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Large-scale riot of of several thousand people outbreaks in Heilongjiang in China.

According to the announcement of General Administration of Customs, the ratio to the same month of the previous year of the export in February decreased 25.4%.The export is 126,200 million dollars. The import is 93,600 million dollars decreasing by 13.8% . It is the large fall of two columns of ratios. The fall of the China's economy is serious even if we consider a vacation of Spring Festival of February of Chinese New Year .
Consumption of China is bad, and the China's economy is not active.The China's inside companies considerably diminish "the import of parts from the foreign countries" and capital investment, and the consumption, too.Because sales of China do not increase, the export decreases consecutively chronically for eight months. The import decreases in succession for 16 months.
National People's Congress began and Zhang Ping chief of National Development and Reform Commission insisted insistently, "China did not perform a hard landing, and China did not frustrate the world economy" .
On the other hand,Mr.George Soros has already spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos that China performs a hard landing (forced landing) virtually.
Foreign exchange reserve of China really decreases. The exchange reserves which stood at $ 3990 billion in June, 2014 decreased until 3200 billion dollars as of March 7. Nearly 800 billion dollars decreases in nine months. Chinese citizens sell off Chinese yuan and buy the dollar, and capital flight begins. China is almost likely to fall into a currency crisis.George Soroswould watch a timing by aiming weak Chinese yuan, and he will do the short sale one day. It is predicted that a great battle of Mr.George Soros VS People's Bank of China will happen.Soros would have beaten "the British central bank" by the pound crisis in U. K..If heavy investors of the whole world perform to do the short sale, even central bank may fall.
Prime minister Li Keqiang declared in National People's Congress that China's economy revived like phoenix by economic measure. he declared China's government would force restructuring of "companies of coal and steel" which were unprofitable national enterprises, and the economic measure that he proposed was to stop a factory.
Unemployed people will increase by this economic measure , and it leads to the big riot. "The unemployed persons that the Beijing government announced" were 1, 800, 000, but it is said that, actually, there are the unemployed persons from 6 million to 10 million.
Roux-hao province's chairman of Heilungjian
A large-scale riot occurred from March 11 in Heilungjig of China in such the situation because of salary nonpayment.However, it is regulated to report it now as press restraints in China.
It is reported that "Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group" does salary delay in delivery or back pay.The layoff workers reach 80, 000. The demonstration is a scale of several thousand people.
Because Roux-hao province's chairman of Heilungjiang that had a press interview in National People's Congress held in Beijing had spoken, "There was not the salary's delaying in delivery or back pay at all", many angry workers and their family began protest activity from 11th March. their each salary never be paid for more than 8 months between 2015 and 2016.
This province's government starts a statement that they reverse their opinion at the night of March 12 and accepted the facts of unpaid existence and tries to let it die down quickly.But many angry workers and their family seem to continue the strike of the coal mine unless each salary is paid .
Roux-hao province's chairman of Heilungjian made an excuse by saying that his subordinate's report was not right. Though this company do not pay each salary for a long term of 8 months, there is no reason why Roux-hao province's chairman of Heilungjian can't know it for 8 months. The mind of the Chinese politician decays very much. Roux-hao province's chairman of Heilungjian said such a barefaced lie because the Chinese government always controls speech for citizens.
The alliance autocracy of China will collapse like a sand castle soon.

As another economic measure of the Prime Minister Prime minister Li Keqiang which was spoken in National People's Congress, Chinese trading banks declared the policy to exchange the bad debts of 300 trillion yen to the Shares Certificate of each company by interest rate reductions.
By this policy, the debts of companies and bad debts of the bank will disappear . However, on the other hand, the banks lose fund surplus energy, and the companies can't invest the new business.
In order to break this situation, the Chinese government can't but purchase the Shares Certificate of each company which has no value. It means The Chinese government will nationalize many bankrupt companies.Because the zombie companies will be swept away at once we may be able to hope that capital flight of China may be settled temporarily . However, the relaxation of the capital flight is only a temporary thing, and the China's economy is not activated by this method.
It is certain that finance of the Chinese government which is always the GDP ratio ratio of more than 300% approaches into dead zone, and, in the bank, fund surplus energy will disappear, and the consumption will be depressed and company can't do any capital investments, and China's economy will become worse.
Mr.George Soros would be going to gather friends steadily in order to do short sale of China's stocks together.
Several economists say that the short sale of Mr.George Soros about China's stocks will happen by May of this year.
If China does not regulate for journalists to report large-scale riot in Heilongjiang in China, this information of large-scale riot in Heilongjiang in China will expand to the whole land of China. Current China is in bad condition of being imminent and liable to happen soon. The military industry of USA , Jiang Zemin group and Mr. Soros seem to be the monolith .
Therefore I think that the large-scale riot in Heilongjiang in China is more likely to cause a military internal disturbance after summer.
Xí Jìnpíng could neither have Jiang Zemin ousted from society nor kill him after all.
Because the support from China to North Korea may stop completely before long, I would like to hope that the Obama Administration would talk with North Korean government about the North Korean future.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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