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My slip of the tongue

Aozora had ever spoken in the middle part of January that the Iranian ballistic missiles were junk missiles because the Iranian ballistic missiles were made in North Korea. So I may have angered "Iranian officers of the army" and "North Korean Kim Jong-un Marshal " .
However, because I desired to protect Iran from strict economic sanctions by all means, I said so as if they were junk missiles so that economic sanctions of Iran were lifted.
Because Aozora is not a professional diplomat, and because I am not a professional politician, my sentences may be sometimes inappropriate.I said so by warm maternal affection for Iran.But the storm of the missile launch experiment happens now in Iran and North Korea, and I am completely at a loss.I am not that good at English, so I apologize that there are many incorrect expressions.
Many people shiver with the missiles launch experiments of North Korea and Iran . I would like to hope that the Iranian officers of army and "North Korean Kim Jong-un Marshal " would bridle each temper. Please make each effort to become peaceful.I hope so that neither North Korea nor Iran receive any economic sanctions.
Even if Iranian missiles do not violate "Security Council resolution 2231" because Iranian missiles are designed so that those missiles are not equipped with any nucleus, the surrounding nations feel fear.Meanwhile, North Korea declared that the firing of the missiles was a part of its military training and that it would continue its missile tests.
If Iran and North Korea launch each antisatellite interceptor, nobody complains, but they should not experiment on ballistic missile . Japan never experiment on ballistic missile.Iran and North Korea should experiment on only a satellite missile.
I would like to hope to be the rainbow bridges between USA and Iran,and between USA and North Korea.So let's secure peace and prosperity.
It is a day of Tohoku great earthquake disaster 311 today.I pray that the deceased will be in peace in the next world.And I pray for peaceful days to return quickly.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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