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Role of arbitrator between U. S.-Russia

20151008-OYT1I50028-L.jpg "Shinsuke Sugiyama who was Japan's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (right side)" and " Morgulov Igor Vladimirovich who was Russia's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs" exchanged the handshake before foreign affairs vice-minister grade discussion among Japan and Russia in Moscow.
They talked about a territorial problem more than seven hours, but there was not progress at all, and the schedule of the visit to Japan of President Putin was not fixed concretely, too.
They thought together that it was no use pleading because they'll never have given in. The effort will be never wasted. They strongly reaffirmed the importance of continuing the policy consultations based on the equal partnerships.
But "Shinsuke Sugiyama who was Japan's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs should recognize the new role of Japan.That is the role of arbitrator between U. S.-Russia.Of course it is necessary for the Japanese Government to strongly recognize the new role.But everything does not progress at all even if Japan pays attention to only at hand profit. It is necessary for Japan to recognize a new role of Japan.
If the United States and Russia are not reconciled each other, the civil war in Syria does not terminate. If Saudi Arabia and Iran are not reconciled each other , the civil war in Yemen never terminates.It is only one way of Japan for surviving to arbitrate faithfully.
Dick Cheney20131017 I think that the power of Dick Cheney in the American military authorities is too powerful although Dick Cheney is the human scum.CIA should abandon Dick Cheney who is an pervert of the old man.
Dick Cheney makes ISIL and lets Japan approve a right of group self-defense and intends to deploy the Japan's army in the battle on the front line to fight against ISIL and intends to seize "every oil field among Saudi Arabia and Iran" in the midst of the confusion, and intends to cause Japan-China War if the Japanese Self-Defense Forces becomes totally being destroyed in order to make the huge profit on a transaction on his own military affairs industry.
I think Dick Cheney will receive the huge bribery very much from China. Dick Cheney is a Chinese spy. He loves nothing and of course thinks extinction of Japan to be pleasant. On the contrary, own money-making is first priority than the United States of his mother country which may be ruined.
Hey!!!Cheney.There is a saying in Japan which goes “Do your best and let the heavens do the rest”.I declare that my love for the mother country Japan wins against your plot .
Money is not the all in this world.
The ugly things are not the all in this world.
China established AIIB in order to collapse the U. S. dollar.China reclaims land in the territorial waters of other countries to make the military bases to monopolize Southeastern Asian marine Oil and marine natural gas.
The United States should be reconciled with Russia quickly and should restrain China strongly.
Therefore,CIA should abandon Dick Cheney who is an pervert of the old man and a China's spy.

習近平国連演説China forced the devaluation of "China's yuan".The amount of payment of "China's yuan" increased to double.The international trade balance of the "China's yuan" got the fourth place by the world ranking.There are some persons insisting that "China's yuan" overtook Japanese Yen at the first time in the history by the international trade balance.However, this is not the very happy thing for China.Even if "China's yuan" overtook Japanese Yen by the international trade balance , a difference of the poverty and wealth enlarges in China by the devaluation of "China's yuan".Because the dissatisfaction of China's citizens reaches the peak for a long time as for the currency manipulation, it may be a factor to cause an internal disturbance in China.
I judge that China weakens by unreasonable currency manipulation more and more. Japan should stop making much of a profit of the vulture fund rather than devoting Japan itself for raising the stock prices.
Japan should stabilize economy so that both "small and medium enterprises" and the export industry can work in a good balance by aiming "10000 yen of the stock prices average" and 1 dollar 100 yen.
The devaluation of "China's yuan" is only a fake or only an illusion.
Nobody heard the speech of Xi Jinping at the United Nations.Even if the speech of Prime Minister Abe wasn't popular , too,Japan's Prime Minister's speech isn't popular at the United Nations every year.As for world's each head of state, because they want to talk with President Obama and President Putin if possible, they want to skip a class to hear the speech of the Japanese Prime Minister.However, the reason why a large number of head of state escaped from hearing a speech of the Chinese head of state is that they give up China's economy.

Japan should stop the export of semiconductors to China in order to apply economic sanctions against China. Because it is a weak point that China is not good at making a precision instrument, the China's economy will receive heavy damage by all means.
On the other hand,Japan should cooperate with US auto industry and Japan should work on joint development of America of "the general technique which includes design, the part production and production engineering" so that the Japanese semiconductor should be introduced into the American cars.

"TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) which was the biggest trade deal in a generation " would affect 40% of world economy, and US Congress and other world lawmakers agreed in summary of TPP on October 5.
Japan gets most of auto parts from the outside of the area of TPP such as "China Indonesia and Thailand which are the cheap cost".
The procurement ratio to procure parts from within Asia will be around 40%. On the other hand, the procurement ratio to procure parts from within Canada, Mexico and the United States of America in the level of NAFTA is 62.5% which is extremely high . Japan finally agreed in 55%, but Japan comes to have to move "the considerable areas to procure parts" to TPP area.
Therefore I pay attention to Navajo Nation within USA.
navajo.jpg In the Navajo Nation of the township of the American Indians , "the customs of the a barter economy" are still left and the personnel expenses are low while the Navajo Nation is desert zone, and there are a petrochemical complex and "the San Juan river which is the largest river traveling through Navajo Nation" , and energy resources are abundant.The major rail road is outside the Southern part of the Navajo Nation is between Albuquerque, New Mexico thur gallup, New Mexico to Fladstaff, Arizona.The rail road transportation of coal is about 8 mile east of Navajo capital Window Rock, Arizona.
If a railroad station will be established in Window Rock city which is the metropolis of the Navajo land , and if the train of the Limited Express will stop at Window Rock city of the Navajo land, the Navajo land is effective as a construction place of the factories of the parts of automobiles and the factories of the semiconductors of the joint development between Japan and USA.
I think that the development project of Navajo Nation can attract investment from the world.President Obama can provide each house to many homeless people by building the high-rise apartment in Navajo Nation.These infrastructure business provides many jobs to American many unemployed people.
And for improvement of soil pollution and the water pollution which is caused by the digging of the petrochemical complex in Navajo Nation, if the Obama Administration raises investment in the world'S companies, because there is the big possibility that profit matches the development of the town, the Obama Administration can collect much investment capital.
If the U. S. Government appoints not only Navajo Nation but also the other American Indian townships which have each big river and the petrochemical complex as the special economic zone , it may develop greatly as the new town and will make the economy of USA revive.My suggestion is effective for the United States and Japanese both sides.
The seeds which have the big chance for reviving American economy already exist in the American continent and the seeds are waiting for President Obama in the desert area.
I want to open the door in order to avoid Japan-China War by a collaborative relationship of the auto industry.
Because personnel expenses in China rose, there is already no merit in China. Japan should withdraw all of Japan's ODA business in China and, Japan should provide ODA business in the townships of the American Indians which have a petrochemical complex and the big river.
If the township of the American Indian develops, because it is connected directly with revival of the economy of USA, the investment in township of the American Indian is more profitable than Myanmar.
Navajo indian The United States should review the real value of the American minority race. Because President Lincoln carried out the genocide of the American Indian, the people of the American Indian identify Lincoln with Hitler.President Lincoln connived tacitly to a bargain sale of the human flesh of many American Indians burnt to death.
I feel like my heart is going to break every time whenever I hear the sad history of the American Indians because I have the blood of the minority race of Okinawa in me. Japan's textbook about the world's history never talk about the miserable history of the American Indians at all.People of the American Indians prefer "a title of the American Indian" to "native American". Even in such a simple thing, many Americans ignore their thought.
The former Japan forces slaughtered many Okinawa citizens, but the terrible persecution that the American Indians received from almost American people is much more pitiful.
If President Obama would appoint "Navajo Nation which has the rich energy resources and cheap personnel expenses " as the special economic zone, and if President Obama expands the railroad to "Window Rock city which is the metropolis of the Navajo land", USA can invite many factories into "Navajo Nation" from the foreign countries.And I am convinced that President Obama will be valued high far more than President Lincoln.

The economic policy which is the corporate strategy as the huge market of 1300 million Chinese people must be ended soon. The population of Russia is 143, 500, 000 people, and the population of India is 1, 252 million. Not only Japan but also USA should shift change a huge market from China to Russia which has cheap energy resources and India which has cheap personnel expenses.
It is necessary to change a huge market into India and Russia from China if TPP will be concluded soon . If there is a new market, TPP succeeds.
For economic maintenance and the growth of Japan's economy, Japan is relying in foreign capital. Including the direct investment from the foreign countries, the sightseeing promotion from the foreign countries and export promotion, Japan cannot ignore India and Russia which are the huge market of 1300 million people.It is the same situation for the United States.Japan and the United States should give up to China's economy.

CIA and US military industry should realize that "the plan that ISIL seizes all oil fields of the Saudi Arabia and Iran" comes to a deadlock.The Apocalypse foretells extinction of China, and Nostradamus foretells extinction of ISIL. The fate of the earth does not always move according to some human greed.Because we are standing at the turning point of the Apocalypse now, we had better live closer to each other under the fate of the earth .
The times of Satanists will be over soon. Most Satanists hope that God would help each soul of Satanists last.There are "so many testimonies that Satanists can't call the demon in a devil ceremony" .In other words, satanists cannot revive as a clone by the power of the devil anymore because satanists cannot make their own souls move to the new clone's core because of being impossible to call the devil anymore in a devil ceremony.This is classification by God that the Bible foretold.
20151005.jpg Prime Minister Abe who is rushing into the military regime is threatened by the Cheney's group of CIA , and I think that Prime Minister Abe lives in interval among his patriotism and his own ambition. The all of a human being of Prime Minister Abe is not evil. "The reason why Prime Minister Abe refused to accept Syrian refugees" is that Syrian refugees include some members of ISIL. Prime Minister Abe protected Japanese citizens from terrorism of ISIL. Though Prime Minister Abe is said by the magazine of "Nikkan Gendai" and newspaper of Tokyo Shimbun, Ryukyu Shinpo and Okinawa Times now as if Prime Minister Abe were evil, but I think that all of Prime Minister Abe's soul isn't made from evil even if it may be sure that Prime Minister Abe is not a good person..
At least the world's people should make the effort to leave from the cages of the wicked Dick Cheney.
And Japan must ascertain a position of Japan where Japan should stand .The true enemy of President Obama is Dick Cheney. The true enemy of President Putin is Dick Cheney,too.So it is possible for Japan to arbitrate the United States and Russia.

