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Japan has renounced war.

On Tuesday US declared a decision by the U. S. Navy to sail a guided-missile destroyer within 12 miles of artificial islands under construction by China in the South China Sea.
If the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers cause a stock sudden fall by a military clash of the East China Sea and they sell the stocks well, there is an opinion that the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers can obtain 700 trillion yen which is half of assets of 1400 trillion yen of Japanese postal savings.
It is necessary that Bank of Japan buys up a postal administration stock and prevents the sudden fall of the stock if a military clash happens. And Japan should prevent Japan itself from participating in a military clash among US and China even if the U. S. and China collide militarily in the East China Sea because there is not it in the territorial waters. The war renunciation is still valid.
Prime Minister Abe steamrollered "the law of the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" through the Diet against fierce opposition ,but Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is alive.
The Constitution of Japan proclaims that the Japanese people renounce war forever.
Prime Minister Abe should make decision not to participate in the war so that Prime Minister Abe should not sell off Japanese assets .
The Central Asia foreign countries may pamper Prime Minister Abe. However, the Japanese citizens will keep a sharp watch for Prime Minister Abe after the return to your mother country.
Remember "Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is alive" Japan has renounced war..
The huge internal disturbance by the military coup d'etat happens by all means in China.Most of Chinese foreign students testify that a military coup d'etat happens soon in China.China tampers of one digit of the trade balance with the purpose of deception.The Chinese high government official accepted a bubble burst, too.Because Prime Minister Abe may become an oligarch if Japan exports weapons if a military coup of China happens, do not participate in the war.

Can you understand?Mr. sly old fox!!!!Ummm but you may resemble a raccoon rather than a fox....
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