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The road to peace

img_49def2336110b74353e746fb159bfa04157612.jpg Peace discussion of Syria seems to run into difficulties.
Turkish artillery on Saturday bombarded areas of Aleppo province in northern Syria controlled by Kurdish forces.It is not Turkish territory.The Turkish Erdoğan President takes the action that is advantageous to ISIS clearly.Besides, it is in the middle of truce talks of Syria now.
1.The Western countries should require resignation of the Turkish Erdoğan President who cooperated with ISIS entirely.
Turkish Erdoğan President has already declared that the Turkish Erdoğan President would resign himself if "the exhibit that Turkey would cooperate with ISIS" was shown.Several exhibits were already shown and everybody knows it very much.
"The Turkish president's son Berat Albayrak who is the CEO of Çalık Holding" heads Çalık Holding AŞ which is one of the biggest energy companies.Because Çalık Holding handles the oil which ISIL stole, The coalition of the willing should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding.
And After being loaded with oil, columns of trucks were moving from the Eastern regions of Syria to Kamisli border town and waiting for their turn. The presented photos, which were made this August, demonstrate hundreds of oil trucks and heavy vehicles moving both to and from the Turkish border. Finally, the most part of oil is being transferred from the Eastern Syria to a large oil refinery plant in Batman (Turkey), which is located 100-kilometers far from the Syrian border.This large oil refinery plant is the factory of company "Tüpraş".
2.The Western countries and Middle Eastern countries, Russia and Iran should start to block all funds including the cancellation of the dollar business of "Çalık Holding AŞ" and "Tüpraş".And the whole world should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding AŞ..
I have not heard the news of economic sanctions for Calık Holding at all.Both the Western countries and the Middle East should carry out economic sanctions for Calık Holding.
In order to end a civil war in Syria, the Western countries should not say as if Russia were villain , . The villains are Turkish Erdoğan President and his own whole families.At least Turkish Erdoğan President intends to cause the World War III.And Russia makes efforts to avoid the world war III.

It is true that the aerial bombardments of every country kill many citizens of the innocence. Only aerial bombardments of Russia are not all causes as for it.On the other hand,it is true that the aerial bombardments weaken ISIS.
3.Everyone admits that "al-Nusra Front and and ISIS" are the hit squads which are dangerous to anyone.I would like to hope that the Western countries would admit that also "Harakat Ahrar al Sham al Islamiya" is a hit squad if Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan.
If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, I think the Western countries can compromise with Russia in various problems of Ukraine,too.Snowden is something like cancer cell spoiling Russia.Snowden is eating at the heart of Russia.The suggestion of Aozora is something like Maruyama's vaccine.Russia should decide it.If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, every war will be settled.
Everybody should be a little more flexible.
Please sing a song whatever you like.
We should stop the war.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would visit Japan now.
If Russia would hand over Snowden, I intend to do new peace suggestion for Israel and Palestine.
I am reading many documents now for it.
Because I read websaite of the Iranian radio every day, I am anxious about distress of Gaza city.
I pray to God so that I can love both of Israel and Palestine for the peace suggestion.
We should stop the war.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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