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All members of Japan Innovation Party should be the cherry blossoms in the light like Hashimoto Osaka Mayor.

hashimoto-loses-b-20150815.jpg hashimoto-loses-C-20150815.jpg n-hashimoto-loses-a-20150815-870x541.jpg
hashimoto-loses-jj-20150815.jpg As for the company of Musashi computer adding up votes, Prime Minister Abe is a biggest shareholder.That is one of the reason Abe won the elections ... and any others for that matter.
But because they added the votes up by manual labor, the Musashi computer did not seem to be used this time.
Affirmative votes and negative votes rivaled each other on the day of the referendum.In early voting which is the process by which electors can vote on a single or series of days prior to an election , the negative votes became finally predominantly certain because there were predominantly many negative votes.
Objection got 705,585 votes and it slightly exceeded 694,844 votes of the agreement and Osaka Metropolis plan was rejected.Because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor insisted that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor resigned as a politician if Osaka Metropolis plan was rejected, he was sympathized by Osaka citizens, and the Data became that opposition 50.4%, and the supporters 49.6% .
The supporters' percentage of votes approached to only 0.8 points difference from 16 points difference of May 11. Hashimoto Osaka mayor showed himself to be a resourceful player but .Osaka Metropolis plan was rejected.And Hashimoto Osaka mayor declared at the midnight on May 17 he will resign on this December 2015.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor had a considerably inhuman aspect, and he might have done tyranny in Osaka city, but it was the refreshing last because he was manly and recognized defeat.
But Eda of the joint representative of Japan Innovation Party expressed his own resignation, too. Executive head Matsuno  who was cooperative with revision of the Constitution of Prime Minister Abe seems to represent the next representative. It is not advisable for Japan Innovation Party to let things stand as they are.Japan Innovation Party should act manly like Hashimoto Osaka Mayor.Japan Innovation Party should dissolve its own political party and should join the Democratic Party.
Matuno without charisma isn't charming as much as Hashimoto Osaka mayor.I think Bureaucrats will investigate every political fund to defeat Japan Innovation Party.Because Matuno was going to cooperate with the revision of the Constitution of the military regime of the Abe Cabinet unconditionally, Matuno is regarded with hostility by Japan's bureaucrats.
If Japan Innovation Party should dissolve its own political party in order to join the Democratic Party as if cherry blossoms were scattered beautifully in the spring breeze, they can attract citizens' minds. The cherry blossoms look their best in the light.All members of Japan Innovation Party should be the cherry blossoms in the light like Hashimoto Osaka Mayor.

Painter:Kaii Higashiyama Title:Cherry blossoms in the early evening

Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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