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The Turkish military should withdraw from Syria immediately.

Turkish Erdoğan President got vast wealth by ISIS, but does not return the wealth to any Turkish citizens.Erdoğan President performs a thought control of Turkish citizens and oppresses Turkish citizens and covets only wealth.
1.The Western countries should require resignation of Turkish Erdoğan President who cooperated with ISIS entirely.
Turkish citizens who can't say anything against Turkish Erdoğan President waits being freed from a reign of terror of Erdoğan President . Turkish Erdoğan President loves only wealth not a country of Turkey.Of course Turkish Erdoğan President does not love the Turkish citizens at all.The Western countries should punish the Turkish Erdoğan President who is going to cause World War 3 far more than President Assad.President Assad never hope World War 3 .
2.The Western countries and Middle Eastern countries, Russia and Iran should start to block all funds including the cancellation of the dollar business of "Çalık Holding AŞ" and "Tüpraş".And the whole world should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding AŞ..
The world should overthrow Erdoğan's administration.
"The Turkish president's son Berat Albayrak who is the CEO of Çalık Holding" heads Çalık Holding AŞ which is one of the biggest energy companies.Because Çalık Holding handles the oil which ISIL stole, The coalition of the willing should refuse the arrival in port of every oil tanker of Çalık Holding.
And After being loaded with oil, columns of trucks were moving from the Eastern regions of Syria to Kamisli border town and waiting for their turn. The presented photos, which were made this August, demonstrate hundreds of oil trucks and heavy vehicles moving both to and from the Turkish border. Finally, the most part of oil is being transferred from the Eastern Syria to a large oil refinery plant in Batman (Turkey), which is located 100-kilometers far from the Syrian border.This large oil refinery plant is the factory of company "Tüpraş".
I have heard any news of economic sanctions for neither Calık Holding nor Tüpraş at all.
The Western countries should do economic sanctions quickly at least in Calık Holding and Tüpraş.
Turkish citizens waits for it.
We must stop World War 3.
Stand up,please. Brave men.
Our enemy is Erdoğan.
Turkish citizens wait for "the time that the brave men would stand up" coming one day.
Since the Turkish military attacked Syrian Kurd corps fighting against ISIS bravely, Turkish President Erdoğan is clearly an offender who violates international law during times of war . We should notice that Turkish President Erdoğan intends to cause World War 3.
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