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Dick Cheney's plan is to make "US$ and Amero and Petrodollar" the same as pieces of paper which are cut in the size of bills.

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The true enemy of U. S. forces
Amero's coin
American citizens will see many pieces of paper flying in the air in the future if CIA and American army can't notice the wicked Dick Cheney's plot. Dick Cheney's plot is to make "US$ and Amero and Petrodollar" become pieces of paper which are cut in the size of bills.
Cheney intends to make the U. S. dollar collapse by China's AIIB, and he forces the U. S. dollar to change into Amero (association of North America currency) and Petrodollar.
Amero is a common currency among "the United States , Canada and Mexico" , but a common currency fails by all means because every country tampers with "national budget and monetary's condition". The failure of euro is the good example.It is only Germany to have profited by the euro, and other EU countries suffered heavy losses.
Dick Cheney intends to make the dollar collapse by AIIB in order to cause the world financial crisis by failure of AMERO and he desires to induce it so that the world will enter into World War III.
After having let "US government bonds" cancel a debt by the win of World War 3, Dick Cheney intends to introduce "electronic money" called Petrodollar as key currencies.Because only numbers of Petrodollar will move on the computer , any deception is enabled.
However, the next plan is the most important key point for Dick Cheney.
After having changed his own assets into "China's yuan", Cheney intends to make this Petrodollar the same as pieces of paper which are cut in the size of bills.It is completion of the world rule by China. American many capitalists,high government officials ,many military officials and many American citizens lose assets and will become homeless.
So CIA and American army should abandon Dick Cheney who usurped a part of the property of UK Queen. Cheney is an untrustworthy man. It is a well-known fact.
Cheney is a man wishing to receive bribery from China rather than protecting his mother country of the United States which may collapse by China's AIIB.CIA should notice that Cheney is a traitor of USA.
If CIA and American army can't notice that Dick Cheney is a traitor of USA, the United States will be ruined by Dick Cheney and China's AIIB.
The enemy of U. S. forces is not Russia.
The enemy of U. S. forces lives in the United States.
The enemy of U. S. forces is grinning with a sleeping white cat in front of TV of his house in USA.
"Many returned soldiers from Iraq" became homeless by a bad debt of the subprime loan. "Many returned soldiers from Iraq" insist that they killed Iraqi citizens of the innocence in Iraq as if American soldiers were robbery group . And they repent that they did sex violence to Iraqi women. They were taught that the enemy were the terrorists, and "many returned soldiers from Iraq" confronted the enemy, but they insist now that a soldier of terrible war is a terrorist.
Every official of U.S. forces should feel the pain of "the returned soldiers from Iraq" and their own voice.Of course the world should know the civic pain in Iraq.The U. S. forces should compromise with Russia to end war by ISIL.And the world must support revival of Iraq.
Officials of U. S. forces should not be at the mercy of the abnormal guy like Cheney.The most important thing is thinking for oneself.
And the United States should have priority over construction of the new town of the infrastructure business in order to provide the houses to the homeless persons now.

Singers:Yellow Generation
Title:To the other side of the door
We should advance positively.
In order to knock out Dick Cheney,we must open the door .
Let's charge to the other side of the door.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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