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Japan should read something messages from President Putin

Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev(center) and
MORGULOV Igor Vladimirovich Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs(right side)
Nikolai Patrushev Secretary of the Security Council of Russia stays in Japan now, and he talked together with Yachi Japan's national security chief of the bureau at Prime Minister's official residence on September 24 today. They exchanged opinions by the issue of northern territories or a President visit to Japan.Nikolai Patrushev told the Japanese media, "I can't meet with Prime Minister Abe yet." and did not clarify the details.
I think that Nikolai Patrushev always keep a straight face as if he put on an iron mask .If Nikolai said to Yachi Japan's national security chief of the bureau that Japan is a defeated nation,Prime Minister Abe never meet Mr.Patrushev.
Prime Minister Abe suffers from severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology in these days, and Prime Minister Abe is detested by many Japanese citizens because Prime Minister Abe forced to have made House of Councilors approve a law to start the war . Besides, the stock slumps these days. Prime Minister Abe is very in a bad mood now.
I think that at the first, any Japanese do not want to see a man putting on the terrible iron mask.Besides, behind the terrible iron mask man, MORGUL who is alcohol poisoning with vodka goes with an iron mask man.
September 21 was a birthday of Prime Minister Abe, but would the Russian Embassy have sent any celebration message card and a bouquet of roses to Prime Minister Abe?In addition,September 21 was the memorial day of prime minister holding the office for 1000 days.
If they would send a bouquet of purple roses which is written as " celebration 61 years old & celebration 1000 days & celebration Anpo" to the Prime Minister official residence and if both of "the iron mask man" and "an alcoholic man" can smile a little more lovely , I am convinced that Prime Minister Abe will meet them.They may have an autograph letter of President Putin.
But I want to say clearly to the great Russia...........
Though Russia cheated many Japanese companies to seize 3 trillion yen(US$25,029,000,000:RUB1,663,191,000,000) in Far East forum, Russia is too narrow-minded if Russia does not return even two small small islands such as the millet seeds to Japan.It cannot be profitable in a deserted poor area like Vladivostok which does not hold the proper railroad service.
It is unreasonable for "Russia receiving funds more than 15 times of the support of Ukraine from Japan" to criticize "Japan's support to Ukraine".Do not multiply words if Russia received huge money from Japan.It upsets me to have to listen to the same thing over and over again.Can't Russians know only a word such as the defeated nation to Japan?If it is the true,I can't but feel Russian people are not intellectual.In the long history a country sometimes defeated and sometimes won.Russian people should know the reality of poor economy of Russia.Russia is defeated in the battle of the global economy to Japan. It is reality.
"Russia has already the Crimea!!!! Ah?Are you embarrassingly stingy???"
If Japan gives at all, Japan always give willingly, without grudging.Japan is the beautiful Samurai's country. All Russians should be gentlemen like Samurai.The grasping old misers are not beautiful....
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