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I love this cat.

The ability that this cat permits a pigeon is great.
"The human beings in industrial militarily" who intend to cause civil wars or World War iii in order to pile up vast wealth" should learn what the love for creature is from this cat." Because Dick Cheney and Brzezinski always threaten somebody, if they were in cat's place, they will threaten this pigeon "Do you want to be barbecued in Bohemian Grove?!!!".

Awwww...At least this cat is a proper existence to win Nobel Peace prize far more than Myanmar's Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi.
A method to stop persecution of Rohingya people as is to let Myanmar visit the Dalai Lama.The Dalai Lama will talk about dignity of the life to all Myanmar Buddhists, I think.Because China's economy collapses , Myanmar should make an opportunity to put more distance from China.
I think it is not good to accuse only Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi of the Nobel laureate to ask about responsibility of the persecution of the minority race .
The world's countries should move positively so that Dalai Lama visits Myanmar.

On the other hand,the revival of the Palestinian town yet has never advanced.If world countries do not participate about a concrete plan for revival of the Palestinian town positively, the Palestinian town remains ruins forever.Prime Minister Netanyahu should stop preventing the revival of the Palestinian town soon because winter comes.
Six countries among USA, the U.K., Russia, China, Germany,and France should suggest a revival plan of Palestinian town with both of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestina so that an underpass is not made secretly.

In Japan the Liberal Democratic Party's Constitution draft of revision is copied from Weimar Constitution of the Nazi Administration.The Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft intends to worsen "an emergency as specified of the People Protection Act" and "Constitution Article 98 which can invalidate the bill that is unconstitutional".By this Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft, if Prime Minister Abe declares emergency, Prime Minister Abe can arrest more than 5000 people a day.
Where is freedom and human dignity , in this law?
It was announced by Fukushima Mimpo dated March 14, 2015 that in the no-go area of Fukushima, Abe Administration would found the FEMA camping which was called the Fukushima Guardian city , but this is obviously a concentration camp in the radioactive contamination .

Ah...Who can stop Prime Minister Abe?Who can stop Japan rushing into military regime and reign of terror?

I think Prime Minister Abe preparing for such a terrible law cannot restore "human rights and the honor" of women who were forced to become sex slaves by Japan's former army in World War II.
Because Prime Minister Abe wants to become a dictator, Prime Minister Abe cannot have the natural gentleness as a human being.I can only pray to God with earnest , but nonetheless prays to God.Prime Minister Abe should notice that Japan never be able to become the United Nations permanent member unless Japan restores "human rights and the honor" of the damaged women of World War II.It is impossible that Japan becomes the United Nations permanent member unless Japan restores the human dignity of the victims of World War II even if Prime Minister Abe gives financial support in the whole Central Asia.Prime Minister Abe is going to visit Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan this week. Japan will already offer financial support of 18 billion dollars to Turkmenistan.Japan should pay to damaged women from the public purse rather than the huge money of those support for Central Asia , African foreign countries and Caribbean foreign countries.It is because the United Nations is considerably angry about this problem.

Through the video of this cat, I would like to hope heartily that "the human race stops causing war" and "peaceful society will take good care of every minority race " would be built .And I never forget the existence of victims' women of world war II.
I am a powerless human being, but I can pray to God.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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