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Remember Snowden

bataclan interieur

ISIL claimed responsibility for gunfire and blasts that targeted six sites Friday night in Paris, killing 129 people in one of Europe’s deadliest massacres in recent years.
In an online statement distributed by supporters Saturday, the terror group said eight militants wearing explosive belts and armed with machine guns attacked precisely selected areas in the French capital.
In addition to the people killed, 223 others were injured, according to the Paris Police Prefecture. More than half of them are in critical condition.
At the Bataclan, a concert hall where most of the fatalities occurred, fans were listening to American rock band Eagles of Death Metal when the blasts started. "People yelled, screamed," said Julien Pearce, a radio reporter who was there. "It lasted for 10 minutes. Ten horrific minutes where everybody was on the floor covering their head."
Gunmen hit Friday night when bars and restaurants were bustling with residents and tourists. When they stormed in, glass shattered under the rage of bullets. Excited weekend chatter turned into panicked screams.
One of the targets was near a soccer match as France played world champion Germany. Terrified fans huddled together and streamed onto the field after blasts went off.
7 terrorists are dead following the attacks on six locations in Paris and nearby areas, prosecutor's spokeswoman Agnès Thibault-Lecuivre said.The prosecutor's office said it cannot confirm whether all terrorists have been killed because it has not determined the total number of attackers. Of the eight, seven died in suicide bombings, officials said.The attackers targeted a concert hall, a stadium, restaurants and bars.
6 locations of Paris attack are Rue Bichat and Rue ALIBERT near the Soccer stadium in a northwestern suburb of Paris, Bataclan concert hall in rue voltaire(Paris 10 arrondissement),boulevard Beaumarcais(Paris 11 arrondissement) ,Rue de Charonne(Paris 11 arrondissement) ,and Rue Faidherbe(Paris 11 arrondissement).10 Paris arrondissement is full of many emigrants in the slightly dangerous area . There are many cheap restaurants of Africa and the Caribbean Sea. In 11 Paris arrondissement there are many Asian emigrants and is an area with many Asian restaurant , bars,and ateliers of craftsmen.
Terrorism is not taking place at all in Paris 7 arrondissement which is full of administrative facilities of Paris and eight arrondissement which has the Elysee palace of the Executive Office of the President .Because the guard was severe, this area might not have been targeted by the terrorists.
The Bataclan, a concert hall is a relatively small theater, and 100 people were dead here.By only 7 terrorists , 129 people were killed and 223 others were injured in Paris attack.It means that some weapons give rise to more than 352 casualties.
Who pays a salary to ISIL?
It is a group of Dick Cheney who made ISIL.

Snowden always opens several information to torment President Obama, but he never reveals Dick Cheney.
Why????? Why does Snowden never disclose any secrets of Dick Cheney???EU people,,,everyone please think!!!!
Snowden was an agent of CIA, but he is a subordinate of Dick Cheney who is a Chinese spy.
If Snowden is captured by the Obama Administration, Dick Cheney will be arrested by all means, and, both of the power of the group of Dick Cheney and the power of ISIL weaken, and it will lead that both Europe and Russia will be protected from a bloodshed case of terrorism.
The EU assembly approved a resolution to protect Snowden recently, but it is the very stupid resolution.
If President Putin would hand over Snowden to the Obama Administration directly, President Putin may be afraid that President Putin would be hated by many fans of Snowden.Therefore President Putin should hand over Snowden to Japan.Moscow will be aimed at surely by ISIL.
1.If President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly.
2.I would like to hope that the leaders in G20 would talk to make a peace constitution for Syria, Israel, and Palestine to prohibit an injustice arrest and a concentration camp.
This will push forward Middle East problems peacefully drastically.
3.I would like to hope that the leaders in G20 would talk about the concrete construction plans in order to revive Gaza without making an underpass.
4.I would like to hope that the leaders in G20 would talk about my idea that Dalai Lama can visit Myanmar to preach so that Dalai Lama stops the persecution of Rohingya people.
If the persecution of Rohingya people stops, Myanmar becomes democratic in earnest and will not turn back to the military regime.
5.I would like to hope that the leaders in G20 would promote Saudi Arabia and Iran talk to end a civil war in Yemen in order to establish the coalition government.
The human being wants to live.

Nobody hopes to be murdered when the human being dies.

The human being is born to build peaceful society.

We must build peaceful society for souls of the people dead by the war and terrorism.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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