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The date of the Emperor's Birthday

His Majesty the Emperor Akihito turned 82 on Wednesday, paying tribute to all who suffered during World War II, including those in Japan and overseas who live with its legacy today. He said it is “most important” for Japan's future that the war is remembered and understood. “Looking back over the past year, I feel that it was a year in which I spent much time thinking about the war in various ways,” His Majesty the Emperor said.
“With each passing year, we will have more and more Japanese who have never experienced war, but I believe having thorough knowledge about the last war and deepening our thoughts about the war is most important for the future of Japan,” His Majesty the Emperor said.
“It pains me deeply to think of the many who lost their lives” during the war, the Emperor said, as they “could have led meaningful lives in various areas of society” had peace prevailed.
I always feel the true heart how His Majesty the Emperor would do the best for the peace.And I always think that the depth of the heart of His Majesty the Emperor to love peace leads a country to the correct direction. His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress would be a really affectionate couple and would give each very happy and beautiful impression to all citizens. As for His Majesty Imperial Prince and Her Majesty Imperial Princess Masako , His Majesty Prince Akishino and Her Majesty Princess Kiko and her daughters princesses, I am proud of them.By only seeing them,I am very very happy.They are all beautiful for me.
I want to do my best to build peaceful society.I feel from the bottom of my heart that the human being is born to build peaceful society.I want to protect the family of His Majesty Emperor from every terrible plot by all means.
And Her Imperial Highness Masako would seem to be fine today, and I am glad. I am happy,happy.
Oh..what a beautiful holiday today is!!!。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。
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