Almost Japanese citizens feel that Russia canceled an alliance with Japan suddenly for last years of World War II, and almost Japanese citizens feel Russia took Kuril Islands away from Japan by force.However, it is wrong history recognition. Our understanding of that is incorrect.
The former Japan forces forced the situation that was more terrible than current ISIL on the people of the colonies. There is not any countries which establish the alliance with ISIL. It was a right judgment for Russia to have canceled an alliance with Japan in the war .
The Russian citizens were slaughtered in a 731 corps by experiment on each human body, and those Russian citizens died in despair.Because the former Japan forces were too brutal people, it was necessary for Russia to restrain Japan. Therefore Russia took Kuril Islands away from Japan.
However, the barbaric act that the former Soviet Union soldiers did to Japanese women was the act of the brutal person.

If Russia insists that Japan is a defeated nation, I think Japan will refute that just Russia is a defeated nation in war of the world economy.If Russia insists that the former Japan forces were brutal people, Japan will refute that the former Soviet Union forces were brutal people.
Everything will not progress even if they only promise the continuation discussion and even if they talked about such the 2 topics for seven hours .

1.I would like to hope to suggest that Japan should pay each moving charge for Russian inhabitants who live in Shikotan Island or Habomai Island to Etorofu Island or Kunashiri Island .
2.In addition, I would like to hope to suggest that Japan should pay the construction expense of each new house of Russian inhabitants who live in Shikotan island and Habomai Island.
3.If Japan offers the apology for the late Russians in a 731 corps to Russia, and if Russia would want to invite many Japanese companies into Russia,Russia should forgive war crimes of Japan.
It is because the former Soviet Union forces were considerably bad, too.
4.The U. S. Government seems to offer plea bargaining to Snowden, but Russia should hand over Snowden to Japan by stopping protecting him because Japan must move the base of the economy in Russia and India from China, and Russia should make concessions to Japan a little bit.
5.If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, it is profitable for Russia in the problem of ISIL because the power of Dick Cheney will be weaken by all means.
The relation between U. S. and Russia became worst by the information that Russia bombed the base of the Syrian anti-government troop now.On the other hand,the Russian side insists that Russia bombed a stronghold of ISIL.
I don't know which side says the truth. I think that the Syrian civil war never be finished unless Syria is divided to the north and south because there is Russian naval facility in Tartus in Syria.
Each side should destroy ISIL in each domain after having divided Syria to the north and south and they had better fight against ISIL individually.
We should advance positively.
Dick Cheney chuckles to himself because Japan and Russia are deadlocked.
In order to knock out Dick Cheney,Japan and Russia must open the door .
Let's charge to the other side of the door.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

歌手:Yellow Generation




突き破れ 扉の向こうへ



突き進め 扉の向こうへ

ここにある全てeven so

突き破れ 扉の向こうへ

突き進め 扉の向こうへ

突き進め 扉の向こうへ
Singers:Yellow Generation
Title:To the other side of the door

We’re still shouting now

As if ascertaining it, you gripped your right hand
Go break the annoying law
If your legs are so wounded that they need rest
Then just take one step forward from here

We’re pushing through the twisted wind
and outrunning the cold sky
And yet, we’re still wandering

We’re shouting all the time
Just continuing to believe isn’t the answer
If we don’t expose our weaknesses and wounds
and keep on struggling, nothing will start
So break through to the other side of the door

The society is intertwined by intricate problems
So kick away the irritating reality
If you feel depressed by the defamation and slander
Then come clean about your interests and desires

We’ll drown out the chaotic noise
Shake off the apathetic gaze
And continue from now to the next stage

We’re searching all the time
Our accelerated speed can’t be changed
If we don’t hold on to our strength and determination
and keep on running, there won’t be a future
So push forward to the other side of the door

Even if the pride we held up high was a mistake
Even if ideals we envisioned began to crumble
Even if we were lied to by everything here
I’m sure we’d still be here

We’re still shouting now
Just continuing to believe isn’t the answer
If we don’t expose our weaknesses and wounds
and keep on struggling, nothing will start
So break through to the other side of the door

We’re searching all the time
Our accelerated speed can’t be changed
If we don’t hold on to our strength and determination
and keep on running, there won’t be a future
So push forward to the other side of the door

To the other side of the door



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