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Kingdom for 1000 years of the peace

First, the clergyman's execution spurred sectarian protests and violence in the Middle East. Now, the death of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr appears to have sparked a serious diplomatic rift.
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said Sunday that his country is severing ties with Iran. Iranian diplomats in Saudi Arabia have 48 hours to leave the country, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told reporters.
The two countries have long been at odds, but Saudi Arabia's execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr Saturday kicked off a new round of sparring between them that analysts say could mark a dangerous shift in an already volatile region.

I know so far much discussions of Minister of Foreign Affairs level discussion about the problem in Syria including the international conference in Vienna have been performed recently between Iran and Saudi Arabia.Because it was important to the solution to ISIL crisis of Middle Eastern area, I expected progress of the talks of Iran and Saudi Arabia.
When I heard news of the execution of the noble Shiah clergy man and 46 men , I felt that it seemed Saudi Arabia has to obey wicked Cheney's group because wicked Cheney's group have something on Saudi Arabia .This is because the Republican Party submitted 2 bills preventing the peaceful settlement of the nuclear discussion of Iran one after another.In addition though Dick Cheney made ISIL, Donald John Trump who is famous American comedian has begun to tell a lie that President Obama and Ms.Hilary Clinton made ISIL.His role of Donald John Trump may be to serve as a foil to for the popular Ms.Hilary Clinton .But with its fiendish plan without regard to its appearance, the Republican Party can be said that the Republican Party is a crafty group which always incite the confusion in the world.
If the Republican Party court-martials Cheney,the Republican Party will rise the approval rating far more than the plot to let Saudi Arabia sever ties with Iran.

When the first Qin Emperor united six nations to unify China, they respected the thought of legalism while prohibiting the freedom of activities based on other ideas, and burned books and buried scholars.And, six years later, Qin Dynasty ruined.I am convinced that Dick Cheney desires to cause a revolution in Saudi Arabia in order to seize all oil fields. Because Saudi Arabia executed the noble Shiah clergy man and 46 men, I really worry about the future of Saudi Arabia.
When I read F. William Engdahl's report, I have written that Saudi Arabia might be the brown bear which was worse than a raccoon. I regret that I have written such a thing.I should have considered that Saudi Arabia was under a lot of emotional pressure by issuing bonds covering the deficit by "the aerial bombardment in Yemen" and "sudden fall of the oil's price" .Because the cost of one missile bombing is 100 million yen(US$835,300), while the military industry like the Lockheed makes the huge profit , SaudI Arabia becomes lacking in national budget.For profit industrial militarily, must many human being be murdered?The human race must stop devilish greed industrial militarily one day.
A plan to build the oil pipelines from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen has come to naught, now by dispute of Yemen.I think that Saudi Arabia wants to use the port of Mukallah of Yemen for oil export because the export of oil is delayed if the Red Sea is blockaded.
Saudi Arabia has the ports only in the Red Sea. Therefore it is not originally a wise policy that Saudi Arabia fights against Yemen.I think that probably Saudi Arabia began many aerial bombardments without any talks about ‘a plan to build the oil pipelines from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen' with Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, President of the Houthi Revolutionary Committee .
1.On a condition to revive the plan to build the oil pipelines from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen, and on a condition to never blockade the Red Sea, i would like to suggest that Saudi Arabia and Iran would talk to let "Yemen's coalition government of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, President of the Houthi Revolutionary Committee" start .
I am convinced that the Cheney's group intends obviously to cause a revolution by leading ISIL in order to defeat sovereignty of Saudi Arabia.
2.Saudi Arabia should work hard to talk with Iran after Saudi Arabia think calmly approximately two weeks.
Saudi Arabia should cut off a fatal troublesome connection like Cheney's group to protect the mother country. Saudi Arabia would think as if somehow Saudi Arabia cannot split up with Cheney's group and Saudi Arabia seems to be inseparably bound up with each other.. But Saudi Arabia should muster up the courage.
3.I would like to hope that Iran should wait for Saudi Arabia so that Saudi Arabia can muster up the courage , in order to let talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia come true . Waiting is gentleness for the other.

