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In 06 2017

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Down with the illusion. Down with Abe Government! Down with Abe Cabinet! Down with the dictator Abe!Down with Militarism!!!

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People may be ever so much alarmed, but Prime Minister Abe looks on with an unconcerned air―with a nonchalant air―with an unmoved countenance―without moving a muscle of his face.Prime Minister Abe is a person who feels contempt for someone yet flatters him or her to obtain some benefit.
In the House of Councilors plenary session, "the fiercely battle of the ruling and opposition parties" continued through the night. And the Abe Administration has voted of ‘ 277 kinds of new anti conspiracy laws which was imitated the anti conspiracy laws of the Nazis government'. And it was approved at 7:45 in the early morning .
Why has "Prime Minister Abe" omitted "the Standing Committee on Judicial Affairs" forcibly ?
Why has "Prime Minister Abe" approved the an urgency motion to close the Standing Committee on Judicial Affairs in the House of Representatives forcibly?
Why has "Prime Minister Abe" approved anti conspiracy laws early in the morning?
I think that Prime Minister Abe has been afraid that the Self-Defense Forces might has surrounded the Diet and the police might has arrested members of the Abe Administration.

I heard that His Majesty the Emperor would not have done any signatures of the enforcement of the security treaty related bill at all because His Majesty the Emperor would take consideration into the intention of Japanese citizens.
However Prime Minister Abe implored "His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince" to sign for the enforcement of "Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (2013)" . It is because Prime Minister Abe suggested that "the Abe Administration" has never tormented Her Imperial Highness Masako.
Prime Minister Abe is just a traitor as public enemy that the Prime Minister threatened the Prince of one country of Japan.

Aozora will send many English sentences to the world to protect Her Imperial Highness Masako throughout my life.
Therefore I would like to hope that the whole imperial family would never sign this devilish bad anti conspiracy laws at all.

The U. N. Human Rights Council should do censure resolution immediately for "the Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime" by considering " its human rights violations", and "the thought oppression " in order to prevent the enactment of conspiracy bill.

The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet promptly.
The Metropolitan Police Department should break into the Diet in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration.
When the independence of our mother country Japan is threatened, the Self-Defense Forces must rise in revolt.
Just now when our mother country Japan is almost sold off to three foreign old men such as Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, the Metropolitan Police Department must arrest the members of the Abe Administration under Articles 81 of Instigation of Foreign Aggression.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger are only ugly old men having each bad personality.
They may be devil monsters, but they are only illusion.
Down with the illusion.
Down with Abe Government!
Down with Abe Cabinet!
Down with the dictator Abe
We have the right of all people to the preservation of their fundamental human rights!
We become nobody's slaves.
We are human beings.
Militarism deprived us of basic human rights once while the WW2.
In the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft Prime Minister Abe deletes all Constitution of Japan Article 97 that declared fundamental human rights.
Besides, we are human beings.We become nobody's slaves.Down with Militarism!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance



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