should say something appropriate.Japanese Finance Minister Aso would want to let Japan break into the military regime in order to start a reign of terror such as North Korea. Of course Japanese Finance Minister Aso is highly motivated to establish girls' group for pleasure such as Kippumjo.
Economist Paul Krugman said that he did not know what the official residence wanted to do, but Mr. Krugman insisted the official residence have said that Mr. Krugman could release the minutes of a meeting from the official residence.Probably Prime Minister Abe would want to restrain Japanese Finance Minister Asoso so that he can not let fly a torrent of wild words,I think.
Oh.......my god....Many politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party may only plan scandalous or obscene things such as ISIS behind the scenes.Oh....terrible.....The Liberal Democratic Party's Constitution draft for revision is just a law of the devils.In the political world where there are a lot of goblins like Finance Minister Aso, can Prime Minister Abe think how precious peace is?I don't know.I must understand also Prime Minister Abe would be one of the same ISIS goblins unless Prime Minister Abe withdraws the Liberal Democratic Party's Constitution draft for revision.
Prime Minister Abe

However I would like to suggest the new policies for overcoming deflation.
1.The Japanese Government should lower a corporation tax from more than 40% to 25% .
Japan is beyond 40% about the corporation tax. On the other hand, Hong Kong is 16%, Singapore is 17%, Taiwan is 20% , Korea is 24%. And China, Malaysia Indonesia are 25%.Japan is quite high in comparison with the countries of the Asian region.
In Japan almost major companies and banks hardly pay corporate tax.It is nonsense that a corporation tax is more than 40%.
"Paying back a tax of the consumption tax".
Because the goods for the export do not do domestic spending, the tax that cost before will be returned.
"Carried over of the money of loss".
The major companies and banks transfer minus balance and offset them. 10 billion deficits are offset in 10 billion surplus this year last year and calculate with profit zero.
The major companies and banks can avoid a corporation tax by two methods of "Paying back a tax of the consumption tax" and "Carried over of the money of loss".
The money of return of the tax of the export is in the black. If those internal reserves increase year by year even if the major companies and banks go into the red on purpose in order to offset whole profits for avoiding each corporation tax, the tax which Japanese Government should be able to collect will be hiding in those internal reserves.If National Tax Agency carries out an investigation into "Carried over of the money of loss" thoroughly, the tax that National Tax Agency can collect from there should certainly exist.
Because the major companies and banks hardly pay a corporation tax, if National Tax Agency collects taxes well from the major companies and banks, the Japanese Government can lower a corporation tax until 25%. If the Japanese Government reduces the corporation tax of small‐to‐medium‐sized enterprises and collects tax from the major companies which participate into Keidanren(the Federation of Economic Organizations) fairly well, it is OK even if the Japanese Government lowers the corporation tax to around 25%.
2.The Japanese Government should put 25% taxes on internal reserves for the company which does not pay a corporation tax.
The company paying a corporation tax need not pay 25% of the internal reserves tax.
If Japanese Government makes a frame that a tax becomes cheaper if the major companies and banks pays a corporation tax honestly, this frame will be connected for "the pay rise and expanding the capital investment".It is because 25% tax on internal reserves for the company is so heavy.
Japan should lay a tax on 3% of internal reserves on the major companies which do not do " wage growth" and "Capital investment" at all as a " wage growth & Capital investment" evasion tax.
According to the corporate statistics of ‘from October to December in 2015' of Ministry of Finance, earned surpluses of the companies seem to be 355 trillion yen in the internal reserves of the whole major companies in Japan.If we take it seriously and say, the economy should be "the virtuous cycle of the money".It is economic activities that a thing is changed for a thing, and therefore to keep existing money excessively is the suicidal act for economic activities. The Japanese Government should tax internal reserves of the major companies decisively.・ヾ╲(*´︶`*)╱・゚:✲: βyё βyё✲~Deflation♬♫♬

4.The Japanese Government should establish the new tax's system about "Securities such as stocks or the investment trust" and "Financial derivative products (derivatives trading) of derivative financial instruments" at the time of transference to tax the company about latent profit of the assets as an exceptional case.
