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Peace Talks

Iran on Thursday accused Saudi Arabia of bombing its embassy in Yemen during an airstrike.The eyewitness testified that an aerial bombardment happened in the place approximately 700 meters away from Iran's embassy and fragments fell into the embassy.
However, it is CBU-58A/B of cluster bomb prohibited in international law to have been discovered in Iran's embassy in Yemen .When I watched a trace of a bomb which broke through the body of a car and the trace which broke through the ceiling of the embassy, I can't but think that CBU-58A/B was moved by remote control.
Because a part of the Saudi Arabian Embassy of Teheran was fired by citizens, this incident may be retaliation of Saudi Arabia I think.
However, "damage of the Saudi Arabia Embassy of Teheran" and "the damage of the Iranian embassy of Sanua, Yemen" had better make offset.
I think negotiation that Saudi Arabia can get the promise establishing the oil pipelines from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen "on a condition to stop every aerial bombardment of Yemen and on a condition to never blockade the Red Sea" is rational most, in consideration of the future of young Crown Princes and the continuation of Saud family.
Because one missile is 100 million yen(US$848,200), the existence getting the profit by an aerial bombardment of Yemen is Lockheed, not Saudi Arabia.
In Japan, Japan can't produce almost oil. "Japan's diplomats who seem as if they would shed tears" should ask the oil-producing countries desperately so that they would sell oil to Japan. However, when I see Saud family is troubled by the major oil company and the power, I think it may be good Japan can't produce any oil .
I think Cheney group might have seduced Saudi Arabia to cause 2015 Mina stampede and the execution of the Shiite cleric in order to cause the revolution to defeat Saud family.Dick Cheney moves by all means at the places which have the oil's right. The death of 7, 000 pilgrims and the death of the Shiite cleric make the situation that a revolution is easy to happen very much.
I think Dick Cheney certainly aim at Saudi Arabian oil field. If Saudi Arabia does not change a policy quickly, ISIS will rise in revolt one day,I think.

When the first Qin Emperor united six nations to unify China, they respected the thought of legalism while prohibiting the freedom of activities based on other ideas, and burned books and buried scholars.And, six years later, Qin Dynasty ruined.
Dick Cheney is a person analyzing world history well. I think that Dick Cheney knows the method to cause a revolution.

If Saudi Arabia does peace discussion with Iran, I think that Saudi Arabia can protect a country from a terrible revolution.
The Iranian Revolution was never caused by satanists, and the Iranian Revolution never infringes sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. Iran is principles not to perform intervention in domestic affairs for the Imperial rule of other countries.Rowḥānī President of Iran blessed Akihito His Majesty Japan's Emperor on the Emperor's Birthday on December 23, 2015.
I think that Cheney group and ISIS are much more dangerous to Saudi Arabia rather than Shiah.If Saudi Arabia would stop every aerial bombardment of Yemen, peace discussion with Iran is possible for Saudi Arabia by all means.
The United States, Russia, China, and Iraq would offer the arbitration between Saudi Arabia and Iran.They should gather to talk about establishing the oil pipelines from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen "on a condition to stop every aerial bombardment of Yemen and on a condition to never blockade the Red Sea".They can let the dispute in Yemen end,I think. If the world talks so that every Saudi Arabian oil tanker sails peacefully from port of Yemeni Mukallah, Yemen's war will be over.

I would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin will be reconciled together, and I wish the United States and Russia unite and fight against ISIS. If President Putin would hand over Snowden to Japan, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would admit Japan in particular so that Japan lifts economic sanctions for Russia thoroughly. ISIS continues unless Cheney loses his position, and the Middle East does not become peaceful.Snowden has information about Dick Cheney's participation in ISIS by all means.Snowden knew the Operation hive which gathered Muslims in Syria and Iraq from all over the world.I am convinced that Snowden knew Dick Cheney made ISIS. If Dick Cheney loses his position, Saudi Arabia may be reconciled with Iran.
Please imagine the day when Saudi Arabia and Iran can hug together like true brothers comes.
Please imagine Yemen's war finishes.
Please imagine Saudi Arabian oil tankers sail peacefully from port of Yemeni Mukallah.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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