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05-19-2015UNHCR_Yemen.jpg The United Nations declared on July 1 Yemen continuing a dispute faced "the humanitarian crisis of the worst level" and 21 million people equal to 80% of the population need humanitarian support. Al Jazeera reported it.
The United Nations official stated that the humanitarian crisis of Yemen was it in the most serious emergency of "level 3" which may develop to the large-scale famine in a statement.
The support supplies of the United Nations seem to arrive to Yemen, but all the countries of the world do not seem to be able to transport food by air because several aerial bombardment of Saudi Arabia still continues in each place of Yemen.

Will the military authorities of Saudi Arabia go out of control?
If his majesty the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud decided a cease-fire , the Saudi Arabian military authorities should follow instructions of his Majesty.
On Wednesday, a Saudi Arabian billionaire, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, announced he would donate his $32bn (£20bn) fortune to charity over the coming years. The decision, he said, had been motivated by his life-long commitment to helping to build a “more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world for generations to come”.
$32bn (£20bn)!!!!!!Oh......an inconceivable occurrence....There's no comparison between Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Masayoshi Son of President of Softbank.It is the same price enough that Greece can pay back all debt of Greece in full.
Probably I think that the great prince Alwaleed bin Talal has a noble spirit.If I have $32bn, what do I do?Ummmm....If I have $32bn,I want to let an eel become gigantic with water including a lot of the ozone and want to test whether it becomes the Nessie. I always think the Nessie may be the female eel which became gigantic just during pregnancy.What should I give feed to this Nessie? If I feed many whales and dolphins to Nessie, I will be scolded by Greenpeace.Ummmm.... Enormous amount of dog food is better ?Oh....well....Who feeds enormous amount of dog food to Nessie?It's me?Ummmmm...It is too dangerous.Because I am a poor person, I have no idea how to spend the money of $32bn .
But I can understand how great person Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is!!! I can't do the same if I have $32bn.
I would like to hope that the great Prince Alwaleed bin Talal would buy the many food for Yemen people from a part of the property of $32bn and would send the food to Yemen people.Even if the Saudi Arabian armed forces are out of control now if the great Saudi Arabian prince sends food to Yemen, all Saudi Arabian soldiers will stop an aerial bombardment during a cease-fire,I think.
There is the history that many children of Okinawa starved to death by Okinawa War of World War II.Yemen's war saddens me as much as if it were my own affair.
Yemen has for a long time been kept unstable and backward relying on Saudi Arabia for aid and providing cheap labour throughout the GCC countries. Slavery is still widespread hence by the high poverty and chaos.Sadly Yemen is a battle ground for Saudi Arabia and Iran or USA and Al-Qaeda.It's location on the Red Sea is another problem with unstable Somalia across the channel weapons easily get smuggled in Yemen .So this chaos becomes worse.
I think that Saudi Arabia looks down upon Yemen too much.In World War II, the former Japan forces often did the Lynch murder in an island of Okinawa of the minority race if Okinawa citizens escaped from a militaristic meeting of neighborhood associations.Saudi Arabia's soldiers have the same feeling as former Japan forces to Okinawa citizens.
However, it is natural that the imperial family would be a symbol of peace.
240000 people died by the Okinawa war, there were more war deads of Okinawa in Okinawa island than Hiroshima(140000) and Nagasaki(73884) by each atom bomb.It is around 100000 Okinawa's war deads whom U. S. forces killed. However, the former Japan forces killed nearly 140000 Okinawa's citizens by "group Lynch for doubting them as the spy" , "forcing the group self-determination" and "suicide bombings". At the very beginning, the babies and the small children who hid in the stalactite cave starved to death by the Okinawa war .The Okinawa war began on March 26, 1945 in World War II, and the organized battle was finished on June 23.In Yemen, an aerial bombardment began on March 26 of this year accidentally,but Yemeni civil war is not over by June 23 of "Ireinohi" which is the day of the memorial service of Okinawa.I think that Yemeni children begin to starve to death in last June.And now is in July.I'm worry about Yemeni children as much as if it were my own affair.Yemeni children are thinner whenever I watch the photograph of Yemeni children.My chest hurts.
The manner that Saudi Arabian soldiers look down on Yemen makes me remember about the reign of terror of the former Japan forces of the Okinawa war.
If the great noble Saudi Arabian prince would send food to Yemen, the image of Saudi Arabia will improve very much.The Saudi Arabian imperial family has the noble persons,but War dehumanizes soldiers.
By words of the racial discrimination, the human being cannot deceive a human being forever.
They are the same human beings and they are not the beasts.They are the same human beings.
Even if many soldiers are told as if an enemy were terrorists, the real terrorists are soldiers of the terrible war, and we must realize that war is terrorism itself.

However, I think that Dick Cheney who made ISIL aims at both oil fields between Saudi Arabia and Iran .If war of Yemen will be prolonged, ISIL may purchase several nuclear weapons from Pakistan, and I suppose that Dick Cheney himself plans ISIL's public execution of the royal family and the super-wealth.
Because a cease-fire come true with much effort of UN, "Saudi Arabia and Iran" and "both Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi and the Yemeni leader Shia Houthi Ansarullah" should do a peace negotiation.
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