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Please be careful not to drink the vodka too much.

Acamprosato-Campral.jpg Hi,MORGULOV,do you want Campral?
MORGULOV Igor Vladimirovich Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs insisted the Kremlin does not mean to talk about the issue of northern territories .
By his stupid remark , many Japanese companies may give up the tie-up of Russia or many Japanese companies may withdraw from Russia.His stupid remark will bring Russia the loss of the several billions of yen unit(9,994,040,000RUBRUB x α).
There are many Russian politicians who do not notice the greatest reason not to develop economy of Russia too much though Russia has abundant energy resources.
That is....
The human being cannot work with the untrustworthy person.
The factor that Japan without energy resources became the major economic power of the third place of the world is because the Japanese makes products of good quality and Japanese businessmen always try to keep each promise properly.
Japan and Russia continue talks of the issue of northern territories for several years.
If Japan is implicated in Russian scheme to defraud many funds from Japan,and if Russia only pretends to talk about the issue of northern territories until now, Japan should give up the future of Russia economy .
President Putin made a remark surely that Russia might return half of Etorofu and Kunashir island, Habomai island, and Shikotan island.For Sakhalin project, President Putin's own lip service might have gone too far .But many Japanese citizens love President Putin.I want to think that MORGUL is alcohol poisoning.
And I want to say clearly,"It is always Russian people to spoil the future of the economy of Russia."
If Japan stops exporting the parts of semiconductors and the LCD screens to China even if Russia is going to strengthen economic cooperation with China, the China's economy collapses.Because Chinese personality is rough, the Chinese people cannot make a precision instrument of good quality.Most of the semiconductors of the household appliance or most of the semiconductors of the car which made in China are made in Japan.
Because China already established AIIB in order to collapse the U. S. dollar , and because China is building reclaimed lands in the territorial waters of other countries to make a military base , the economic sanctions for China will be applied one day soon.If China sells the vast numerical American government bonds in order to let American government bonds slump, Japan buys it up and protects the United States.
On the other hand, in Russia,the infrastructure maintenance of the Nakhodka Port and Vladivostok Port is late, and Vladivostok does not have ability to receive Siberian Railroad.Without cooperation of Japan, Vladivostok will never develop like Singapore.
Russia should not underestimate the Japanese samurai spirits. Aozora will warn Russia would be damaged seriously if Russia would forget Japan is the Samurai's country.
Hey MORGULO!!Click Samurai. You will surely be paralyzed with fear.Hahahahaha
Because Japan contributed support 300 million dollars to the Ukrainian government, the Kremlin may be angry.However, almost of the Japanese citizens get angry about it.Abe Administration was decided to cut off money of house support of the people who evacuated to other prefectures voluntarily from Fukushima in the spring of the year after next.Although the Ukrainian government never restrain the right wing sector which tortures many citizen and slaughters, why will Japan provide money of support in Ukraine?The internal disturbance in Ukraine ends if the Ukrainian government accept federal system.Because house support was canceled, many mothers of the refugees of Fukushima shed tears. At least Japan's government should help the refugees of Fukushima far more than the Ukrainian government which never accept federal system,I think.
However the best solution is that Russia makes peace with the United States.If Russia makes peace with the United States,the Ukrainian government can't but accept federal system.
Because Japan makes an effort to arbitrate the United States and Russia, Russia should choose the best method to be reconciled with the United States each other.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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