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Thought control begins

Managing editor of Okinawa Times, Kazuhiko Taketomi (right) and managing editor of Ryukyu Shimpo, Yoshikazu Shiohira spoke out against the 'destruction' of the two Okinawa newspapers on July 2, 2015.

Japan news editors lash out at calls for press curbs.Most Japanese newspaper's companies have surrendered to the Abe Administration, but three companies of Tokyo Shimbun , Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo continue to express the critical opinion in their newspapers all the time against the Abe Administration.Tokyo Shinbun(Shinbun means newspaper.) is based in Tokyo of the capital of Japan. I send applause to the courage of these three companies.

This is not a problem only for two newspapers' companies of Okinawa. The Abe Administration is going to begin thought control in earnest and is going to steamroller the bill through the Diet against fierce opposition.
The Obama Administration requested Japan so that Japan approves a Japanese bill named National Secret Bill and right of collective self-defense, but, actually, the Abe Administration is going to use "the new bill that the Obama government required" for a wrong purpose, and the Abe government justifies a reign of terror and a military regime and is going to do terrible reckless driving by a thought control.
Prime Minister Abe prevented Japanese media's criticizing the Abe Administration so far by feasting very important people of the media with special dinners every night by using secret expenses from secret national funds .However, recently the Abe Administration pressures Keidanren which is the Federation of Economic Organizations so that Keidanren would make "advertisement charges of newspaper publishers which criticize the government" being deprived in order to ruin the newspapers' companies which oppose against Prime Minister Abe.
1.I would like to hope that President Obama would pressure Keidanren which is the Federation of Economic Organizations so that Keidanren should not cooperate with Abe Cabinet in order to prevent Japan which is going to rush into military regime.
Please help us,President Obama.Japan's Abe Administration is going to become a monster such as the Nazis.Best-selling novelist Naoki Hyakuta's suggested at a ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) study session on June 25 2015 that two Okinawa newspapers should be shut down .And Pro-Abe lawmakers offer plan to 'punish' media. Hideo Onishi insisted there that it is the first way to let "an advertisement's income for media" disappear in order to punish media.
However the Liberal Democratic Party does not want to do the disposal that is too strict with the persons concerned. They are accomplices obviously.The Liberal Democratic Party is too lenient with the offenders.Of course Prime Minister Abe never apologizes for it in the Diet because just Prime Minister Abe is a mastermind of this thought control.
I understand US's circumstances of the financial difficulty and war expenditures reduction of America. In addition, Japan may purchase American government bonds most in the world.
Both Japanese bill of National Secret Bill and right of collective self-defense may be necessary for Japan-US Alliance but it isn't necessary for Japan to become a monster such as Nazis.
However, it is Dick Cheney to be going to let Ukraine and ISIL become the monster such as the Nazi Administration, and Dick Cheney is going to control this Japan.
And I'm convinced that the mastermind of wicked human beings who were going to assassinate great President Obama is Dick Cheney.

I always respect and love President Obama and I am the faithful human being who continues protecting President Obama.I pray every morning that President Obama, Mrs. Michelle , beautiful daughters and your family are protected by God . I think President Obama would notice the family of President Obama is always protected miraculously by invisible energy.That is the pure love.
"15 people among the cabinet ministers of 19 of the second Abe Cabinet belong to "Nippon Kaigi(the Japan meeting)" that is an organization of the revision of the Constitution group of right wing radicals justifying an aggressive war of Japan "."Nippon Kaigi” is an elite career track to become the Prime Minister like American "Skull and Bones".But I think that Dick Cheney handles the policy of this Nippon Kaigi obviously. Policy of the current Nippon Kaigi is just Nazis itself.
The military industry of Dick Cheney may be profitable by Japan-China War, but it is not all the possible factor. Besides Dick Cheney intends to watch a plan to execute the Japanese Emperor's family in Beijing by defeat of Japan as a mere spectator on TV. Execution of the imperial family and the super-wealth are the special spectacle to be satisfied with for Cheney above all.
I think that Dick Cheney has the wicked plot to perform the same for Saudi Arabia or Ukraine.ISIL is really full of public execution .I must pray every early morning so that His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud would notice the wicked plot of Dick Cheney .OF course I must pray every early morning so that His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud would begin peace negotiations to talk with Iran and the Yemeni leader Shia Houthi Ansarullah.
Of course I must pray so that President Poroshenko would notice the wicked plot of Dick Cheney.I think Dick Cheney expects public execution of oligarch in Ukraine.
We must prevent the all wicked plot of Dick Cheney.
2.I would like to hope President Obama would pressure Prime Minister Abe to receive the draft amendment which I suggest without forcing steamrollering of the draft law within the end of July .
Abe Cabinet should receive a draft amendment of a National Secret Bill before accepting the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group.
In "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group", Japan should introduce the item for all the cabinet ministers to obey penal servitude less than three years and the item for all the cabinet ministers to pay the fine that is less than 10 million yen if Cabinet rushes into a military regime or a reign of terror.
Prime Minister Abe should do the full-scale abolition of the Musashi computer which can tamper with the number of the votes in all metropolis and districts.Misashi ccomputer is just the symbol of the fascism and the militarism.
Please deploy troops of U. S. forces in Tokyo so that family of the Emperor can take refuge in Hawaii by the helicopters of U. S. forces anytime if I am assassinated.
I would like to hope the United States and Russia, would be reconciled with each other for world peace as soon as possible.The American enemy is not Russia. The American enemy is Dick Cheney.Dick Cheney is China's big spy.
If Prime Minister Abe appoints "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" as the national secret, Prime Minister Abe can perform a reign of terror such as the plenty Nazi Administration.
2 draft amendments of both of the National Secret Bill and "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" are necessary.
Prime MinisterAbe 20150702 The cover of the magazine of “ The World in 2015" which released in this January includes a cartoon of ”the small four-propeller drone” . And there is not Prime Minister Abe at a glance.But I noticed a few days ago that "the man who was operated on the lobotomy " with goggles standing behind President Obama and General Secretary XI Jinping is Prime Minister Abe.I think that Prime Minister Abe may be threatened by US Military industry so that he causes Japan-China War.Politician Abe went up as high as to the Prime Minister but he seems to suffer .
Prime Minister Abe is not going to listen to citizens' voices at all.I think I will be assassinated one day by Prime Minister Abe.However, God often tries to stop my heart and breathing in order to threaten me if I am going to stop resistance activity.Although God would be going to save the human race, God is not going to save me. It is reality.I don't want to live a long life very much, and I must go ahead.
At least we must improve reality that Prime Minister Abe is threatened by US military industry. If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, the United States and Russia are reconciled with each other because the power of Dick Cheney weakens, and the situation of Prime Minister ABe will be improved by all means. Please really hurry a U.S.-Russia settlement.
I judge that current CIA does not expect Japan-China War, but I think that some US military affairs industry threaten Prime Minister Abe to cause Japan-China War.I can imagine the pains of the Prime Minister.I can say only this clearly. Dick Cheney is the scum of humanity.

Artist: Matt Pokora
Lyrics: Plus haut
We who is one of human race must build "the kingdom of the peace for 1000 years" .
We must make a right decision to believe the good persons.
President Obama restores the high approval rating and shows the bright results now such as "the approval of TPA" , "the diplomatic normalization with Cuba", and "the decrease of the unemployed persons" .
President Obama's challenge is like long-distance marathon.I was convinced since 4 years ago that President Obama showed many grand achievements by overcoming adverse circumstances.
President Obama. Please love this Japan forever and ever.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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