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The freedom exists in the pure love for citizens.

The world citizens begin to understand how the president of TEPCO is the wirepuller of Japan's political world.A Hawaiian friend of facebook gave such a quiz as following the other day.
img_indi_05.jpg Anyone know this person and what he has in common with a WWII Nazi. Quiz?Hint: Thy both were responsible for betraying their counties.
yoda.jpghirsebatman.jpg Vidkun.jpg I answered," Quiz's answer is Yoda ?"
But he replied;"No, not Yoda. Yoda was a good guy,wasn’t he? Try again."
I answaered again," Oh ! I see! Quiz's answer is Joker of batman?"
He replied,"Close , but no cigar! Try again.His first name was Vidkun."
I said,"Vidkun?.....Ummmm....difficult....O I see according to your nice hint. I'm convinced that he is Vidkun Quisling!!!!"
He said,"Congratulation! BTW, you win."
But I said in a hurry,"Wait!wait.He is TEPCO President Naomi HIrose.Audiences misunderstands as if he were Vidkun Quisling!!!!"
However,he continued;"Many people also thought Quisling was a Satanist too, in league with Hitler. The Norwegian People, after liberation rewarded Quisling with an execution.I don't fault this Quisling with the Tsunami, just dissembling and cover-up after the Tsunami, and stonewalling on telling the truth, and bribing political officials. Meanwhile many Japanese suffer silent death, and continued exposure, when this person could have done something about it much sooner."

Frankly speaking, although his Hawaiian joke was not very funny at this time, I was obliged to create 3 nonsense photos to keep up with his Hawaiian joke.
Yes...Oh...my God.....That's absolute nonsense.....As for me, I missed TV program which begins at half past 1 o'clock of every Sunday today by creating such three absolute nonsense photos..That is ‘committee of "Can you say that far?" "No Problem."' (Yomiuri TV)
Awwww...Who is Vidkun Quisling?!!!A Hawaiian friend of facebook mentioned the unknown dictator of Norway who was supported by Hitler .TEPCO President Naomi Hirose is exactly the unknown dictator in the world.He does not attract attention worldwide, but he is one of 'Mastermind in Politics' of Japan as if he ruled Japan's political world as a dictator.
Because Japan's electric power companies always offer "huge number of votes for the election" and huge political donation to the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party's government can't readily go against TEPCO.
The medical association is pressurized not to let doctors write the medical certificates of victims who are exposed to radiation, and the victim who was exposed to radiation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is zero. Therefore TEPCO does not pay compensation for damages to victims who are exposed to radiatio at all.
The Governor of Izumida of Niigata prefecture who objects to re-operation of the Kashiwazaki Nuclear Power Plant hinted he might be assassinated. The Governor of Izumida insists; "The essence of the Fukushima accident is not the power supply loss by the tsunami either. This is only a trigger of the start of nuclear accident. The loss of the cooling function is the essence. If the electric power company does not cool a regular fuel rod by the nuclear power generation, they cause meltdown in two hours. It is the same when it will be terrorism when it will be an earthquake when a cause will be a tsunami. The way of the atomic energy administration resembles war. Because all 54 nuclear power plants of Japan might become the target, it had been taken up in a committee. But an opinion such as "It is strange as for what must think about such a thing" appeared. And the discussion of the risk that nuclear power generation just became the target has disappeared. 11389997_861566280596923_2393200130897836063_n.jpg
The Governor Izumida grumbled over after an interview ;"it was dangerous if I said it so far . If I might have been killed, and if I might have committed suicide, please remember I never do commit suicide. Even if the letter of my will after my death is left, it is not suicide. Please check whether I might have committed suicide, if I might have committed suicide. It is because the fact is absolutely different. " The Governor Izumida said. The politicians who criticized the problem of the nuclear power generation in Japan too much commit suicide for some reason.

The remark of The Governor Izumida is sensational.Because the remark of The Governor Izumida is sent to the world, TEPCO President Naomi Hirose should not persecute this Governor Izumida.People insisting that the International Court of Justice should send an arrest warrant out against TEPCO President Naomi Hirose by crime against humanity increase globally.
11401493_861555977264620_8435450874604170894_n.jpg According to the announcement of December 17, last year, it is expected that "the net income of March 2015 of TEPCO" goes into the black of 521 billion yen. The ordinary profit is 227 billion yen that the previous quarter is 2.2 times. It's based on the cost cuts such as reviews of a periodic inspection and the fuel procurement of the thermal power station. TEPCO is flooded with complaint calls. They said," neither the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant nor the Kashiwazaki nuclear power generation should reoperate again if TEPCO make a profit without nuclear power generation". There are many objections' telephone's call that TEPCO should spend money for the expense decommissioning nuclear power plant. TEPCO said; "The cost cut of this year was was 571, 600 million yen by an original plan . Actually, it is expected to be 837 billion yen. When the income and expenditure is not in the black, the financing from the bank does not go well. Please, I would like to hope you would understand. I will make an effort in future so that an electricity bill is not raised as much as possible."
TEPCO answered that "we must use the money to do maintenance to reoperate nuclear power generation of Kashiwazaki and Sendai again" when journalists asked use of the profit.

Oh....TEPCO President Naomi Hirose is a double‐dyed villain.While the Governor of Izumida of Niigata prefecture objects to re-operation of the Kashiwazaki Nuclear Power Plant at the risk of his life, TEPCO President Naomi Hirose prepares the fund to re-operate the Kashiwazaki Nuclear Power Plant and Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.

Bear up!!!the Governor of Izumida of Niigata prefecture!!!!"Go for it!!!Go ahead!!!Hang in!!Hang in there!!!!There is a Samurai still now in Japan.
Because this is a love song, this lyric is not usable for the music of my resistance activity.
But I actually love this beautiful chanson.
In this Lyric,there is a phrase,"It's a new wind, the freedom like a gift"
C’est un vent nouveau, la liberté comme un cadeau.
Ah....How beautiful it sounds..
A mind in hope of the happiness of citizens is refreshing.
The freedom exists in the pure love for citizens.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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