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In 06 2017

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The concealment of crimes of the Abe Administration is a gross untruth.

Recently in OKinawa prefecture, several injured persons appear for the demonstrators of the Okinawa citizens day after day. In the left video, Okinawa citizen was run over by a truck.The riot police inflicted an injury of a skull fracture and acute endocranium bloody bowel discharge tumor and cerebral contusion on citizens' women.
riot police often surrounds Okinawa demo However, the riot police insisted that "This woman had been pushed by the men of demonstrators and they fell down". Okinawa citizens object to The landfill of the US base of Henoko .
And Okinawa citizens object to construction of the United States Armed Forces training ground for "Bell Boeing of V-22 Osprey" of Takae village at the risk of life. The riot police told a lie as if the injury were not result of the riot police.The riot police often surrounds "the demonstrators of the Okinawa citizens" in riot police vehicle and members of riot police.
The riot police totally treats the human beings violently as if they were the objects even if the target will be an old man or a woman. And their way is already like the wild beast.
Although Okinawa citizens will be arrested even only by having seized a police officer and the riot police officer by the collar , both police and the riot police do not receive any blame at all even if they hurt Okinawa citizens such as causing a skull fracture or acute endocranium bloody bowel discharge tumor or cerebral contusion.
Prime Minister Abe would already let "the several commentators becoming his slaves" speak on TV as if Okinawa citizens participating in a demonstration were terrorists.277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws lead so that Prime Minister Abe's preparations of genocide are well under way. Of course as for the citizen's group to criticize that Prime Minister Abe would neglect correspondence of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Prime Minister Abe would intend to arrest them . As for "the TV director who reported that patients of thyroid cancer increased around Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant", he already died by briquette suicide. In order to hold the Olympics, Prime Minister Abe would become a dictator.. The correspondence of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant of Prime Minister Abe is inferior and is not in condition to be able to hold the Olympics.
It is said that Prime Minister Abe neglects measures taken against the nuclear power plant accident in order to offer "the data of the experiment on human bodies being exposureed to radiation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant" to Rumsfeld.
Because the Abe Administration rushed into the military regime and tries to oppress and kill many citizens objecting to the government and is going to cause a war, it is natural for Abe Administration to have received 2 claims from the United Nations such as "Mr. David Kaye, the U. N. special rapporteur on protection of freedom of expression" and "Dr. Joseph Cannataci the special rapporteur of charge of the right to privacy in the Office of the U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights".
The United Nations should adopt censure resolution for Nazis revival of the Abe Administration.
The International Criminal Court should issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Abe for crimes against humanity.
In the House of Councilors, exactly the Abe Administration spoke that the citizen's group is not an object of the arrests of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy.
But, although now is before when 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy whose arrest standard is vague is approved, Prime Minister Abe and the police and the riot police always tell a lie, and several unfair arrests and suspicious suicide happen.
1.It should be written clearly that the citizen's group is not an object of the arrests of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy.
Japan should specify that the group which advocated protection of environment and human rights, and its members should not become targeted for punishment of Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws.
2."The new anti-conspiracy laws" should be limited "the objects' persons who should be narrowed down to the specific persons as follows". They should be "the right wing radicals and the left radicals who already caused the crimes","Islamic extremists such as ISIS and al Qaeda or Boko Haram and so on " , "the Japanese designation gangs of Yakuza", "the Aum Shinrikyo-related religious groups", and "United Church of Christ", if new 277 conspiracy laws are so necessary to deal with terrorists .
3.Japan should make another item not to have to arrest " members of the citizen's group which are not related to the item mentioned above" or "the members of the political party " , unfairly.
4.The police officer who arrest a citizen unfairly should deal with a severe punishment including a disciplinary dismissal, the salary reduction disposal.
5.Japan should specify prohibition of the torture of the arrestee in a new anti-conspiracy laws.The police officer who tortured citizens must receive the punishment including penal servitude 30 years.
6.Japan should specify prohibition of "the establishment or the administration of the concentration camp" in a new anti-conspiracy laws.A politician and the person concerned in violation of No. 6 should be executed.

The concealment of crimes of the Abe Administration is a gross untruth.

Prime Minister Abe(Left) and Minister of Finance Aso(Right)
Ministry of Finance replaced all the PC of the ministry with the new PC by June 1.It included all PC of the branch offices of the whole country.Naturally it included all PC of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau which reduced the price unfairly more than 800 million yen(US$7, 240, 000) from the price of the national land when the Kinki Local Finance Bureau negotiated with the Moritomo school side.
The expense that it costs for PC update is more than 5, 235 million yen(US$47, 376, 750).It is a big sum. NEC undertook it. It is private contract.
The negotiations record with the Moritomo school was investigated in the Diet and Ministry of Finance answered, "The all data of documents were already discarded ". In Ministry of Finance, the electromagnetic record has been shrouded in darkness this time because Ministry of Finance made all PC the new articles.
Oh.....They are double-dyed villains of Satanists....Cabinet ministers conspire with Prime Minister Abe.
This is a group organized by criminals, called Abe Cabinet.
Abe Administration is puppet of Rumsfeld Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger, and Abe Administration tries to bring back Nazism in Japan, and Abe Administration rushes into the military regime and is going to cause Japan-China War.
They are Nazism terrorists, and they conflict with 66 existing conspiracy laws and "Instigation of Foreign Aggression's crimes".
(i)(a) Performing an act prescribed in Article 77 (Insurrection), Article 78 (Preparations; Plots), Article 79 (Accessoryship to Insurrection), Article 81 (Instigation of Foreign Aggression), Article 82 (Assistance to the Enemy), Article 87 (Attempts) or Article 88 (Preparations; Plots) of the Penal Code (Act No. 45 of 1907);

