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If Russia makes an alliance with Armenia, NATO never helps Turkey.

Russian Su024 aircraft
Russian Su024 aircraft map
Everybody knows that any military should keep only "scrambling of hostile aircrafts" or "the warning shot" to detain missile from attacking for the encroachment of air space in order to avoid the more trouble if the war is not beginning. It is a matter of common knowledge.
But I'm convinced that somebody must have said to President Erdogan that NATO would become to save Turkey if Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft. I think that somebody insisted that NATO would support reorganization plan of Ottoman Empire.
However, will NATO help Turkey?NATO will not move in order to help Turkey even if Russia and Armenian allied force invade Turkish towns along the Armenian border because EU people loves Armenia which is Christianity country far more than Turkey .
France may insist that "Hatay Province which was occupied in 1937 by Turkey" should be returned to Syria, and the French military may invade Turkey by capitalizing on a situation in turmoil.
The Kurd corps may invade Turkey to establish a Kurdish country by capitalizing on a situation in turmoil.
If Russia makes an alliance with Armenia, NATO never helps Turkey.
The people belonging to NATO still hate former Ottoman Empire.NATO cannot work for the revival of the Ottoman Empire empire.
I think President Erdogan is deceived by the military industry of other countries.The territory of Turkey will become half if President Erdogan would want to let Ottoman Empire revive,I think.
I want to stop the World War III.
The best method that I can think is that Çavuşoğlu Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey should apologize for the death of the pilots of the Russian military and Turkey should pay compensation for damages to the Russian bereaveds.
Which of the military industries of other countries deceives President Erdogan ?
Who is Hitler?
Is he Prime Minister Netanyahu?Or is he Dick Cheney?Or is he Rumsfeld?Rumsfeld was a close friend of Saddam Hussein, but Rumsfeld executed Saddam Hussein extremely cruelly and brutally.Dick Cheney is an abnormal sadist, and he loves to torture many Middle Eastern persons among other things.President Erdogan should start out of reverie. President Erdogan should believe the better persons of sound mind.

Victory of the love
President Erdogan, do you love Türkiye Cumhuriyeti?
Very good
Let's sing a song,"Victory of the love" with me.
An ugly thing is not the all in the world.
Money and Weapon are not the all in the world.
Pure love may defeat hypocrisy in the long history.
President Erdogan.
A song from your lips .
Love in your heart.
Let's defeat Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld.
Let's blow off the wicked ill-will from Turkey by power of the love.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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