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Is this the project of infrastructure of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB ?

China is going to make a military base obviously off the Philippines in order to monopolize Southeast Asian petroleum's oil.China is more shameless than Japan's yakuza.The scale of this crime is far different from Japanese Yakuza.
This is the project of infrastructure of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB.U.K. France and Germany had better withdraw from AIIB before China swindles U.K. France and Germany out of their money. .
I think AIIB is established as the imitation's bank so that China cheats rich countries to contribute the other countries out of money in order to raise a military fund. China advertises as if Yakuza's loan company thought about the catch copy to relax an examination standard of the financing of developing countries.China is the country which cheats two digits of trade balances .AIIB can't be trustworthy.Of course China expects to extend hegemony and will intend to collapse the dollar by AIIB.AIIB is used for loss filling of the economic ruin of China, and China will collect money in military purposes, and I judge that it is established for the purpose of destroying US dollar.But I do not think that the United States accepts its fate to lose the current position of the financial system.It isn't impossible that the United States may support a military coup of China to protect the system of the finance of IMF and WB.A loan may not be paid back in future if a military coup happens in China.
The United States and Japan should deploy American expensive Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile in Nozakijima island in order to restrain AIIB.
Japan and the United States must consider the strategy that China seizes Nozakijima Island while China attracts interest in Senkaku Islands and Okinawa .
Because AIIB has the composition that China leads, even if a large amount of bad debt appears by financing of the profit disregard, and if China says "I'm sorry but these bad debts were generated.", even principal money which each country invested does not seem to be guaranteed .
But Japan has a slight edge on China.Here is Valuable information.It's Special deals.Attention,please.
Japanese Prime Minister Abe would speak at the banquet of the 21st International Conference on the Future of Asia, May 21.
Japanese Prime Minister Abe said his government and the Asian Development Bank will jointly provide $110 billion to finance "innovative" infrastructure in Asia. Innovation, Abe said, is necessary if Asia is to counter the challenges that wait ahead, such as the graying of populations and the ever-increasing demand for energy.
Very good.And then I have a good idea!!!
Idea 1.If "the Southeast Asian countries which withdraw from AIIB" participate in ADB(the Asian Development Bank), if the Southeast Asian countries can borrow huge money to deploy "Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile" to restrain hegemony expansion of China, this idea is not bad, I think. How about that is ?
United States and Japan should examine my idea.Good idea is necessary to stop reckless driving of China.
Idea 2.The needs will be big if ADB will furnish Pacific coastal area with a set among deploying "Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile" and infrastructure business .
Idea 3.If U. K., France, and Germany withdraw from AIIB, the ADB should treat U. K., France, Germany well at the good rate of interest.
Idea 4.ADB should prepare good service so that between U. K., France, and Germany the country which withdrew from AIIB as soon as possible can gain with precedence by an investment at high interest .
Idea 5.Japan and the United States should make several animations of youtube advertising ADB with 10 languages by using the Hollywood stars and famous popular musicians.

M. Pokora - On est là

Because China builds many many ghost towns and builds the military base forcibly off the Philippines, AIIB will become unpopular soon.
As for the investment, safety and relief should be the first.



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