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Urban legend ? or the documentary?

saudi-arabian-artillery.jpgF. William Engdahl reported impulsively the real nature of ISIL in "a magazine called New Eastern Outlook".Please read this.
F. William Engdahl reported that the Saudi Arabian banker who was close to Saudi royal families supported Turkish President Erdoğan while providing the capital to ISIS in order to wreck shale gas industry of USA.He insisted that Saudi Arabia is considerably bad, too. The wirepuller is not only the criminal government of President Erdoğan which is behind ISIS, and wirepullers are "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is much more powerful than Turkey" and friends of the Wahhabism (Islamic fundamentalism) such as Kuwait , UAE and Qatar .
It seems to be possible to be said that "ISIS is merely the Saudi Arabian military which disguised itself .
Saudi Arabia seems to be going to seize a part of the world's largest oil reserve in Iraq and the Syrian Sunni area.
In May 2014, the MIT(President Erdoğan’s hand-picked head of the Secret Services;Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı,) transferred to ISIS terrorists in Syria, by special train, a quantity of heavy weapons and new Toyota pick-ups offered by Saudi Arabia.
Now a detailed investigation of the Turkish shoot down of the Russian SU-24 jet reveals that the Turkish F-16 jet that shot down the jet was supported by two AWACS reconnaissance planes that enabled the Turkish F-16 exact hit, a very difficult if not impossible feat against a jet as agile as the SU-24. One of the AWACS planes was a Boeing AWACS E-3A of the Saudi Arabian air force which took off from the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia airbase.
Then, as a Russian rescue helicopter rushed to the scene of the SU-24 crash, Saudi TOW anti-aircraft missiles shot the Russian helicopter down. The Saudis had sent 500 of the highly-effective TOW missiles to anti-Assad terror groups in Syria on October 9.

Is this Urban legend or the documentary?This is just the black fantasy.Oh my God!!!..

