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The crisis of Syrian turkmens

Syrian Turkem
PYD-linked militia drive out 800 Syrian Turkmen from Hammam village

Syrian Turkmens Slaughtered by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Sunday, July 27, 2014.
Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said his country has expressed condolences to Russia in regards the downing of the Su-24 warplane near Turkish-Syrian border on the sidelines of a conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in the Serbian capital Belgrade.
“We have expressed sorrow and condolences in connection with the death of a Russian pilot,” Cavusoglu said after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Serbia's capital Belgraded.But the Russian foreign minister maintained that he has “heard nothing new at all” during the meeting requested by Cavusoglu, the report said.“The Turkish minister confirmed the stance that had been publicly voiced both by the president and the prime minister of Turkey,” Lavrov was cited by Interfax as saying.
Ankara maintains that the Su-24 warplane violated Turkish airspace, and was shot down on Nov. 24 after repeated warnings. Moscow denies the Turkish account — President Vladimir Putin called the downing a “stab in the back by accomplices of terrorists.” A Russian pilot, Oleg Peshkov, was shot down by militants on the ground in Syria after he bailed out of the plane.

When I read the article mentioned above, as for me, I felt that Turkey abandoned Syrian Turkmens.
Every large country is speaking out of each own intention.
Because Saudi Arabian and Russian oil fields are oil fields of self-jetting's type which begins to spring out if they dig the oil fields, each production cost is not so high and is around 3 dollars per 1 barrel.Therefore profit of Russian oil field and Saudi Arabian oil fields will be economically profitable even if 1 barrel may become 20 dollars.
The United States maintains almost share of the Cher industry. Because it crushes oil and gas accumulated in in Cher (shale) by the high water pressure and mines it, the cost is high . It is around 30 dollars per barrel at the low cost . And it may be estimated nearly 50 dollars at the high cost .Because "the interest rates" is 0 %, and because the American Cher companies sell crude oil at the high price about 60-80 dollars in forward transaction, they can sustain themselves somehow.Because the price of crude oil remains under "60 dollars per 1 barrel " for just one year, it may become 40 dollars per 1 barrel soon even if they do the forward transaction.
Because Saudi Arabian expenditure increased by the aerial bombardments in Yemen and ISIL, Saudi Arabia publishes the deficit-covering bonds, and I think that Saudi Arabia does not reduce quantity of dig of the oil.I think that the US Cher industry desires earnestly that ISIL will be ruined within this year.
Because Turkey can't easily break with ISIL, Turkey may be waiting that a smuggling oil route in Turkmen's villages is destroyed by Russian aerial bombardments .Syrian Turkmens may have been abandoned by both Western countries and Turkey and may be exposed to aerial bombardments of Russia now.
Many Syrian Turkmens were slaughtered by ISIL in last summer.And they were got out of their villages by a Kurd corps in this summer.Syrian Turkmens can defy neither ISIL nor the Kurd military unit.
Not only persisting in its own ego, but also the Turkey's Government should talk with Russia about a method to protect the lives of Syrian Turkmens.
Turkish government should make an effort to accept of refugees of Syrian Turkmens positively at least .
Russia should wait for bombing their village until temporary refuge of Syrian Turkmens is completed.
I would like to hope that the Russian military does not bomb their farms and private houses if possible.
Russia should limit it to only the major road which a tanker goes along.
The best method that I can think is that Çavuşoğlu Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey should apologize for the death of the pilots of the Russian military.He acted stubbornly without any apology for the death of the pilots of the Russian military that way only because he did not want to lose his position.The Japanese samurai sometimes performed hara‐kiri to restrain the failure of the lord.Çavuşoğlu Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey has come to look like a sly-as-a-fox's Minister who uses his position's powers to the fullest extent, to his own advantage.
Any military should keep only "scrambling of hostile aircrafts" or "the warning shot" to detain missile from attacking for the encroachment of air space in order to avoid the more trouble if the war is not beginning. Turkey should apologize if Turkey let Russian pilots have died.

Composer:Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto
(The peace that Maitreya God brings)
It is gentleness to wait.
President Putin,please understand it.
A minority race has the weak fate.
Minority races are always moved to tears by the power of the state.
President Putin,please understand it.
I saw the crisis of Syrian turkmens and remembered the Okinawa's history.
By Okinawa war in the last stage of World War II, Okinawa island became an island of the sacrifice of the blood in order to avoid mainland decisive battle of Japan.
Would Shigeru Yoshida who negotiated with the United States for the end of the war have said to the United States like this?
"Please bomb an island of Okinawa as much as you like if you hope bombing."
Oh....no...They want to live as the common human beings
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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