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A Letter of President Obama

Dear Sir,
President Obama

I wrote this blog on July 7,2015.
I read the article that President Obama would have pointed to the more than 5000 air strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria and new regions like North Africa.I respect the great US President who would fight bravely as the head of American people.Dick Cheney who has made ISIL is the root of all evil.
China has the terrible plot to let this Japan ruin and to restrict family of Japan's Emperor in order to execute them in Beijing for more than 40 years.
Thanks to the Great President Obama, the big-name politician who is called Ichiro Ozawa who China supported ” lost his own post in Japan's political world. The internal disturbance plan of Ozawa was prevented, and the family of the Emperor was protected by good will of the great President Obama.
But China prepare the another terrible plot of the execution of the family of Japan's Emperor .That is China's plot Phase 2.Dick Cheney who is a Chinese spy is going to cause Japan-China War . And Dick Cheney tries to obtain a vast profit by his own military affairs industry.
Nipponkaigi's policy is satisfied by the radical violent remarks to target at China in order to make revising the constitution come true . 15 people belong to Nipponkaigi among 19 cabinet ministers of the Abe Cabinet. Because Prime Minister Abe had adhered with Dick Cheney, I doubt that Dick Cheney might have participated in producing of the policy of Nipponkaigi in order to cause Japan-China War.Yes it is. Dick Cheney desires to bring Japan to defeat by Japan-China War and after all intends to execute family of the Emperor in Beijing.
The revision of the Constitution draft which the Liberal Democratic Party prepares is composed by the laws to rush into a military regime and a reign of terror. The Liberal Democratic Party deletes the fundamental human rights from the revision of the Constitution draft.
Prime Minister Abe changes a manner by each partner like a chameleon, but Prime Minister Abe has not yet abandoned an ambition to become a dictator.Prime Minister Abe might buy a lot of American government bonds, but wise President Obama should not be deceived by Prime Minister Abe.
Both Japanese bill of National Secret Bill and right of collective self-defense may be necessary for Japan-US Alliance but it isn't necessary for Japan to become a monster such as Nazis.
1.I would like to hope President Obama would pressure Prime Minister Abe to receive the draft amendment which I suggest without forcing steamrollering of the draft law within the end of July .
Abe Cabinet should receive a draft amendment of a National Secret Bill before accepting the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group.
In "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group", Japan should introduce the item for all the cabinet ministers to obey penal servitude less than three years and the item for all the cabinet ministers to pay the fine that is less than 10 million yen if Cabinet rushes into a military regime or a reign of terror.
Prime Minister Abe should do the full-scale abolition of the Musashi computer which can tamper with the number of the votes in all metropolis and districts.Misashi ccomputer is just the symbol of the fascism and the militarism.
Please deploy troops of U. S. forces in Tokyo so that family of the Emperor can take refuge in Hawaii by the helicopters of U. S. forces anytime if I am assassinated.
I would like to hope the United States and Russia, would be reconciled with each other for world peace as soon as possible.The American enemy is not Russia. The American enemy is Dick Cheney.Dick Cheney is China's big spy.
If Prime Minister Abe appoints "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" as the national secret, Prime Minister Abe can perform a reign of terror such as the plenty Nazi Administration.
2 draft amendments of both of the National Secret Bill and "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" are necessary.
2.If President Obama would threaten Prime Minister Abe by 3 scandal information of Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Abe will obey to President Obama.
1. Prime Minister Abe purchased American plutonium which Cheney sold under cover secretly, and Prime Minister Abe was going to let the technical experts produce several nuclear weapon illegally in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and a fast reactor critical experiment device (FCA) of Tokai-village, Ibaraki.
2. Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant is is a nuclear reprocessing plant with an annual capacity of 800 tons of uranium or 8 tons of plutonium.
In this Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant there is a rumor that the technical experts produce several nuclear weapon illegally.
3. There is the rumor that Prime Minister Abe intends to abduct a Japanese woman by dictatorial powers of Japanese bill of National Secret Bill and he was going to make her become his own sex slave in an imprisonment room of the official residence.
Prime Minister Abe was the super playboy when he was young. Prime Minister Abe thinks about a woman only as if all women were his own tools.Prewar the extreme right wing was constructed by the right wing's politicians and many yakuza. And many yakuza abducted a lot of Japanese women in Tohoku area before the Russo-Japanese War and World War II and sold them off in Europe and prepared for a vast military fund for the extreme right wing .Prime Minister Abe is the famous member of Nipponkaigi of the extreme right wing which is the same as prewar.
ffdb220d.jpg When Prime Minister Abe declared by the Lower House election of 2012 , he coaxed a farm co-op as if Prime Minister Abe prevented TPP . And he recaptured the government . However, Prime Minister Abe silenced Banzai chairperson of the farm co-op by Banzai's woman scandal information after becoming the Prime Minister, and Prime Minister Abe dismantled the organization of the farm co-op.Prime Minister Abe is the person who awfully deceives a person.Two pieces of following posters were the campaign posters which the Liberal Democratic Party used in 2012. How would President Obama think it seem to be written in these campaign posters?
We are against negotiations participation in TPP.
We object to TPP negotiations participation as far as they do tariff elimination without the sanctuary.
We do not tell a lie.We object to TPP decidedly.We do not move slightly.
The Liberal Democratic party.
Notwithstanding , President Obama,can you believe Prime Minister Abe?No,no,no.....
I would like to hope that President Obama would threaten Prime Minister Abe with 3 scandals so that Prime Minister Abe receives 2 draft amendments of both of the National Secret Bill and "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group".
3.I would like to hope that The Obama Administration would pressure "Japan Innovation Party" to submit the new draft amendment which adopted ‘2 my draft amendments of both of the National Secret Bill and "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group"' to Japan Innovation Party newly.
If Hashimoto Osaka mayor ,Matui Osaka governor and Yorihisa Matuno representative can meet Caroline Kennedy Ambassador in the U.S. Embassy of Tokyo, I think they will be delighted.
4.If "Japan Innovation Party" can let the Abe Administration receive the new draft amendment which adopted `my draft amendments of both of the National Secret Bill and "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group"' successfully, I would like to hope the Obama Administration would support enactment of Japan's casino bill to support casino construction of Osaka positively until this December.
5. I would like to hope that Caroline Kennedy Ambassador would express the suggestion in the Japanese Embassy of Tokyo to 3 persons of "Japan Innovation Party".
I will fight to let Dick Cheney lose his position.
This is a fight to protect the great President Obama.
If Dick Cheney loses its position, President Obama will be wrapped in glory by all means.
Please cooperate with me.
Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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