When a company moves abroad, it should be generally regarded as that a company exchanges ownership and settles an account with "Securities such as stocks or the investment trust" and "Financial derivative products (derivatives trading) of derivative financial instruments" at the time of transference.
Japan's government can prevent a company which tries to run away to the foreign countries if Japan's government taxes latent profit of the assets of a company.
Japan should establish the system to prevent that the company which let assets move to Tax heaven within the past three years participates in such a business again.
Hundreds of trillions yen flowed abroad from Japan on the scale of this Panama Papers. They are the taxes that the Japanese major companies and individual should have paid.
The Japanese Government follows the contents of the Panama Papers in Panama and should apply "City Planning Tax" to the applicable persons. "City Planning Tax" occurs in the area corresponding to the area designated for urbanization. Because the judgment for the taxation is delegated to the cities, towns and villages, "City Planning Tax" is not taxed to all the members of the inhabitants of each area designated for urbanization . It is because taxation of "City Planning Tax" is done by each judgment of local autonomy of the area designated for urbanization . "City Planning Tax" is often taxed temporarily to the capitalist who built their own new houses or who extend each building .
I think Japan's government should apply the very huge "City Planning Tax" to the applicable existence such as Japanese major companies and individual of the Panama Papers.
There is already the taxation system in Japan to prevent tax avoidance in tax heaven called "Controlled foreign corporation", but "Controlled foreign corporation" does not function if not found out."Controlled foreign corporation" should be levied for both the individuals and the corporations found out in the Panama Papers, but the urban planning tax should be levied on both the individuals and the corporations.
If tax avoidance in Tax heaven is found out, Japan should make "a stance that an unexpectedly unreasonable tax should be taxed".
6.Japan should cancel the PKO dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in Sudan.
large_b7b1ffa8-e6b2-48b9-bc9f-68d75f6e1ceb.jpg Several financial combine group may have a pipe to make a profit on military industry, but Japan must never rush into the military regime.
China monopolizes the oil concession greedily in Sudan. Sudanese people establish military groups that carry out guerrilla tactics and fight against China's major companies in order to get back their oil concession .Sudan must expel Chinese foreign capital and must become independent economically with profit of the oil.
Boys who are a fifth grader are abducted by the guerrilla corps and are forced to become soldiers to fight against Chinese oil producers.
I ask a question to soldiers of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces! Can you shoot such a pretty boy of Sudan?
What did instructors of U. S. forces say to train the Self-Defense Forces?
"Shoot even a woman and the child regardless of a woman and the child."
They said so.
Japan has a law to prohibit participating into war. Japan should cancel PKO dispatch.PKO dispatch to Sudan is the wicked plot of the Khazars Mafia.
Mr. Richard Armitage might have said Japan should become the first rank country which can do the war. However, Mr. Armitage is a person of the situations that he cannot defy a Khazars Mafia. Mr. Armitage has a tangle among "thought to love Japan" and Khazars Mafias .
As a human being ,I will say clearly to Mr. Richard Armitage,"No, I don't agree with you" .
As a result of American policy having been going to put up GDP only by military industry, GM, Ford, and Chrysler did not make effort to produce the products of good quality, and failed.
Just Japan having economic power creating products of good quality with "Constitution Article 9 not to fight and the security treaty bill not to fight" is a first-rank country.
Constitution Article 9 not to fight and the security treaty bill not to fight are the noble holy shields for Japan. This noble holy shields exist in order to prevent the management of army power of the United States.
The Japanese people does not become bulletproof army for U. S. forces.We have noble holy shields which are Constitution Article 9 not to fight and the security treaty bill not to fight.
When China backed up Chongryon in order to cause an internal disturbance in Japan, Mr. Richard Armitage prevented this internal disturbance plan.I do not forget the gratitude for Mr. Richard Armitage. If Mr. Richard Armitage may get into difficulties like something a predicament, I will write a letter to President Obama and Vice President Biden ,"Please help Mr. Richard Armitage". However, I would like to hope that both professor Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr. and Mr. Richard Armitage will become the anti-Khazars Mafia.