safe_image.jpg "American Satanists controlling the Abe Administration" are considerably dangerous maniacs.
Frater Kronos (greece mythology father of all gods) is the masonic name of Zbigniew Brzezinski. A pneumatic spiritual high grade mason, who believed till his death that we are animals, so called hylics who do not deserve freedom nor human rights. I am not sad he was dead, but in his last years he tried to warn the world in Grand Master Magaldis (Frater Jahoel) book MASSONI about the coming world order, which arises due the masonic concept by creating order out of chaos. This is why terror and globalism increases in the world. In the book other ultra high grade masons speak. They all came together to talk about the 36 super lodges ruling the world. I think Zbigniew Brzezinski thought he is above all them, and that is the name why had chosen this name.
Zbigniew Brzezinski participated in the assassinations of Mr.Robert Kenney and leader Martin Luther King. And Brzezinski created operation Condor(the murder group which South American right wing dictatorial regime established formally in 1975. They did political suppression and terrorist activity including information exchange) in South America, and the creation of the italian lodge P2. He was a shadow president and advisor of Ford, Readan, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton.
If Brzezinski said "Today it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people." in his lifetime,we should notice that Brzezinski was the human scum.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger participated in a 911attacks plan. Though Rumsfeld had been close friend of Iraqi Former President Hussein , Rumsfeld caused the Iraqi War, and he executed Former President Hussein.
Brzezinski founded FEMA , and the FEMA genocide plan is planned even now.
Dick Cheney founded ISIS with Mossad.
And Henry Kissinger ordered assassinations of "many Japanese Prime Ministers" and he screw money out of Japan and is going to cause Japan-China War now.

Prime Minister Abe, why do you continue being a puppet of the human scums of American old 3 men?
Can't you wake up from bad dream even yet although Brzezinski was dead?
Do you sell off our mother country beloved Japan to the human scums of American old 3 men?
Why can't you love Japan?
Would Prime Minister Abe who is Japanese people do Japanese civic genocide in Japan?
Can't you understand my words of Japanese people rather than words of American 3 human scums of the foreigners?

Ah....The terrible time is going to begin. What I can do is only to pray for a miracle.Oh...Where is God???By another four times' careful discussions, 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws will be approved in the House of Councilors.
hENRY kISSINGER Henry Kissinger made campaign cash of the Liberal Democratic Party freeze up one end and led to establish the Democratic Party government. And Henry Kissinger put pressure on the Bank of Japan not to do monetary easing in order to lower the stock prices. Then Henry Kissinger made "the Liberal Democratic Party" reinstate with the overwhelming majority's seats.
The reason why Henry Kissinger let the Liberal Democratic Party get an overwhelming majority's seats is to let Japan rush into the military regime for approving several Nazis laws.
Henry Kissinger is an ugly crafty fraud.
Henry Kissinger!
Is there anything you want more than a bundle of money?
Eat your huge bundles of China's yuan directly!
I am convinced that Henry Kissinger should fall into the hell by all means.
But...now where is God???
At least , God would prevent Henry Kissinger from the heaven.Oh... What would the current silence of God imply?I can't understand. By another four times' careful discussions, 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws will be approved in the House of Councilors.
Under the second Abe Administration of approximately four and a half years, "the crimes of the cabinet ministers and the crimes of journalists who are controlled under Prime Minister Abe" are left unsettled in sequence. The person concerned with prosecution calls "Hirom Kurokawa(Administrative Vice-Minister of Justice " "an agent of the Abe Administration". Hirom Kurokawa(Administrative Vice-Minister of Justice) will preserve the peace of "the Abe Administration" unjustly. And he is at the root of various crimes of Abe Administration". The Abe Administration intervenes in legal affairs prosecution personnel affairs thanks to Kurokawa.
A sex violence warrant for arrest of Noriyuki Yamaguchi who was one of the journalists who appreciated Prime Minister Abe was canceled, and Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office took "disposition not to institute a public action" against this incident.
Everyone thinks that "Hirom Kurokawa,Administrative Vice-Minister of Justice " concealed this incident secretly with Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan and Prime Minister Abe.
"Hirom Kurokawa(Administrative Vice-Minister of Justice " thinks that the police can abuse great power by 277 new conspiracy of Prime Minister Abe, and Kurokawa pushes conspiracy establishment from behind.
Even if the favorite journalist of Prime Minister Abe and the favorite politicians of Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Abe himself abduct a large number of women and force them to be their sex slaves after that 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws will be approved, they will be subjected to non-prosecution.
Does Japan have only the flies which gather around the bad power?

Abe Administration is composed by Nazism terrorists.
Abe Administration conflicts with 66 existing conspiracy laws and "Instigation of Foreign Aggression's crimes".
The Self-Defense Forces and the Metropolitan Police Department should remember amor patriae.
The Self-Defense Forces and the Metropolitan Police Department are the last hope now.
The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet.
And the Metropolitan Police Department should break into the Upper House and should arrest the Nazis members of the Abe Administration.
Let's cut off the heavy chain. And let's stand up to revive freedom and our human rights.
We are not slaves of the Abe Administration. We are human beings who are alive.
Aozora Japanese Resistance



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