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Dream of global peace

20160205_jpy.jpgI was too surprised at the comment of ZeroHedge which was too self-satisfied. That's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.The comment was written as following.
Peter Pan(ic) policy has apparently reached its limit. USDJPY continues to slide despite Kuroda unleashing NIRP, dropping the "whatever it takes" and "no limits" tape bombs, and today's Abe advisor Honda headlining with BoJ's next steps may include more NIRP and more QQE... It's over!
Every time they open their mouths USDJPY drops further... How do you say "impotent" in Japanese?

Oh.That is impoliteness resulting from ZeroHedge's own ignorance. NIRP(Negative Interest Rate Policy) is not fault of Mr. Kuroda of the Governor of the Bank of Japan.The Japanese stocks may be falling down by a sudden fall of the oil and the slump of Chinese yuan and the Chinese stocks, too.However, QQE(Quantitative-Qualitative Easing) of Mr. Kuroda of Governor of the Bank of Japan is not do-nothingism at all.
He proposed a negative interest rate and announced that Bank of Japan would charge a commission if a city bank put a fund in Bank of Japan.The city banks can't but expand the financing, but, fortunately, Japan concluded the huge investment pact with Iran on February 5.The Iranian government ensures government's guarantee of 10 billion dollars (approximately 1, 170 billion yen) to the fund's support of the governmental financial institution.Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the Japanese trade insurance will support 10 billion dollars of the maximum same amount for the project of the Japanese company, too.Japan's major companies can finance from the city banks at low interest and can invest it in Iranian infrastructure's business.Because Iran has many rich oil fields, Iran's infrastructure business is extremely appealing.I think Japan will accept many orders of many combined plants' constructions. I am excited that Japan may accept an order of the Japanese Shinkansen from Iran.I think that the Japanese economy will rise by the investment of Iranian infrastructure facilities.

イエメンパイプラインThe people of the financial community and huge military industry often cause war and they massacre many innocent citizens of all parts of the world in order to get vast wealth.Therefore although they feel agitated and nervous for their own desires to invest the fund into Iran, they cannot become honesty themselves because they always plot so many wicked designs for World War III.
If the people of the financial community and huge military industry works on Saudi Arabia to stop every aerial bombardment of Yemen, they will become being able to invest the big funds into Iranian infrastructure business smoothly naturally.
If American financial community and militarily industry stop seducing the aerial bombardments of Yemen in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia need not buy many missiles whose price is each 100 million yen(855,300US$), and national treasury of Saudi Arabia will become stable.And if American financial community and militarily industry stop seducing every aerial bombardment of Yemen in Saudi Arabia,Iran and Saudi Arabia can push forward talks of the end of the civil war of Yemen, and Saudi Arabia can build the pipeline from "Ra's Tannurah city" of Saudi Arabia to Mukallah city of Yemen in order to give jobs to many deserters of ISIS.Of course the American financial community will be able to invest in infrastructure business of Saudi Arabia.If these dreams come true, deserters appear one after another from ISIS, and ISIS will be destroyed by approximately three months, and the sudden fall of the oil will stop.
The military's industry and finance business society continue palming off on the vice-Crown Prince of of Saudi Arabia so that they let him buy so expensive missiles . And when the prince who would want to get interest of America says that Saudi wants to dispatch a ground troop in Syria, the military industry and finance business party force Secretary of Defense Ashton to reply ,"That is largely welcomed.", while they always threaten Secretary of Defense Ashton,I think.
If Saudi Arabia dispatches a ground troop in Syria without stopping every aerial bombardment of Yemen, Saudi Arabian economy may ruin within this year.The new town's construction work of Saudi Arabia completely fails by lack of funds.
American military affairs industry and financial community are swayed too much by the thought of immediate gain, and they deteriorate world economy. American military affairs industry and financial community scatter so many unexploded shells .If they hint as if Mr. Kuroda were impotxxxxx.., they should comprehend the truth that American military affairs industry and financial community themselves are the worst unexploded shells .They should suggest more healthy suggestion rather than being jealous against Japan.Of course, I pray for world peace.
1.Saudi Arabia should form a base of long-term jobs to many deserters of ISIS rather than dispatching a ground troop in Syria. By this idea, Saudi Arabia can contribute to the eradication of ISIS.
2.I think that the world economy can revive by the investment of the infrastructure business in Yemen,Iran,and Saudi Arabia.
3.For international transfer, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would move so that Iran can pay money in dollars and so that then Iran can exchange at the latest exchange rate when it is paid into the recipient's account.The dollar should be restored.

It will be Dream of global peace.
Shinkansen.jpg Oh my God.......How  rapid Japan's Shinkansen is!!!!!!!!
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