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The arbitration among the United States and Iran 

1015552838.jpg About a missile launch experiment of October , Sanctions Committee of the United Nations judged that Iran violated the UN Security Council Resolution although it is prohibited for Iran to develop the ballistic missile system which Iran could put a nuclear warhead on.
But it is an unreasonable demand.
The Iranian ballistic missile was made in North Korea, and if Iran makes the mounted object clear, and if Iran shows a ballistic missile through an artificial satellite, because it means Iran would not develop it , everybody can judge Iran does not violate a UN Security Council Resolution.
UN must not delay sanctions cancellation for Iran.The United Nations emphasized Middle Eastern overall destabilization and might have tried to demand a raise in minimum price of the crude oil.
However, the United Nations is a group for peaceful settlements. It is not the work of the United Nations to let Iran cry, in order to demand a raise in minimum price of the crude oil in world oil market.
Because the excellent rocket engines imported from "Russia" such as the photograph are used in US ballistic missiles, I suppose that the Israeli ballistic missiles are excellent, too.
On the other hand, because the Iranian ballistic missiles were made in North Korea, we don't know whether the Iranian ballistic missile can fly straight or not.To be honest with everybody,rather the Iranian ballistic missiles which were made in North Korea may be junk missiles.That is why the Iranian ballistic missiles can't become the menace in the international protection of security of the UN Security Council.
A North Korean ballistic missile is the stuff which seemed to bundle up many Scud missiles of "the Soviet Union". It is an old technique of the 20th century.Because Iran does not import the latest engines from Russia, the Iranian ballistic missile does not give a menace at all in the world.I think that Iran considers world peace because Iran does not import the latest engines from Russia.
Because Israel holds predominantly latest superior ballistic missile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should not have panic attacks by only Iranian junk missiles .Probably I suppose that Prime Minister Netanyahu pressured the United Nations and the officials of U.S. forces.But I would like to hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu would consider the world's peace more.
I would like to hope that Iran would consider not to declare openly that Iran develops a ballistic missile from today.I heard that the latest ballistic missiles have been deployed in the Syrian Tartus Russia forces base for the direction of Israel.I think that Iran does not have to develop ballistic missiles by improving the junk missiles so much.

UN must not delay sanctions cancellation for Iran.Of course the United States should not delay sanctions cancellation for Iran.
The United States and Iran should be able to compromise each other if they talk.It should be able to be settled by talks.
Because the United States imported Russian engines for ballistic missiles during economic sanctions period for Russia , the United States should forgive Iran which might develop only just a little a junk missile which has no ability to control the direction.This US import may not be violation closely to UN Security Council Resolution,but it is a tender subject. It is important to forgive each other
American people should not try to prevent the peace solution between the United States and Iran although President Obama makes efforts to let world peace come true at the risk of life.

tycheorbit.jpg Nibiru-orbit.jpg We can see the planet Nibiru near the sun in this top photo.There seem to be two sun.The size of the Nibiru planet seems to be 4-5 times of the earth. Nibiru planet draw an extreme oval around the sun in a period for approximately 3, 600 years and seem to rotate.Nibiru Planet is like the brown dwarf. A brown dwarf is the star which was not able to become "the fixed star" such as the sun.Nibiru planet reaches closest its point to the earth around the middle of March, 2016, but it seems to pass.
A magnetic field of the earth is disturbed by strong gravitation of Nibiru Planet, and meteorite falling down and the volcanic explosions and some floods and some tsunamis may be generated. However, I think that the disaster does not lead to human extinction thanks to gravitation of Neptune, Pluto, and Tyche Planet at this time.
Because several scientists predict that great disaster may happen if Nibiru planet comes close, the world super-wealth seems to make each shelter under the ground in all parts of the world.They seem to devote themselves to each self-protection.But magma may flow into shelters under the ground, and the poor persons above ground may survive.
Human race should decide to cling to God and build the peaceful society just now.

Composer:Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto
(The peace that Maitreya God brings)
If the note which was written as 2016 reflect itself in the glass, we can see a French word of "Joie" which means pleasure.
We stand at a crossroads now.
Human race should decide to cling to God and build the peaceful society just now.
Even as for the person that the figure of the soul becomes reptilian,
If they do not take the method which they are sacrificed in a devil ceremony in their last day in order to revive with a clonal cell,
If they reforme themselves and clung to God and live,
If they give the life to build a kingdom for 1000 years of the peace,
they can be reborn with healthy souls , and each form of their souls can be a normal human being , in each next life after death .
Nevertheless,they are human beings and that is their true desire.
They are waiting God will help them.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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