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Shocking: He was just a child! Anyone from any distance could recognize it! But Zionists still shot him!Yes! Israel is a War Criminal!

Posted by Israel is a War Criminal on 2016年3月4日
This child seemed to have been shot by the Israeli military only by the reason that this child was a Palestinian. Palestinian people of thoughtful adults rescued this child and cooperated and let this child ride on the ambulance. However, it is unbelievable that such a thing happens for daily life.
Is shooting a human child same with shooting a rabbit for Israeli soldiers?Oh.... crazy.....so crazy....No one can believe their eyes when they see the scene.
I read some articles that Prime Minister Netanyahu knocked down face of US Secretary of State Kelly and let him be injured.Because the leader of Israel often becomes abnormal, Israeli soldiers often become abnormal, too.
It is Dick Cheney to have made ISIS, but there are a lot of articles that the Mossad participates in training of the soldiers of ISIS.And I often read an article that ISIS leader "al Baghdadi" is Jewish and a Mossad agent; his real name is Simon Elliot.

If Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn't lose his political position, and if Dick Cheney is not arrested, ISIS never ruins , and Palestine does not become peaceful.
The person to see the movie of the Palestinian child should appeal for resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. The United Nations should speak that the maniac person should resign as the prime minister if United Nations sees this movie of the Palestinian child.
Prime Minister Netanyahu seemed to cooperate with founding of ISIS in order to cloud the issue of humanity of Palestine. Gaza does not yet revive at all and Gaza's citizens live in many debris .The root of the problem about ISIS's ruin depends on the arrest of Dick Cheney and the downfall of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Nobody is going to mention this root of the problem of ISIS .UN aims to restart Syria peace talks on March 9. It should be talked about resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu and an arrest of Dick Cheney there.
What on earth, till when does Russia intend to shelter Snowden? Snowden knew Strategy “Hornet's Nest”.
If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, the world's peace will find a way out.Where there's a will, there's a way.Things may be hard now for Russia, but keep trying and Russia will find a way out.What in the world is the matter?Russia should open the door.
Russia should hand over Snowden to Japan before complaining about economic sanctions of Russia not being canceled.
What does President Putin think to see the movie that a Palestinian child is shot like a hunting game?
If President Putin would decide to hand over Snowden bravely to Japan, both people tormented by ISIS and the Palestinian people are saved from various misfortunes.
President Putin,please go ahead.I am convinced that the United States would not intend to do nuclear attack into Russia at all even if the United States may sometimes restrain Russia.Jeb Bush withdrew from US presidential election. The power of the American Khazars Mafia is weakened. If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, the power of the American Khazars Mafia will be weakened more and more.
The American citizens never expect World War 3.A menace of the deployment of the Polish and Romanian MD systems is equal with a menace of the Russian recapture of the Crimea .If Russia would hand over Snowden to Japan, everything comes right peacefully for Russia and Middle East.
China always puts aims with more than 100 nuclear warheads to Japan. The North Korean nuclear warheads aim at Japan, too. However, Japan is completely accustomed to this situation.Russia should be accustomed to the situation of only 2 MD systems.Things change with the change of the times.
In China, a military internal disturbance will happen one day, I think. However, Russia does not receive nuclear attack. Time when President Putin who continued being going to stop World War 3 is evaluated comes by all means.The world's interest will concentrate on military internal disturbance in China one day.
Of course I will continue writing many sentences to arbitrate the United States and Russia throughout my whole life.The peace treaty among Japan and Russia is necessary to protect Japan's imperial family from Japan-China War.I want to become the pivot of the U. S.-Russia settlement in order to stop Japan-China War.
That is why Russia is the country which is important for me.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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