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I never forget their sorrowful facial expressions of the old women of victims.

More than 70 years after the end of World War II, South Korea and Japan reached a landmark agreement on Monday to resolve their dispute over Korean women who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japan’s Imperial Army.
The agreement, in which Japan made an apology and promised an $8.3 million payment that would provide care for the women, was intended to remove one of the most intractable logjams in relations between South Korea and Japan, both crucial allies to the United States. The so-called comfort women have been the most painful legacy of Japan’s colonial rule of Korea, which lasted from 1910 until Japan’s defeat in 1945.
The Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers, announcing the agreement in Seoul, said each side considered it a “final and irreversible resolution” of the issue.
Prime Minister Abe expresses anew his most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women," Minister for Foreign Affairs Kishida said.
"The issue of comfort women, with an involvement of the Japanese military authorities at that time, was a grave affront to the honor and dignity of large numbers of women, and the government of Japan is painfully aware of responsibilities from this perspective."

Japan continued to try to conceal this war crimes of comfort women for 70 years.I recognize this agreement cannot heal each broken heart of women of the victims completely.When I looked at their sorrowful facial expressions, I shed tears.It is not paid as compensation for damages, and they feel legal responsibility is not enough because it was a decision that 1 billion yen will be paid from "the Japan's public purse" into the relief fund .
As for the fund, more than half of all amount of money is often taken as kickback by politicians and the staffs as if it were a necessary budget .It is under the circumstance not to yet know how much fund is handed for each victim .
And then I have something suggestions.
1.The Korean government should clearly state "money's reception and payment's management" of the fund definitely to "the victims of women" , "the general public between Korea and Japan" .
2.As well as the donation of the citizens, "Japan's major companies which belong to the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren" should furnish with the endowments into this fund.Japan's government should promote it.
Also Korea government should back up Japan's Keidanren's major companies which furnish with the endowments more than 100 million yen(US$830,600) in this fund to treat them well for Korea business.
3.Both Korea and Japan should work toward a goal without hesitation in order to collect money more than a total of 6 billion yen .
4.Korean government should limit staffs to use the budget of the fund as the cost control to the minimum which should be less than 1% of total sum so that much fund as much as possible can be delivered to each women of victims.
5.The victims may feel that apology of the Japanese Government is not enough, but I would like to hope that the victims would understand that Prime Minister Abe made up his mind to apologize at the risk of his life.
Prime Minister Abe receives the hatred as if it were almost the urge to kill him now from the right wing of Japan. Words of an insult, and the slanders of Prime Minister Abe are written in the Japan's internet by many right-wingers.Prime Minister Abe must be guarded for the time being by an armed guards corps.
For "activity to restore their human dignity , the human rights and honor of women of the victims", I thought of women of the victims as if they were mother, . However, conventional Japanese prime ministers continued ignoring my opinion even if they seemed to be the good prime ministers who have benevolent policy.
Japan is androcracy, and there is still idea that it is natural that a woman just have to swallow it. In addition, as for the right wing, most prime ministers do not want to antagonize the right-wingers because they have so strong power.
Because Foreign Minister Kishida spoke for apology of Prime Minister Abe, women of the victims might not be able to forgive Prime Minister Abe. They felt apology of Prime Minister Abe was not enough. However, Foreign Minister Kishida announce that Prime Minister Abe will write each letter of the apology. Prime Minister Abe risks death to write even this apology in the Japanese politics.
I can understand how Prime Minister Abe would have built up his courage to apologize.So I pray to God so that his life and his fate and his mind of Prime Minister Abe would be protected by God.
6.Prime Minister Abe should write each letter of the handwriting to all 46 survivors of the women of victims. Prime Minister Abe should not use the PC to write the letters.
It is a matter of common knowledge to write a letter of the apology in handwriting. Prime Minister Abe must write a letter to restore human dignity , the human rights and honor of women of the victims.Even if the right wing is very terrible, Prime Minister Abe must not be discouraged. The letters will become the historic historical fact.
Never swerve from your purpose for a moment's space.The purpose is to restore human dignity , the human rights and honor of women of the victims.Please continue your efforts to identify best practices,Prime Minister Abe.
I never forget their sorrowful facial expressions of the old women of victims.
I apologize for all women of victims on my knees while facing to the Korean direction.
70 years were too long.
I would apologize from bottom of my heart that the old women of victims were suffered heartily for 70 years by a lot of pains .
I always talk to the old women of victims in my heart.
I always squeeze your each hand with my affection.
Oh, mummy,I will stay with you always in my heart.
God would protect your mind, your fate and your human right and I hope that you are showered with a lot of happiness.
I love you ,I love you ,and I love you ,mummy.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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