Is Saudi Arabia worse than a raccoon? What is Saudi Arabia? Is it a Brown bear?Will a Brown bear be in the desert?There are yellowish-grey Syrian brown bears in Syria.There may be Brown bears in Saudi Arabia,too.....Oh no...Oh my God!!!I think utterly that Iran is a country which has the most common sense in Middle Eastern countries.However, I can't criticize Saudi Arabia because the war crimes of Japan were terrible. However, Saudi Arabia may be wicked like the former Japan forces if F. William Engdahl's reporting is correct.
1.The Western countries and Russia and Iran should check whether a report of F. William Engdahl is right or not .
2.If Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar are wirepullers of ISIL, the ground troop must not be composed by the soldiers of these countries.
FRB cannot but implement an interest rate hike because FRB should prevent "the capital flight from the United States", otherwise US economy will ruin .Because there was not anymore the place that stored oil in the United States, the United States can't but lift the ban on the export of oil.Because it is predicted that bankruptcy of the shale gas industry and the bankruptcy of Glencore plc happen soon, I think the sudden fall of the stock prices such as Lehman shock will get up.
3.The Japanese Government should get ready so that city banks buy pension stocks and postal administration stocks, and Bank of Japan must prepare to buy them in order to protect citizens' asset.
I hear that General Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr. makes FRB and Ministry of Finance be under his control. The Bush clan is questioned, and I hear the Bush clan lost profit of the drug shipment by the legalization of the drug and lost their fund and also the power.I think U. S. forces are more likely to become independent from the warmongers.
"New healthy deal" is necessary for US economic revitalization .
"Every FEMA camp that the former Bush administration built" is built in the desert zone , and each railroad is pulled for all FEMA camps, and the United States should be able to build the new towns here.If Obama administration draw water here and plant trees in these deserts and build the new towns instead of the negative inheritances of the Bush administration, the United States economy revives.
Of course the Obama Administration should not forget Navajo Land of the American Indians in the desert zone.The Obama Administration should install a railroad in "a capital Window Rock of Navajo Land " and go ahead through the tree planting and should develop the towns.There is a petrochemical complex in Navajo Land, and it is the effective land for Japan to build the parts factories.
4.A shift of the hegemony should be completed without war.Obama administration should establish the investment fund of this project and collects funds from the world and should build the new towns here. Japan should promote this plan positively and should make many part factories there.
"The cars of local content ratio around 45%" will be provided preferential treatment to imports in TPP.
5.Japan should arbitrate the United States and Russia, and Japan need not do the arbitration of Russia and Turkey anymore. Prime Minister Abe should stop the friendship with President Erdoğan. Even if it will be very sad for Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Abe must give priority to Japanese national interest.
Even if the EU participation of Turkey is accepted, I suppose that both NATO and the almost Turkish citizens expect the downfall of President Erdoğan.
6.There are the information that Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , UAE and Qatar are the supporting countries of ISIL. Therefore "Western countries and Russia and Iran and Iraq and Syria" should build the long separation barriers along the border between Iraq and the Kuwait and along the border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and along the border between Iraq and Syria and along the border between Syria and Turkey.
"The Turkish president's son Berat Albayrak who is the CEO of Çalık Holding" heads Çalık Holding AŞ which is one of the biggest energy companies.Because Çalık Holding handles the oil which ISIL stole, The coalition of the willing should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding.
And After being loaded with oil, columns of trucks are moving from the Eastern regions of Syria to Kamisli border town and waiting for their turn. The presented photos, which were made this August, demonstrate hundreds of oil trucks and heavy vehicles moving both to and from the Turkish border. Finally, the most part of oil is being transferred from the Eastern Syria to a large oil refinery plant in Batman (Turkey), which is located 100-kilometers far from the Syrian border.This large oil refinery plant is the factory of company "Tüpraş".
7.The Western countries and Middle Eastern countries, Russia and Iran should start to block all funds including the cancellation of the dollar business of "Çalık Holding AŞ" and "Tüpraş".And the whole world should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding AŞ..
クルド人MAP There is the information that not only Turkey but also Kurd autonomous district is a smuggling route of the oil. The Western countries and Russia and Iran should push forward clear talks with Kurd self-government country and Iraq and Syria to build the Kurd nation on a condition that any Kurdish people do not smuggle the oil .The Kurd nation must play a role to prevent oil's spillages from Syria to Turkey.
8."The aerial bombardment corps of the Western countries and Russia" , "Kurdish ground troops and Iraqi and Iranian ground troops" should cooperate together in order to build the Kurd nation along "the border between Syria and Turkey" and in the northern part of Iraq.
Samra beach
Samra beach
The Kurd nation can get business opportunity if the Kurd nation make "the shore on the extension line of Samra beach" the territory of the Kurd nation as a port, and also economic independence will smoothen .
9.Russia should not bomb the area of the anti-government organization which is unrelated to ISIL in order to be advantageous to the Assad Administration.
The Western countries should not bomb the area of the Assad Administration which is unrelated to ISIL in order to be advantageous to the anti-government organization.
10.The Western countries and Iran and Russia should decide area allotment to bomb all petrochemical complexes under the ISIL rule in order to annihilate ISIL.
11.President Assad repents of a reign of terror and autocracy. The Western countries should give President Assad one more chance if President Assad would approve a bill about prohibition of the secret police, the prohibition of the concentration camp, and the prohibition of the unfair arrest and accepts that they count every vote by manual labor under "Coalition of the Willing" and Iranian and the Russian observers mission in order to prevent the rigged elections.
12.Syria, Israel, Palestine should approve a peace constitution such as a bill about prohibition of the secret police, the prohibition of the concentration camp, and the prohibition of the unfair arrest, by progress at the same time and should accept that they count every vote by manual labor under "Coalition of the Willing" and Iranian and the Russian observers mission in order to prevent the rigged elections.
13.And if President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly.
14.The Turkish military is attacked by "ISIL" in the northern part of Iraq, and there are some casualties.Two soldiers of the Kurd corps died, and four Turkey soldiers got injured.
Saudi Arabia should be aware that one day ISIL may cause a revolution in Saudi Arabia.I think 2015 Mina stampede will be a plot to cause a revolution one day in Saudi Arabia. It was the Saudi Arabians to have died most.Isn't it Cheney group to have suggested a plan to cause 2015 Mina stampede to someone else of Saudi Arabia?They love the public execution of death penalty of the imperial family or the capitalists very very much.
Saudi Arabia should testify about their plots and crimes depending on plea bargaining to the Obama Administration. The future in Saudi Arabia will be protected if Saudi Arabia can end "an ambition to seize the oil field of other countries" . And Saudi Arabia should solve the problem of "2015 Mina stampede" genuinely.
15.If the military authorities move definitely correctly, the United States becomes the good country. President Obama should be united with General Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr.
Because almost Japanese citizens love festivals, although most Japanese are not Christians, almost Japanese celebrates Christmas.
I love singing the Christmas song, too.
Pa rum pum pum pum ,rum pum pum pum,rum pum pum pum
Please go ahead everybody.
ISIL ruins by all means.
Please go ahead President Obama.
Pa rum pum pum pum,rum pum pum pum,rum pum pum pum
And Merry Christmas,President Obama.President Obama currently faces some difficult challenges, but by opening up a path to solving them, President Obama will be able to show the world a new paradigm for economy and society.
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