4.Of course Hitachi of the Japanese company with the great results of an undersea tunnel should be recommended if Japan can cooperate for this infrastructure business.
Some Satanists try to advance a plan to conquer the world with the minimum of nuclear weapons with using several holograms picture of UFO as if space aliens invade to the earth.
5.Neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran must give "the persons who want to cause World War 3" the opportunity.As for us, we can prevent the ridiculous world conquest plan if we prevent World War 3.
6.I would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin will be reconciled together, and I wish the United States and Russia unite and fight against ISIL. If President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly.
ISIL continues unless Cheney loses his position, and the Middle East does not become peaceful.Snowden has information about Dick Cheney's participation in ISIL by all means.Snowden knew the Operation hive which gathered Muslims in Syria and Iraq from all over the world.I am convinced that Snowden knew Dick Cheney made ISIL.
If Dick Cheney loses his position, Saudi Arabia may be reconciled with Iran.

The invasion of the space aliens never happens. There are innumerable stars in the Galaxy.There may be the living entities in a Galaxy far, but the living entities cannot invade our planet more than the far-off distance over tens of thousands of light-year.
If a white person is put in a tank letting a white person cut off the interval of hours for a long time by an experiment, the rhythm of a white person seems to show 24 hours 40 minutes. This is the rotation cycle of a Martian , not the rotation cycle of the earth.Of course I know there is the opinion that Mars went around the current earth orbit once and the earth went around the orbit which was nearer to the sun than now.I think that the white people lived in Mars once in old days.There is a mysterious building in Mars.The half of the face is a lion, and the other half of the faces is human beings, but probably it is satanist's symbol. I think that God moved Martian orbit in order to destroy Martian civilization because diabolatry prevailed in Mars .
8-2-4.jpgMy friend of Facebook who is an American Indian of the Navajo group told me that the Katsin's doll of the Navajo group expressed the forms that the white people who came over from Mars wore each space suits while Katsin are Hopi's mythical sprite.
The black people, the Arab people and the Asian people might have lived in the ancient earth before the white people came from the Mars. In any case, human race is living in the hands of of God and we have the same human dignity.
The invasion of the space alien does not happen. We should unite to prevent World War 3. The diabolatry finally loses all power by God anytime. The human race should stop repeating Satanism.
When I watched Perseids meteor shower several years ago, I found the small star which was changing the color of light among green and orange and yellow. I thought that it might be a dangerous UFO inwardly at the time.
Whenever "the high-quality soul like the Holy Mother", and even "devil like the Lucifer" move in the three-dimensional earth, they move on each vehicle not to damage their own soul's body. It is said that is a UFO.That is why the living entity like the space alien doesn't stay in UFO. The existence which stays in a genuine UFO is a soul not the living entity like the space alien .
Because I knew by chance that the UFO which the Holy Mother used was a vehicle such as a huge shining egg , when I watched the small star which changed several colors, I felt that a demon might stay in that.
When I began to pray, the strange star have begun to escape and zigzagged in the sky in order to hide behind the shadow of the roof of the apartment.The prayer is invisible but may be a light. The devil is a weak existence. Just the human being who is going to use the devil or the world of Satan in order to satisfy greed without an end is terrible .Because it was in the distance, it was visible as only a strange star. So I couldn't confirm whether the strange star was UFO or not.However, I think that that was a UFO of the devil.
We should know even devil's UFO escapes from the words of prayer which are given from God.The devil is a weak existence. Just the human being is terrible.
The human race must not be deceived by the hologram of the UFO which will be produced as if the space aliens invaded the Earth.Human race should decide to cling to God and build the peaceful society just now.

Composer:Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto
(The peace that Maitreya God brings)
We stand at a crossroads now.
Human race should decide to cling to God and build the peaceful society just now.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
We should give our each life to build a kingdom for 1000 years of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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