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The peace

I read an article that Iran nuclear talks deals reached.I would hear that President Obama would hail step toward 'more hopeful world'.The situation of Cold War continued among the United States and Iran while more than ten years, and I always feared when it developed into World War 3.But Iran and six major world powers reached a nuclear deal on Tuesday, capping more than a decade of negotiations with an agreement that could transform the Middle East.
We should recognize this agreement as a splendid achievement in the history.
If World War 3 may begin, Japan would be ruined at the very beginning.I thank all people who participated in the nuclear talk for the peace from the bottom of my heart.
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I hope that the Middle East will become peaceful by degrees in future.Although both Presidents have the internal affairs that each has difficult problems, it is very magnificent President Obama and President Rouhani have compromised together for peace .
The assassination attempt case of President Obama occurred sometimes, and the news of an insult and the slander for President Obama were severe because US arms industry wanted to fight against Iran.President Obama overcomes it bravely. President Obama has the great spiritual strength.I wrote many letters to the White house and I often appealed to President Obama about the fact that Japan would be ruined at the very beginning if World War 3 may begin .I think that President Obama who prevented World War 3 is far more wonderful than ex President Lincoln.I am sincerely grateful that I am able to live in the same time with you.
The anti-Americanism power of Iran was serious, too.They are rich persons who hold existing profit profit and loss in even severe economic sanctions, and they expected war against the United States.President Rouhani led the future of the country peacefully patiently and protected Iran not to enter into World War 3.Because the personality of President Rouhani is superior, he was able to accomplish this great achievement.I am sincerely grateful that I am able to meet you in my heart.
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali_Khamenei is very superior in the ability to analyze the international situation and is very wise.It is difficult to protect a nation only by loving country blindly.And loving blindly is not the true love.Once again I genuinely appreciate your consideration of Supreme Leader of Iran Ali_Khamenei for the world's peace.
brave men 2015 07 15 The people who did peaceful negotiations directly are great brave persons.Their patience and wisdom are really superior.Their effort to avoid World War 3 is holy.I think that they are people who were chosen by God.God would not expect World War 3.God would expect the world's peace.They are so wonderful that I cannot express it with words.They proved that the human race could evade World War 3.I sincerely would like to give my gratitude for your peaceful negotiations.
Today's morning sun was beautiful. My room was dyed by orange light of morning sun and I feel God would bless the earth.Oh, Heaven bless you! I hope that you are showered with a lot of happiness.I will do prayer of the morning from now.
Oh God...thank you very much..
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