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The complicated international situation

Prime Minister Abe 0520
Prime Minister Abe

Mr.Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin
Chairman of Federal Assembly lower house State Duma
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
The interview among Prime Minister Abe and Mr.Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin Chairman of Federal Assembly lower house State Duma visited Japan were planned in Tokyo, but the situation seemed to change at present.
Why does that have that kind of result?
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized Japan over a bilateral territorial dispute in a newspaper interview on May 19 that appeared Tuesday, saying that Japan is the only country challenging the results of World War II. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said when they ask the Japanese if they recognize the results of the war, they say yes on the whole but not concerning the island issue;"The northern territories of Kuril Islands is as a result of Great War".
Mr. Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin carried matters with a high hand and criticized Japan which takes economic sanctions on Russia for Ukrainian problem.Therefore the problem between Japan and Russia was complicated.
But....Because Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a remark which included the meaning that Japan should be aware that Japan is a defeated nation, it is natural for Prime Minister Abe to be angry.It is wrong for Russian politicians to say the truth of Japanese history about a lost battle through Media.Russian politicians may think it unexpectedly, but both of the United States and Iran have delicacy not to mention it.Because Iran would understand that Japan is a defeated nation, even if Japan participated in economic sanctions to Iran against Japan's will ,Iran has never criticized Japan at all.Iran is always gentle and warm to Japan.Both Chairman Naryshkin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have too much pride.Both Chairman Naryshkin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov should make an effort for improvement of the soft power.
Fortunately, today is a memorable day that Prime Minister Abe can continue beyond the prime minister term in office of the Kishi ex-Prime Minister who is the grandfather of Prime Minister Abe .Yes...Today is the nice anniversary for Prime Minister Abe.If Russia would congratulate the nice anniversary for Prime Minister Abe,Prime Minister Abe will restore his good humour.Because Chairman Naryshkin came to Japan with the express purpose, it is a shame that he returns to Russia without any results.
Hey,Sergey...You feel as if Japanese people were yellow monkey,doesn't you?You should have a mind to love more Japan because Sergey is an expert of Japan within Russia . If Sergey has a mind to love Japan, Sergey didn't use too much the words that are not gentle.Smile more ,Sergey.And please congratulate the nice anniversary for Prime Minister Abe.You can get better result.It isn't difficult.Please smile more ,Sergey.Can you smile,Sergey?
Of course Prime Minister Abe should act as a adult to forget the hurtful remarks in order to meet Chairman Sergey Naryshkin if Russia would congratulate the nice anniversary for Prime Minister Abe.
Japan should arbitrate the United States and Russia in order to prevent World War III .And Japan is waiting a visit of President Putin to talk about the issue of northern territories.
President Putin would have mentioned that Russia may return half of Kuril Islands from Russia to Japan so that the issue of northern territories should be regarded as if it were a tie of Judo in order to terminate the issue . I would like to hope that as a man's promise President Putin would not overturn the intention .
I hope Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Mr.Sergey Naryshkin said so against the will of President Putin.
1.I would like to hope that President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan if President Putin would insist that it is the terrible hindrance for the good relation among Japan and Russia that Japan participated in economic sanctions to Russia.
President Putin can torment President Obama if President Putin shelters Snowden in Russia, but Snowden is the biggest factor isolating Russia .If President Putin would protect Snowden, it will end up bringing ruin on President Putin.
A reasonable outstanding job is necessary for Japan so that Japan can lift economic sanctions for Russia.
John McCain who is a member of United States Senate
Mr.John McCain
Mr.John McCain who is a member of United States Senate seemed to criticize the Middle Eastern policy of President Obama by an interview of MSNBC.But I think Mr.John McCain always quibble a lot.
It is Dick Cheney to have made ISIL, and Mr.John McCain is a subordinate of Dick Cheney.Everybody feels that he moves something actions secretly so that ISIL could invade Ramadi.Mr. John McCain looks sorrowful as if he were anxious about the future of USA, but it is a ridiculous performance.Hey,McCain!!!Pretending to cry has impact from being used sparingly!
A spy punishment or a court-martial is not applied to oligarch such as McCain or Dick Cheney.In addition,I feel everyone feels that the ringleader of the assassination plot of the American President will be Dick Cheney.The Middle Eastern countries of Gulf Cooperation Council should notice that their true enemy is ISIL not Iran.The Middle Eastern countries of Gulf Cooperation Council feel the terrible menace to Iran far more than ISIL, but it is a mistake.
Japan knows well how tender an Iranian is .Even if Japan may be often insulted as a descendant of the beasts by the war crime, Iran would often mention remark that Iran protects Japan casually.I know a country of Iran has great delicacy .The war crimes of Japan are the history that is never permitted, but, as for me, even if I lose heart by Japan's war crimes, I am often saved by by consideration of Iran.
I'm convinced that Saudi Arabia and Iran can understand each other now if they talk together about Menace of ISIL.
ISIL intends to make "whole beautiful Middle East which included both Saudi Arabia and Iran" change into their colony to monopolize Middle Eastern oil fields and intends to aim at the Russian oil fields after that.
2.Iran is not going to build any colonies.
However, ISIL intends to make the whole Middle East be one huge colony of Dick Cheney.
Both Saudi Arabia and Iran should end a civil war in Yemen as early as possible in order to defeat ISIL and should unite.
Ex General Wesley Clark insisted there was a plan that one part of them are gonna take out seven countries in 5 years starting with Iraq and Syria Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan invention of Iran.
However, I think that that plan might develop.I think ISIS desires to invade Saudi Arabia by the current plan.The United States is a powerful country, but is not a monolith. However, President Obama confronts it at the risk of his life in order to stop World War 3. The Middle Eastern countries should treat President Obama more importantly.
We must crush the expectations of the enemy who is going to let power of ISIL spread by using discord of Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Enemy is Dick Cheney.
If Saudi Arabia and Iran hug each other in order to forgive each other, the enemy collapses naturally and easily .

Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.
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