The American Khazars Mafia receives vast bribery from China, and the American Khazars Mafia is going to cause Japan-China War for profit of the weapon export.Even if the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are going to protect the company of the Sudanese Chinese oil producer, the Chinese government will make China's army shoot the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in Sudan in order to cause Japan-China War,I think.
Japan's government should notice this wicked plot and should expose this plot of the American Khazars Mafia.
The PKO dispatch is NO.
Japan must survive wisely. Because Mr. Soros will sell short of China's stocks by May, the China's economy completely fails. In China, I think Jiang Zemin rises in revolt soon. Japan should wait for China to ruin itself.
The PKO dispatch is NO.
If Japan wins every war, Japan may solve deflation, but Japan can never win by Japan-China War.
Finance Minister Aso ,can't you understand such an easy thing?Aso is Aho.Aho means the fool in Japanese.Every war does not solve the deflation.Because the United States won in World War II, the United States might solve deflation, but Japan was defeated.
The current world show a matter clearly in the aspect of Khazars Mafia vs. anti-Khazars Mafia.Both President Obama and President Putin are Anti-Khazars Mafia. Japan must support two Presidents so that two Presidents would cooperate together.
Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica began Tuesday a one-week visit to Japan, where he will take part in several promotional events of the Japanese edition of his biography.Former Uruguayan President Mujica will stay in Japan for a week.
Japanese Government changed the constitution interpretation and established the national security related laws that made it possible to protect other countries by military power, but Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica criticized that Japan jumped the gun, and Japan made a big mistake such that Japanese Government changed constitutional interpretation..Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica appealed "The human race still lives in the prehistoric time". And he pointed out,"When time when the human race can abandon war came, the human race can get out of there at the first time. We have a duty to make war end. It is the important meaning that the world's young people must complete it and it is possible."
Oh...I think Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica would say the things necessary for modern Japan..I respect Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica.
The Japanese Government must not do joint patrol of Spratly Islands and PKO dispatch of Sudan.
Okinawa's citizens of the minority race give a demonstration to oppose reclaiming the foreshore from the sea of Henoko for making a US base.If Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica would visit Henoko of Okinawa to encourage the people of the minority race, I thank him heartily from the bottom of my heart. If his schedule is busy, I can understand it may be impossible.
Okinawa became the ground war in World War II, and 200, 000 people were burnt to death. Okinawa was abandoned by former Japan's army to restrain a ground war of the mainland of Japan. There is the history that so many Okinawa citizens were slaughtered by the former Japan forces because the former Japan forces thought that it would be better that the Okinawa citizens died than becoming the slaves of U. S. forces.
Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica
Because Japanese Government at that time tried to prepare the end of the war, Okinawa was sacrificed of the blood because Japanese Government wanted to buy some time for that.A minority race is very weak at fate. If Japan-China War and World War 3 begin, Okinawa will be burnt to the ground at the first in Japan because 74% of the U. S. Forces base in Japan are concentrated in Okinawa .Considering to an aspect of the national security, although the defense of North Kyushu island is strong , but the defense of South Kyushu island is weak. In addition, Japan should make Itami Airport of Osaka with the deficit operation become a US base because a lot of hidden arsenals of Chongryon was discovered by Great Hanshin Earthquake.It is problem of an aspect of the national security that 74% of the U. S. Forces base in Japan are concentrated in Okinawa.I think that the new address of the transference of the Futenma base should be in the Nozaki Island of Nagasaki prefecture not Henoko of Okinawa island.
The current Okinawa citizens resist the current Japanese Government which rushes into the military regime.
Everybody wants to live with happiness.
Nobody wants to die by being murdered.
Every war does not solve deflation.
Besides, Ms. Inada of the Liberal Democratic Party ruling party insists as if the war made the level of the racial souls rise highly but her opinion is crazy.
If human being can abandon war, the human being can make the level of the soul rise highly,I think.
The whole human race should listen to the voice of Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica.
When time when the human race can abandon war came, the human race can get out of the prehistoric time at the first time.
.。:*+゜゜+*:.。.*:+☆:✲: Mujica,Mujica,Mujica,Mujica,Mujica♬♫♬.。:*+゜゜+*:.。.*:+☆
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