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This is the height of negligence.

In House of Representatives Committee on the Budget, Prime Minister Abe was asked a question by a member of the Diet,Yuichiro Tamaki about whether the pet food which both the animal and the human being could eat could become the item targeted for the reduction tax rate of the consumption tax.
And Prime Minister Abe answered, "When I got sesamin (kind of the health food) for pets, I handed it to my wife (Mrs. Akie) without knowing that this supplement was for the pets so much. And she drank it for a long time . I stated, the contents of this supplement among animal and human being were identical when I confirmed it later."

I think that Prime Minister Abe took malicious pleasure in this reply. Prime Minister Abe often spreads negative information about his wife on purpose.I am convinced absolutely Prime Minister Abe intended to deceive his wife with an innocent air in order to hand a pet's food to a wife.
Oh,No!!What a disagreeable old cocker he is!Prime Minister Abe makes an enemy of women of all over the world.
Besides,on the same day, this old fox spoke in Committee on the Budget that the pension benefit might be reduced if the asset maintenance of GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund) turned worse .
Don't you have any mind at all to think about a countermeasure?

It is reported there is an opinion that the GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund) suffered annual investment losses which is more than 20 trillion yen(US$175,280,000,000).

Japan should make SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund) which would be formed with "the economists and the persons succeeding in each investment" who have the investment knowledge, and SWF should employ the fund of GPIF with skill.

The asset maintenance of GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund) applying a public pension has been referred to several companies including Goldman Sachs Asset Management which is a subsidiary of GS . However, several companies and Goldman Sachs Asset Management should be cut because they have expanded loss of Japan's citizens' assets.

In addition, after SWF's success, if Japan should make basic income come true and guarantee minimum food, clothing and houses, Japan can increase the number of children and Japan's population and can enlarge the economic scale.

If Prime Minister Abe would break with Goldman Sachs, a course of the basic income will be established in Japan, and the population increases by all means, and Japan's economy will grow up.
The world waits for Japan to propose a new economic policy.
That is establishing Japan's SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund) which is composed by Japanese specialists of Japanese investors and Japanese economists.
Japan is not a colony of Goldman Sachs.
Japan is a country of the samurais.
Japan must become independent from Goldman Sachs.
Prime Minister Abe,if you are a man,show the samurai's spirit.Although you can always let your wonderful wife cry, you couldn't say even boo to a goose enough to be unable to defy Goldman Sachs?
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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