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A Happy new year

This is the phoenix cloud which appeared in Germany.Because this photograph is too divine, I publish it .Because Merkel Chancellor of Germany did not move the NATO forces because of a dispute among Russia and Turkey , I feel so that God blesses Germany .
1387913erudoan.jpg Sputniknews which is Russian news reported that the Syrian jaafari ambassador to the United Nations pointed out, "Turkish President Erdoğan dreamed of the revival of the Ottoman Empire !" . But it is not worth mentioning specially.I often hear the information before half year.That is not important.I noticed that President Erdoğan would make "the signals of 666 " casually with both hands in this picture.
Would it be said to Cheney as follows?
"If Turkey shoots down Russian fighter Su-24, the NATO's army would help Turkey and would declare war against Russia. If World War 3 begins successfully, ISIL will extend a sphere of influence of ISIL in the whole Middle East and found Ottoman Empire ."
But even if President Erdoğan would make "the signals of 666 " with both hands,the NATO's army never move.However, that seems difficult in reality.The times of Satanists are over soon although Satanists may have the huge network to get wealth.
When Satanists decided to let their lives have ended, Satanists became the sacrifice in the last day of the life, Satanists let their friends of Satanists eat the meat of their own hands and feet and gave them their blood and recalled the devil in order to move their souls to the clonal cells which are the cell in the time that they were babies and revived and continued evading from falling into the hell.People of the family of Satanists were not dead for many centuries from generation to generation.
The newcomers who joined Satanists believe that they can be taught a method of Rinne Tensho (all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth, the circle of transmigration) for evading from falling into the hell one day.
I think that famous Comte de Saint-Germain revived by this method.I think that he has been Satanists in succession to knowledge of the former high state of civilization. It is not true he became younger many times. He revived many times.An oddball of the foreign mathematician who succeeds in Japan looks just like Count of St. Germain, but I make a habit not to think about it so deeply.
Count of St. Germain advised it to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette that a revolution might happen. But Count of St. Germain did not have a power to foresee the future. He only had taught a plan of Satanism to French last King and a queen in secret.Count of St. Germain met Napoleon to advise him, but I think that Napoleon thought that Napoleon can make Satanism's organisation destroy if Napoleon could become the emperor.And Napoleon was defeated by the plan of Satanism.Even Napoleon had no control over it.
However, we stand at the turning point of the Apocalypse now.It did not seem to be able to recall the devil in a devil ceremony from a few years ago , and it spread panic. In addition, many Satanists leak out the secrets of Satanism .There were the person who insisted , "It is not a big problem whether the devil is recalled or not. It is important that we behave as if there were the devil there. " They can't revive with a clonal cell if they can't recall the devil.
Abduction and abuse and the ceremony of the child may still continue.They may ignore a pang of conscience by using marijuana. If they drink blood , they may be the poisoning of the blood enzyme and they may become refreshing by rolling with laughter.
However, both of "the security not to fall into the hell anymore" and "the method to evade Rinne Tensho (all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth, the circle of transmigration)" disappeared.
We should repent of the sins ourselves now. We should cling to God and build a kingdom for 1, 000 years for the peace. "The persons who build a kingdom for 1, 000 years for the peace" are saved even if they are descendants of former Japanese soldiers, even if they are Satanists, even if their figures of the souls are reptilians. It is because notwithstanding , they are human beings .

When I watched many photographs of Dolmabahçe Palace, I thought that it might be unavoidable that President Erdoğan desired it earnestly to let Ottoman Empire revive. It is because Turkish palaces are too elegant though they are luxurious.Even the grates of the windows are elegant, and Turkish palaces have refined tastes for grace and are not the taste of the new rich.These elegant interior of Turkish palaces remind us of the past glory of the Ottoman Empire.
However, Turkey must not desire the past glory of the Ottoman Empire earnestly and must not come back to the military regime.As for it, Japan is in the same situation, too. Japan must not hold on to the past glory of the former Japan forces and must never come back to the military regime.
I would like to hope that Turkish President Erdoğan would change a policy manfully not to cause World War 3.Revival of the Ottoman Empire is no more than political claptrap by Cheney's group.
Even the evil spirit of the high rank fades away in ten several seconds if everyone advocates words of prayer which are given from God. "Just the human beings who use world of Satan , never feel the pain for sacrifice of the blood either, and are going to get wealth" are terrible. The devil is a weak existence.

The invasion of the space aliens never happens. There are innumerable stars in the Galaxy.There may be the living entities in a Galaxy far, but the living entities cannot invade our planet more than the far-off distance over tens of thousands of light-year.
A part of Satanists seem to have the plan to use the huge hologram which many UFOs come to conquer many cities in order to use the minimum of nuclear weapons while causing World War 3 .
I'm convinced that the information that NASA has the photograph of the space alien is a false rumor.That is not a photograph of the space alien. It is the photograph of a deformed child born by consanguineous marriage.The gesture keeps the state of being childlike or childish.If "the deformed child born by consanguineous marriage" is forced to walk although he has the weak constitution, the deformed child dies immediately.Because some Satanists can raise Satanist's court rank by incest , I think that they sometimes give birth to the deformed children secretly.In the case of incest, the probability of the deformed child who is made from many abnormal gene is 25%.
Some persons insist that the mummy of a fetus discovered in a grave of Egyptian King Tutankhamen may be the mummy of the space alien, but it is a mistake. The mummy of a fetus is a deformed child born by consanguineous marriage.King Tutankhamen and Queen Ankhesenamen were half-brothers by different mothers, and real father King Akhenaten and real mother Kiya of King Tutankhamen were half-brothers by different mothers.
I can say clearly that there is not even one corpse of the alien on this earth, and I can say clearly that there is not the invasion of the space aliens.I think that the satanists are not happy, and their souls are sobbing.
The abduction by the UFO is a false rumor, too.It is the scene which the abductees who are in a daze by the hallucinogenic drug watched. I think several actors put on the mask of the space aliens in order to play the scene.I can say clearly that there is not the invasion of the space aliens.
We must not cause World War 3.The human being is born to build peaceful society. The human being lives to know human's duty.We can see the planet Nibiru near the sun in this top photo.We should settle many problems by talks peacefully, and we should build a kingdom for 1, 000 years for the peace.
I would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin will be reconciled together, and I wish the United States and Russia unite and fight against ISIL.
If President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly.

By Okinawa war of World War II.
Officers and sergeants of the former Japan forces which performed the Holocaust of the minority race of Okinawa from 100, 000 to 140, 000.
The former Japan forces thought that it would be better that Okinawa's citizens died than they became the slaves of U. S. forces.
I do not think to recall officers and sergeants to the court after pursuit of them.
Whenever I see "the old people of former Nazi who are more than 90 years old" are judged in the court, I feel that defendant is very much to be pitied.
I think that it becomes the memorial service to the war deads to appeal to the world to solve a problem by peace talks not to rush recklessly into the military regime.
The human being is born to let peaceful society come true.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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