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The road to peace of Yemen

yemen0404.jpgyemen04041.jpg According to the photograph of Yemeni children on April 4,2015, they are considerably surely thin ..And a boy cries near the rubble of houses destroyed by an air strike in the Okash village near Sanaa April 4, 2015.
It is going to become the later in May now and if Yemen can not stop a battle immediately, the death from hunger of children may begin.
Because a battle continues in southern Aden and Taiz, I hear that support supplies hardly reached there.It is truly sad when very young innocent children must live in the middle of war.
At the time of Okinawa war of World War II, "the existences who had begun to starve the first" were small children who had hidden in the stalactite caves.When I saw a Yemeni boy cried, I wanted to cry,too.
I who live in Asia of the east end do not know which side violated a cease-fire earlier.Peace negotiation of Yemen is advancing in the capital Riyadh of Saudi Arabia from May 17 to May 19 today. However the Yemeni Hadi President and main political party members discussed peace but the Houthis side insisted " We never participate in a meeting performed in other countries ," and the Houthis side is absent from this meeting.
Because the Houthis of Yemen may be murdered in Saudi Arabia, the Houthis can not attend at the meeting ,I think.Then,they had better discuss peace negotiation of Yemen in Japan.Because Japan is neither the Shiah nor the Sunni nor the Houthis , I think that Saudi Arabia , Iran and the Yemeni Hadi President, the Houthis and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon can participate it if peace negotiation of Yemen will be held in Japan .Because the rainy season does not begin in Japan yet, Japan is refreshing now.Of course a merit is big for Japan , if Yemen would provide several chances of infrastructure business after war.Because Japan has few energy resources, Japan always asks all over the world to sell petroleum with woeful faces.If Japan can show an illustrious achievement of the arbitration between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Japanese economy will make rapid progress more. If a cease-fire in southern Aden and Taiz comes true for approximately 20 days,Japan should send food and medicine to southern Aden ,Taiz and Okash village.
Only two planes which loaded with a little food supplies seemed to have arrived at Yemen.In addition, Saada governor in northern Yemen testified,"the human rights support organization receives many funds from the support countries, but it does not provide them to the war victims so much by only an few amount of money . Because it is hard to offer support supplies if there is not a cease-fire for 20 days, Yemen should do the next cease-fire more than 20 days.

"The communication among the Yemeni Hadi President and the Houthis" become complicated too much, but "if they can visit Kyoto which is one of the ancient capitals in Japan, together for sightseeing", they can open their mind naturally because they can speak Yemeni language in Japan's famed tourist spot such as Kyoto.Kyoto in May which is characterized by abundance of verdure is beautiful.Both of the Yemeni Hadi President and the Houthis may feel as if Kyoto were an oasis.I think that the peace negotiation comes true if the Yemeni Hadi President and the Houthis can change environment to talk.


While Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Iranian Foreign Minister , the Yemeni Hadi President and the Houthis watch the beautiful Japanese garden of the temple , they should do a peace negotiation in Japan's temple rather than a luxury hotel. Refreshing is necessary.If in these temples they would take delicious Japanese food and dessert of Kyoto , probably they will become happy very much. It will be nice if they can join to Japan's tea ceremony after a meal.
Because most of world's tourists visiting Asia choose China not Japan,I feel very disappointed.I think that the Japanese garden of the temple is far more beautiful than a Chinese garden.If Middle Eastern countries make the place of the peace negotiation in a temple of Japan, the world's tourists in Japan will increase by all means.Japan should make an effort more in order to acquire a lot of world tourists because in future Japan is becoming a society with a high percentage of aged people, called an aging society .
I worry about a boy who cried near the rubble of houses destroyed by an air strike in the Okash village .
I want to see his smile after eating yummy foods from Japan.
I'm anxious about his safety of this boy.
I would like to hope that Japan would provide foods southern Aden ,Taiz and his Okash village.

The Yemeni Hadi President and the Houthis had better establish coalition government rather than more Yemeni citizens die from now on.
If they should do neither oppression nor persecution each other, Yemen will revive after war.
ISIS intends to make "whole beautiful Middle East which included both Saudi Arabia and Iran" change into their colony to monopolize Middle Eastern oil fields and intends to aim at the Russian oil fields after that.
Both Saudi Arabia and Iran should end a civil war in Yemen as early as possible in order to defeat ISIS and should unite.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

Days (The ED of Hikaru no go) - Shela

The days where we dreamed of tomorrow

how many painful memories did we have?
what kind of fun days are we going to treasure from now on?
when we gathered at a nearby park
we laughed loudly until midnight came
forever forever

I'm happy about the miracle of living the same time
so when we meet again, let's continue to laugh together

I opened the old album after a long interval
did I get skinny, am I slowly turning into an adult?
those days where we walked showing off our tan
we ran together in our sneakers
always always

I haven't forgotten about the days where we dreamed of tomorrow
I feel that our meeting wasn't by accident

even from now on, let's make lots of new memories
what kind of dreams are we going to tell together next?

I'm happy about the miracle of living the same time
so when we meet again, let's continue to laugh together

Days (ヒカルの碁 ending) - Shela

明日を夢見て 輝いてた日々

つらい想い出とか いくつあったのかな?
どんな楽しい日を これからは大切にしていくのかな?
近くの公園で集まったね いつも
ずっと ずっと

同じ時代を今生きてる奇跡が すごくうれしいからね
次あう日も きっとねぇ  一緒に笑っていようよ

少しやせたのかな? ちょっとずつ大人にねぇ なってきたかな?
やけた肌を見せて 歩いてたあの頃
スニーカーふみながら 走ってたね 君と
いつも いつも

明日を夢見ていた日々を決して 忘れてないよ
出会えた事 全てが偶然じゃない気がするよ

これから先も ねぇ 新しい想い出 沢山つくりたいね

同じ時代を今生きてる奇跡が すごくうれしいからね
次あう日も きっとねぇ 一緒に笑っていようね
Painter:Higashiyama Kaii(1908-1999)
Title: Road


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