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In 06 2017

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I pray for the victims of terrorism of Teheran today, too.


Terrorism in Iran might have happened right after President Trump visited the Middle East. However, I think that President Trump was going to pacify reckless driving of Saudi Arabia. The war should be evaded. I think that President Trump would not expect war and I think that President Trump is not subordinate to the power of Rumsfeld who wants to cause World War 3. Calm coping is important.
I think that the weapon agreement of 110 billion dollars among the United States and Saudi Arabia is to confront the power group that is going to cause an internal disturbance in Saudi Arabia by making ISIS attack Saudi Arabia.
Trump President would have declared to let the United States withdraw from Paris Agreement, and the Trump President would not seem to have attended at Bilderberg conference.The faction of Rumsfeld might be pulling the leg of President Trump.However, I hear that there is a good sense group in the American military authorities.Neither Japan nor Iran must fall into the strategy that the Rumsfeld group sets.I think that it will confront against the strategy of the Rumsfeld's faction "not to regard President Trump with hostility".
Trump government might have consented tacitly to the rupture of Qatar, but I am convinced that Trump government should cooperate with a Middle Eastern settlement if there is superior business suggestion.
I pray for the victims of terrorism of Teheran today, too. They are innocent victims of oppression . My love is the side of Iran's victims.
Middle Eastern balanced economic effect is necessary to end terrorism on a pragmatic basis.Wisdom is necessary to end terrorism of Teheran in order to protect Iranian people.Aozora suggests harmony of the Middle Eastern economy simply just because I love Iran.It is the wisdom to end terrorism of Teheran.I deeply sympathize with Iran in the sorrow at Teheran terrorism. I would hug Iran. However Iran must not stop for sorrow and regret.We must end the times of ISIS.

Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger are old men like the devil monsters. They always use a stratagem to cause an internal disturbance in other countries and an American own country. They think about only a strategy to cause war for a profit of the military-industrial complex.
I think that the Chinese artificial islands of Spratly Islands are being built in order to interfere with Japanese sea-lane so that petroleum will not be imported into Japan. And I think Kissinger suggested it to the China's government. Kissinger talked his opinion at "an absolute secrecy talk of U. S. President special adviser Kissinger and Chinese Chou Enlai prime minister" which performed in 1971 that the method to let Japan ruin is to prevent the petroleum imports .
If "Peace lines 10" will be expanded and if a pipeline from India can be connected to Australia and Papua New Guinea, Japan can secure getting petroleum by oil tanker safely from the Australian area. Because Japan imports natural gas from Australia and participates in Sakhalin project of Russia, if "Peace lines 10" will be expanded, Japan can open a surviving way .
I think that it is the Chinese government to offer a lot of weapons to Somalian and the Indonesian pirates. The Chinese government tries to interfere with sea-lane and "development of the economy of India". It is necessary for Japan to cooperate with the improvement of "the peace and order" of Papua New Guinea at a span for three years , in order to trade with Australia safely .
The cooperation of Iran and Saudi Arabia is necessary to save Japan from its extinction.
Now we are in War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness.We should unite as the Sons of Light.
Aozora Japanese Resistance




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