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A time of great peace and prosperity will come soon.

Dear sir,
President Putin

Prime Minister Abe

Mr.Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin Chairman of Federal Assembly lower house State Duma
President Putin
From 0:40 to 0:55 of May 21 , Prime Minister Abe received a courtesy visit of Mr. Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin Chairman of Federal Assembly lower house State Duma, and he seemed to have conveyed a message of President Putin orally.
May 20 was a memorable day that Prime Minister Abe can continue beyond the prime minister term in office of the Kishi ex-Prime Minister who is the grandfather of Prime Minister Abe .
Would Russia congratulate the nice anniversary for Prime Minister Abe secretly?Ummm..I don't know.Japan's media didn't report about it.
However, Chairman Naryshkin continued insisting strongly so that Japan should lift the economic sanctions on Russia that Japan performs with G7.If Japan did not lift economic sanctions, he insisted that it made the issue of "visit of President Putin" and "Kuril Islands of northern territories" difficult.

Well...I would like to hope to ask President Putin.
China matches the aims with Japan with more than 100 nuclear warheads .And China has pushed forward a plan secretly that China restricts the Emperor's family to execute them in Beijing for more than 40 years.
When it becomes the Japan-China War, does Russia bombard China in order to protect Japan?
When it becomes the Japan-China War, USA would surely bombard China in order to protect Japan.How does Russia do?Japan can't lift economic sanctions by striving against G7 if Russia can't attack China at Japan-China War by more than 100 nuclear weapons.
Please tell me,President Putin.Do you abandon Japan at the Japan-China War?
1.I would like to hope that President Putin would not force Japan to do something only by your immediate profit only.
President Putin insisted yourself that the negotiations of the issue of northern territories should be useful for both sides . President Putin insisted that both sides should make effort to avoid the situation that one side succumbed to defeat.They are your own words.
Of course Aozora prevents the Japan-China War by all means in order to protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress even if I can't understand the will of Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe is a politician of uncommon ability, but I do not know well where Prime Minister Abe intends to go to.Prime Minister Abe is the terrible man who may become a dictator. President Putin should understand it.I feel President Putin would underestimate Prime Minister Abe too much.However, Prime Minister Abe is a schemer and is a terrible man revenging by all means. A large number of politicians lost their own political lives by Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe is like a great white shark that has poisonous liquid in its fangs.One day, as for Prime Minister Abe, I think that by his evil fangs he may bite President Putin if Prime Minister Abe becomes violently angry.I feel that Prime Minister Abe will change suddenly anytime to be cruel.Because I have a pure simple and innocent mind,I can see the maliciousness.
Prime Minister Abe isn't the same as leaders of six former Soviet nations.
2.I would like to hope that President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan if President Putin would insist that it is the terrible hindrance for the good relation among Japan and Russia that Japan participated in economic sanctions to Russia.
Snowden is the biggest factor isolating Russia .If President Putin would protect Snowden, it will end up bringing ruin on President Putin.Because all subordinates of President Putin are afraid that they are disliked by President Putin, they do not insist that President Putin should hand over Snowden to Japan. But it is wrong.Snowden is the biggest factor isolating current Russia .
If President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, the United States and Russia are reconciled with each other by all means, and I think the civil war of Ukraine will be settled.A peaceful settlement is to be desired. Aozora will persevere with my efforts to settle it amicably.
I think that it is strange that President Putin is considered unfairly by the Western countries as if President Putin were a double‐dyed villain in a problem in Ukraine .The Ukrainian government draws up a fund from the foreign countries like a vacuum cleaner but I know the oppression and persecution on Ukraine's citizens by the right wing sector.
Because the shooting case of the Malaysian plane kept several Kabbalah numbers about the date , time, a plane number, and so on , I think that neither Russia nor Russian Ukrainians participate in this crime.
717 expresses "the absolute victory of the crown" by the Kabbalah.The airplane crash of Malaysian Airline System in Ukraine occurred on July 17.The Malaysian plane was Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17Boeing 777-200ER airliner). The maiden flight of this passenger plane seems to be July 17, 1997.
The Ukrainian government insisted that it is the mistaken shooting by Buk missile system of the Russian Ukrainian armed forces, but if it's the mistaken shooting , it was too strange this accident happened as if several Kabbalah numbers were prepared accidentally.
I felt that the exhibits which the Ukrainian government showed were all doubtful.
Of course, because the history of Holodomor which is famine genocide causes great hatred for Russia to Ukrainian society, the Ukrainian government may insist Ukraine is a victim by Russia anytime.I think that Ukraine has a point there in their history.
But if President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan,I think that the U.S.-Russia relations will be improved, and the Western countries will stop being partial to Ukraine unfairly,I think.
3.If Japan lifts economic sanctions on Russia by striving against G7 , the U. S.-Russia relations may turn worse, and it is never an arbitration.I would like to hope that President Putin would notice it.
However, I appreciate Russia always makes every effort to maintain world peace . I respect Russia.
8457531_303,00 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon would have announced on Wednesday that talks to bring peace to Yemen will take place May 28 in Geneva.Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to insist that the United Nations should open an international forum for the achievement of normalization of Yemen by support of the United Nations many times.
4.I would like to hope that Russia would insist so that every country would provide foods especially into southern Aden , Taiz and the Okash village .The death from hunger of children may begin if the United Nations does not hurry more than 20 days' cease-fires .
Some people may ignore southern Aden, the Taiz and the Okash village in order to let power of the Houthis weaken so that food does not arrive there .
Because children are innocent , I would like to hope that Russia would work so that food reaches southern Aden, the Taiz and the Okash village.
Because the children seem to lose weight and weaken,it breaks my heart to think of it.At the time of Okinawa war of World War II, "the existences who had begun to starve the first" were babies or small children who had hidden in the stalactite caves.Please help the children in the civil war.
5.Even if the world becomes very chaotic, still we should have courage to build the kingdom of the peace for 1, 000 years .
A time of great peace and prosperity will come soon.

Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.

Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance



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