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The international economic sanctions against Iran are lifted


Splendid. It is the historic moment when World War 3 was evaded. The human race settled the nuclear crisis by peace talks.
Iran has completed the necessary steps in a deal to restrict its nuclear program, meaning international economic sanctions are lifted, officials from the EU and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said Saturday.
Lifting the sanctions will unfreeze billions of dollars of assets and allow Iran's oil to be sold internationally.The international nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, said its inspectors had verified that Tehran had taken the required steps.
Oh...Bravo....Bravo....Bravo....I am extremely moved by that.
I thank for the great President Obama heartily because President Obama would always push forward peaceful discussion with Iran through overcoming various trouble circumstances by tough spiritual strength. Like the great President Obama ,each head of state of the world must have strong conviction for avoiding World War 3.
We should support great President Obama in order to destroy ISIS. President Obama suffered very much from the negative inheritance that former Bush administration left , but President Obama would clear several problems surely.USA will not become the police state. We should build a course to peace not to rush recklessly into the military regime.
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei would always respect world peace, and would continue insisting that the true Islam is pacifism to the world. I think that the human being is born to build peaceful society. And I would respect you very much and love Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei.
President Hassan Rouhani would always protect Iran from the war patiently and led all Iranian citizens to the correct direction.I bless that Iran's shining future would make rapid progress.
And European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Federica Mogherini ,Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif are hero and heroin of the 21st century.They proved that the human race could settle various difficult problems by talks peacefully.I thank for their intelligence and their love for world's peace heartily.
I am grateful to everyone who had something to do with this cancellation of economic sanctions of Iran.
And I sincerely apologize for the various rude expression to IAEA-Chef Yukiya Amano.Please excuse my ignorance,IAEA-Chef Yukiya Amano.
China would deploy more than 100 nuclear warheads which match each aim with Japan, and if World War 3 begins because almost Japanese politicians are chickens, China might have made me be fried chicken, too .There are some Japanese chicken's politicians insisting as if the Nanjing Massacre were a forgery, but it is a lie.Japan must compensate for war crimes faithfully.I would like to hope heartily that people trying to let Japan people ruin would give the chance to live for Japan .
I would like to hope to do arbitration between the United States and Iran and between the United States and Russia and between Iran and Saudi Arabia and between Israel and Palestine , faithfully throughout the life.
Because Aozora is a person of the country of سال‌های دور از خانه, I have enough patience with faithfulness. If anything, I am داستان زندگی rather than سال‌های دور از خانه.
The Japanese shipbuilding industry was defeated by Korea and China before 2014, but please let Japan accept many Iran's orders by all means whenever Iran would make more oil tankers.In the end of January, 2015, "Imabari Shipbuilding co., LTD" which is "the domestic shipbuilding major company" accepted 11 orders for "supersized containerships which are one of the world's largest to heap up approximately 20000 containers" from a Taiwanese shipping line. Japan got ahead of Korea and China in quantity of ship order of January, 2015 and made the comeback to the first place.
containerships.jpg In addition,because Indonesia introduced the Chinese Shinkansen, I was disappointed very much.So if Iran would introduce the Japanese Shinkansen not the Chinese Shinkansen, Aozora will be very very happy.Because the Japanese Shinkansen is without an accident and is safe, this fact is sometimes called the safety myth of the Shinkansen.Infrastructure maintenance of Shinkansen will contribute to the Iranian job growth very much and Iran's shining future would make rapid progress. Shinkansen.jpg Oh my God.......How  rapid Japan's Shinkansen is!!!!!!!!
Of course please remember Japanese hybrid car with a few CO2 emissions and its mileage is very good.
In this field of hybrid car "AQUA" of Toyota is number one in popularity.
If Iran would import "AQUA" of Toyota, CO2 decreases from the Iranian atmosphere, and refreshing wind will blow in whole Iran.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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