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Azadegan oil field

Azadegan oil field
The Azadegan oil field is discovered in 1999 by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and is the greatest oil field in Iran. The Azadegan oil field is located close to the Iraqi border. The field holds around 33.2 billion barrels of in-situ oil deposits, of which 5.2 billion barrels are recoverable.The field has an approximate area of 900 square kilometres (350 sq mi).
"INPEX CORPORATION which was the Japanese biggest company for development of ‘oil and natural gas' in Japan" developed the Azadegan oil field jointly with National Iranian Oil Company NIOC. However, Japan received the pressure that was unfair to withdraw drastically from the Azadegan oil field by Bush administration by force .In October, 2006, Iran and Japan reached a basic agreement that Japanese INPEX CORPORATION transferred 65% of participation rights and interests and an operator ship to Naftiran Intertrade company of NIOC which was NICO's subsidiary company , because NICO is the partner of Japanese INPEX CORPORATION. Japan will participate in development of the Azadegan oil field in 10% of participation rights and interests afterward.
A Chinese company had invested $20 billion in Iran's Yadavaran and Azadegan oil fields, which were projected to produce 700, 000 barrels of oil per day when they reached peak capacity, Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi announced on Sunday on September 9, 2007.Chinese state-run oil CNPC signed it by participation of the northern oil field development in January, 2009. The ministry of Iranian oil announced the contract break with Chinese state-run oil CNPC by the reason of a delay of the business in May, 2014.Iran announced that China is given the 20-year digging right in exchange for a J-10 Vigorous Dragon F-10 Vanguard24 machine in August, 2015.
China's President Xi Jinping would start a Middle Eastern successive visit on January 19 and is going to visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran.I think that China's President Xi Jinping would negotiate the expansion of China's oil rights and interests of the Azadegan oil field in Iran, but I pray heartily that the establishment of the new contract of the expansion of China's oil rights and interests of the Azadegan oil field between Iran and China will be put off for a while.It is because Japan thinks the rights and interests expansion of the Azadegan oil field is earnest wish. About the Azadegan oil field ,Japan is filled with vexation by former Bush administration .
1.If Prime Minister Abe would discard "Liberal Democratic Party's revision of the Constitution draft to found the terrible police state which the warmonger such as the Cheney group which is a follower of Former President Bush promoted", and if Prime Minister Abe would receive a draft amendment of a Japanese bill named National Secret Bill and the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group, and if Prime Minister Abe would make "the transference of the US base of Henoko of Okinawa"  cancel ,I would like to hope to write a letter asking a favor of Japanese rights and interests expansion in the Azadegan oil field to Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani.
When I knew Prime Minister Abe did determination to write a letter of the apology to women who had been forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces, and 1 billion yen would be paid to a fund to relieve Korean victims' old women from the Japanese Treasury, I was moved to tears.
I would like to hope to wait for Prime Minister Abe to wake up from the bad dream.I believe Prime Minister Abe can do it.
Many Japanese citizens are afraid that the ruling party may worsen the emergency law. If Prime Minister Abe declares emergency by the new emergency law, more than 5, 000 people in a day may be arrested and be put into the FEMA camping that is the concentration camp near the Fukushima nuclear plant accident.If Prime Minister Abe appoints it the national secret even if many citizens of the innocence are accommodated and are killed by radioactivity, the genocide is concealed.
The times of the Bush administration are over long ago. Japan should not obey to a hooligan like Dick Cheney.Japan must not become the police state.Any countries must not become the police states.
I would like to hope to wait for Prime Minister Abe to wake up from the bad dream.But I can't wait for it forever.
2.Because I want to understand both feelings of Saudi Arabia and Israel and what they have to say , I am reading many documents now. Of course I read the Palestinian documents, too. I need to thoroughly think about this theme of ISIS and so on. And I intend to write a few days later about the new suggestion in order to arbitrate Saudi Arabia,Iran Israel and Palestine.
Imagine there's no heaven,It's easy if you try,No hell below us,Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,It isn't hard to do,Nothing to kill or die for,And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

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