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A minority race has the weak fate.

Ethnic Turkmen villagers
Ethnic Turkmen villagers are seen Tuesday near the northern Syrian village of Yamadi, near the border with Turkey.
Russian President Putin announced that Sukhoi 24 had been shot down to keep oil supply to Turkey by terrorist organization "ISIL" about a shooting down case of Russian plane Sukhoi 24 at a press conference on November 30.President Putin told, "the protection of Turkish Syrian people who are ethnic Turkmen people in Syria was no more than an excuse.
His point is well taken.There's a lot (of truth) in what President Putin says.
However, why do the Western countries protect Turkey? And why will the Western countries remain silent for a question of President Putin? Why will the Western countries never reply to this question of President Putin?Why is Turkey not accused by the Western countries to sell the oil that ISIL stole?
The answer is simple.It is because countries of any places hope more cheap oil.
Many human beings give priority to their own profit more than justice."The situations that neighboring human beings do not take sides with us although the other person is absolutely wrong " sometimes happen in each long life.Everybody has the same experience in each long life.As for it, President Putin is no exception, too.
But it is true that citizens of all over the world perform a standing ovation for Russia bombing the petrochemical complex of ISIL.
The Western countries and Russia and Iran should unite to destroy ISIL and should give top priority to the aerial bombardment of every petrochemical complex of ISIL.When we pursue only justice, we cannot destroy ISIL.
The strategy that Russia bombs to annihilate the petrochemical complexes of ISIL is excellent as a strategy far more than the strategy that Russia bombs ethnic Turkmen villagers of Syria.
If President Putin would stop accusing the fact that Turkey sells the oil which ISIL stole, and if President Putin receive a summit meeting of Russia and Turkey, and if President Putin annihilates all petrochemical complexes of ISIL , the Western countries support President Putin by all means, and I am convinced that President Putin can open a way of the economic sanctions cancellation.
The people of EU are frightened so much by terrorism of ISIL.If all the petrochemical complexes of ISIL are destroyed, and if Turkey can offer work to fugitive soldiers of ISIL on a condition to throw away each weapon, ISIL surely ruin by all means.The cooperation among Russia and Turkey is the most important to destruction of ISIL.
The Western countries should mediate Russia and Turkey so that Turkey side would apologize for the death of the pilots of the Russian military on a condition that the Russian military never bomb ethnic Turkmen village of Syria.
At least Çavuşoğlu Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey should apologize for the death of the pilots of the Russian military.
And if President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly.This idea can let ISIL weaken more effectively than any aerial bombardments.

Composer:Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto
(The peace that Maitreya God brings)
It is gentleness to wait.
President Putin,please understand it.
A minority race has the weak fate.
Minority races are always moved to tears by the power of the state.
President Putin,please understand it.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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