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Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president
Japan's government intends to plan to build vegetable factory in restricted residence area, where is only in 9km South West of Fukushima plant. The annual dose level is 20mSv ~ 50mSv, but the government of Japan states they have completed decontamination.
Oh....No thank you these products....I can't eat them...9km?! 20mSv ~ 50mSv?!
Who is the person in charge for building this dangerous vegetable factory?
Shinjiro Koizumi Parliamentary Secretaries of the restoration founded "the Futaba future Senior High School" in Hirono-machi Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture which is approximately 25 km away from Fukushima nuclear power plant.
In "the Futaba future Senior High School", annual doses of radioactivity might exceed 20mSv, and Shinjiro Koizumi Parliamentary Secretaries of the restoration is frowned upon from many Japanese citizens .
And then,who is the person in charge for building this dangerous vegetable factory?
The vegetable products are planned to be sold at supermarkets. Tepco is also considering to provide to Fukushima workers.If this is the suggestion of Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president , Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president will be certainly executed publicly if this country were Iran and Saudi Arabia.
O-Oh... Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president is crazy....
Because Japan's electric power companies always offer "huge number of votes for the election" and huge political donation to the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party's government can't readily go against TEPCO.But Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president is crazy.It is just a population reduction plan.
All the stock price of electric power companies rises suddenly only by a supposition to have possibilities to reoperate Sendai nuclear power plant of Kyushu Electric Power again .TEPCO seems to suggest several devilish suggestion in order to hide the radioactive contamination for rising their stocks of TEPCO.
About a problem of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, if both of Japanese citizens and the world's citizen should match an aim with Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president rather than Prime Minister Abe , I think everything will go ahead effectively.
"The brutal criminal who let the government announce as if the number of the radiation exposure patients were zero" is Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president.Every citizens should recognize a mechanism among each electric power company and Japanese government, and every citizen needs a strategy.Under the guise of friendship among Abe Cabinet , the Liberal Democratic Party and TEPCO, Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president intends to conceal the fact that many citizens of Fukushima prefecture and Kanto area are exposed to radiation.Because Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president makes the Abe Cabinet its breakwater, any problems of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are not settled at all.We mistake target for something else .
Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president will continue forcing devilish suggestion on the Abe Cabinet from now on. Because Abe Cabinet can't go against TEPCO, the Abe Cabinet continues ignoring the citizen's opinion. This is a vicious circle.
This world puts a variety of restraints upon us, from which it is not easy to escape.As for the fetters of the relation among the electric power company and the government, the same thing will apply to any countries of all over the world,I think.
1.Japanese citizens and the world's citizens should unite to institute a suit against Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president for crimes against humanity into the International Court of Justice.
Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president is the root of all evil. Therefore the health's victim and victims who are exposed to radiation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are still zero.This situation is going to become everlasting zero.Several victims have the whole body pain and there is something bad with the brain .Because TEPCO does not want to pay compensation for damages, TEPCO implores the Abe Administration with bad bad plots.And TEPCO makes Japan's government conceal the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant by hinting the success of Tokyo Olympic 2020. TEPCO makes Japan's government kill citizens of Fukushima slowly.This is genocide of citizens of Fukushima and Tokyo area at a slow tempo.
It is March 11, 2011 that Tohoku great earthquake disaster happened. And a radioactive cloud covered the Kanto area in the evening of March 15, 2011.A "temporary emigration area" "hope emigration area" "radiation management area" of Chernobyl disaster and cesium (adding up level) of the same level were detected in 35 spots when "the radioactivity defense project" consisting of citizen volunteers measured the soil of 150 places of metropolitan areas.
Doctor Arnie Gundersen had insisted the same on Jan 2, 2013 as following;
"I was in Tokyo in February. I was on the book tour and I brought plastic with me and every day I would walk outside and grab some dirt form where I was.And I came back with the dirt, brought them through customs officials — you have to declare dirt when you bring it back — and then sent it to a lab.And all 5 bags would qualify radioactive waste here in the country, and this was on the streets of Tokyo.
So, what we would have to ship to Texas and store by our standards in Tokyo was ubiquitous. I was there again in August and I was overt in Niigata, which is on the opposite coast on the Sea of Japan. And it didn’t get nailed by the plume so much, but the mountains between Fukushima Prefecture and Niigata are contaminated. And now their sediment in their rivers is loaded with radiation as well."
The Japanese Government should not abandon people who are exposed to radiation , non-humanely even if what Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president says is.
11391629_876421792437870_6796945131337187421_n.jpg "109 persons within 147 persons " have something cysts by radioactive contamination.But Abe Cabinet intends to make "the people who evacuated independently from Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture" return in order to break off house support for them.This photograph is a meeting room of the House of Councilors Hall. Cabinet Officer, a revival agency, the staffs of Tokyo, the staffs of Fukushima line up and sit down before these mothers .
Because they are full of crazing in the nuclear reactors of Fukushima nuclear power plant, both the groundwater and the cooling water may be too hot into the basement with the heat.Especially, a hydrogen explosion of the second unit reactor will happen by all means.
And these mothers do not want to come back to Iwaki city of Fukushima because the radiation dose in front of the home is 7μSv/h.
I think that information does not reach to Prime Minister Abe. Probably I think that aides stop these information..
2.Abe Cabinet should not make "the people who evacuated independently from Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture" return and Abe Cabinet should not break off house support for them.
3.Of course Prime Minister Abe must let Fukushima's citizens evacuate from the next hydrogen explosion like the islanders of Kuchinoerabujima Island.
4.Japan must not sacrifice civic lives to make a stock's price of Tokyo Electric rise.
ContaminationMap_Cs_BeUkRu_Fig_VI.jpg 10454321_911790945581178_7468417046958442360_n.jpg After the nuclear plant accident of Chernobyl, 600km spot from Chernobyl nuclear power plant becomes the radioactivity management reinforcement zone , according to these maps.
In other words it will become so that they can't live in the main island of Japan because Japan suffers from radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant if Sendai nuclear power plant of Kyushu Electric Power causes a nuclear plant accident .
Sendai Nuclear Power Plant of Kyushu Electric Power Company to be restarted in July 2015 is surrounded by 5 active volcanoes.
As for the new regulation standard compatibility examination of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant first unit reactor or second unit reactor, there was the big mistake that missed its procedure that a standard required.
5.Prime Minister Abe should stop re-operation of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.

The article of dangerous vegetable factory which is 9km from Fukushima Daiichi is too shocking for world's citizens.
Naomi Hirose TEPCO's president lacks common sense such that he is also considering to provide to Fukushima workers.
Certain English woman said in the Facebook," Awkward. "Mom, how come the Japanese all look like lizards? " "Well, daughter of mine, once it was not so".
And I reply it;"There must be some misunderstanding. I forgive your rudeness.But .....Japanese Satanists are around more than 10 politicians and several executives of "the electric power companies".The Satanists population of Japan will be about the one-10000th of the Satanists population of the U. K.".

Oh...where will Japan go to?
What is happening in Japan???
Lengthy checks prompt Kyushu Electric to move back Sendai reactor restart to mid-August.
I pray to God so that Japan does not die out for devilish power of the nuclear power generation.
I pray to God so that Japan does not rush into the military regime again.
My praying to God may not be enough.
I should put my heart into praying more.
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