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By capitalizing on a situation in turmoil of constitutional amendment, Abe Cabinet should force neither "re-operation of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant" nor "breaking off house support for the people who evacuated independently from Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture" .

The stock of Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc
The Japanese electric power company pressures the government to raise the stock price of electric power company. An electricity stock including Kyushu Electric Power and etc advances to the year's highest price. Re-operation prospects of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant first unit reactor of Kyushu Electric Power (Kagoshima prefecture) influence this year's highest price. For rising the stock price of electric power companies, will Abe Cabinet make the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant reoperate although there is dangerous problem about the quality of being earthquake-resistant of Sendai nuclear power generation and although there are five active volcanoes near it?
However, pyroclastic flow occurs today in Kuchinoerabujima island.There is only 156.3km from erupting Kuchinoerabujima to Kyushu Electric Power Sendai Nuclear Power Plant now.An earthquake of seismic intensity 5 was Tokyo a few days ago.
Sendai Nuclear Power Plant of Kyushu Electric Power Company to be restarted in July 2015 is surrounded by 5 active volcanoes. As for the new regulation standard compatibility examination of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant first unit reactor or second unit reactor, there was the big mistake that missed its procedure that a standard required.
1.Prime Minister Abe should stop re-operation of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.
For rising stocks,Japan's electric companies intend to reap a profit by capitalizing on a situation in turmoil of constitutional amendment.
an Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister Iijima
Especially Iijima who is an Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister is going to give various toys to Prime Minister Abe in order to win a Prime Minister Abe's favor .Iijima insists that Japan should not have to become nervous for an earthquake or volcano , but Prime Minister Abe should recognize that Iijima is the dangerous person for this country as if he were the devil who is always tempting Prime Minister Abe.I am convinced that Iijima will receive divine punishment.His political policy will perish one day.
How much difference there exists between Iijima and Yakuza?Iijima may be the genius expert of the concealment of the evil deed .Like Marshal Ney who fell into the end that was more miserable than Napoleon,Iijima will ruin one day.
If Mr. Machimura was dead, who profits after that ?Please tell me,Iijima.
Iijima, your political policy is aesthetics of the man?It is a ridiculous comedy.Marshal Ney loved his mother country France from the bottom of his heart but Iijima never loves Japan.And Iijima has been already defeated many times.You know it by yourself,Iijima.
11391629_876421792437870_6796945131337187421_n.jpg "109 persons within 147 persons " have something cysts by radioactive contamination.But Abe Cabinet intends to make "the people who evacuated independently from Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture" return in order to break off house support for them.This photograph is a meeting room of the House of Councilors Hall. Cabinet Officer, a revival agency, the staffs of Tokyo, the staffs of Fukushima line up and sit down before these mothers .
Because they are full of crazing in the nuclear reactors of Fukushima nuclear power plant, both the groundwater and the cooling water may be too hot into the basement with the heat.Especially, a hydrogen explosion of the second unit reactor will happen by all means.
And these mothers do not want to come back to Iwaki city of Fukushima because the radiation dose in front of the home is 7μSv/h.
I think that information does not reach to Prime Minister Abe. Probably I think that aides stop these information..
2.Abe Cabinet should not make "the people who evacuated independently from Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture" return and Abe Cabinet should not break off house support for them.
3.Of course Prime Minister Abe must let Fukushima's citizens evacuate from the next hydrogen explosion like the islanders of Kuchinoerabujima Island.

solar_farm.jpg There are few energy resources in Japan. It is the biggest problem for Japan.
And the farms of Japan begin to be filled with panels of Photovoltaic power generation, but in this situation self-sufficiency ratio in Japan extremely falls down.
Because the Japanese farmers have the secret technique to grow delicious rice, the rice which Japanese farmers make are particularly delicious.
4.It is necessary for some regulation of increasing panels of photovoltaic power generation of the farm to be established .
If a politician begins to think about only at hand profit and self-protection, Japan is ruined anytime. A ugly politician thinks of only next election but a true statesman thinks of the next generation.
5.I would like to hope that Prime Minister Abe would break with Dick Cheney and McCain . I would like to hope that Prime Minister Abe would have the right political policy not to rush into Japan-China War.

Whenever June comes, cabinet ministers attend the cabinet meeting in each kariyushi shirt which is Okinawa's wear, a traditional Okinawan garment.
Today all members of the Abe Cabinet would wear each kariyushi shirt which Governor of Onaga of Okinawa presented to them before.
Oh......Every ministers are all charming.I'll hug everybody.I'm very glad.Thank you very much.
Hi!!!Prime Minister Abe.You are really nice and very handsome. chu☆.。.:*・゚ !!
In Okinawa, not only ‘China's tourists and Taiwan's tourists' but also ‘many many tourists of the European divers and Russian divers' increased very much in Kerama Islands of Okinawa prefecture because Japan's government contribute vast money of reconstruction aid of 300 billion yen in Okinawa every year.
I'm genuinely grateful as for it.
But I think that Japan and US should deploy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile in the Nozakijima Island if I think of a menace of the naval hegemony expansion in China.There is 1359.9km from Beijing to the Nozakijima Island. And there is 752.7km from Shanghai, China to the Nozakijima Island.Nozaki Island is nearer to Shanghai than Okinawa island.
Shenyang Military Region is one of seven big army wards of the People's Liberation Army of China, and I am convinced that Shenyang Military Region will target Nozakijima Island.Jiang Zemin is a wirepuller of Shenyang Military Region now and the discord among Xi Jinping and Jiang Zemin is in confusion. Therefore the risk of the Nozakijima Island becomes only vague. Japan and the United States should notice the possibility immediately that China aims at Nozakijima Island while they attract interest to Senkaku Islands and Okinawa.Of course Japan should strengthen caution around Nozakijima Island.
China intends to cheat the world's rich countries to steal a vast fund through an investment bank of AIIB and intends to establish a lot of military bases such as the China military base of the offing of Philippines in order to monopolize a Southeast Asian marine petroleum.
China has thought of the world conquest for more than 4000 years.The dictator who slaughtered most in the world is Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong slaughtered 78 million people. Hitler killed 17 million , and Stalin killed 23 million .Because Xi Jinping insists that China should recur to the period of Mao Zedong,Xi Jinping is too crazy.Japan and the United States should deal with a world conquest plan of China quickly.
Dick Cheney acting secretly as a Chinese spy scatters every poison among other things in the world.Because Dick Cheney can let ISIL spread if Saudi Arabia and Iran hate each other, it is convenient for Dick Cheney.
The human race should find a method to deal with Dick Cheney,ISIL, and China positively.

Please do not be deceived for Dick Cheney and world conquest plan of China.
Military regime dehumanizes many soldiers.
The war desensitized citizens.
I shout again and again so that every world's politician does not go there.
What is the dream of the man?
What is an ambition?
Do you lose yourself if you give up a dream or an ambition?
Our dream should be for lasting peace.
Let's build the society which is more peaceful than a dream and an ambition to be established at ‘the sacrifice of happiness of other persons' and the sacrifice of the human rights' .
I refuse a military regime decidedly.
It is the origin of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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