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National People's Congress 2016 in China is especially the meeting of the Magic Art of the Great Humbug.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang's speech in National People's Congress
China declared 6.5% of economic growth by 5 years plan, but, as for foreign economists, they point out that the Chinese economic growth rate is from negative economic growth to less than 3%.
While China's government declares that the Chinese GDP is 1, 200 trillion yen(US$10,764,000,000,000), but the real GDP is less than 800 trillion yen(US$7,176,000,000,000) because they manipulate accounts several percent of GDP every year.China can't persuade world's savvy investors by a childish trick like Prime Minister Li Keqiang's speech in National People's Congress as if China's economy were resurrected like the phoenix .
By National People's Congress 2016 of China, Prime Minister Li Keqiang have misread more than 30 times , and a waterfall of sweat began to pour down his face of Prime Minister Li Keqiang.Furthermore, Prime Minister Li Keqiang was ignored although he tried to talk to China's President Xi Jinping after his speech. China's President Xi Jinping seemed to want to say that the person in charge of the lie announcement was Prime Minister Li Keqiang.
Contents of "Supply-side reform" of the slogan which Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed were too inferior in quality although "Supply-side reform" which was proposed in National People's Congress should introduce new industry and should do economic reform. China seems to let each restaurant introduce sanitary apparatus like Washlet into each toilet seat of each rest room on a national scale, but what good do you see in that economic measure of China ? There is not the concrete plan such as a grant which will be provided to each restaurant.
The Chinese people cannot make a precision instrument such as Washlet. Even if China imports parts of Washlet from Japan, and if Chinese people try to assemble parts into a machine of Washlet, Washlet will malfunction. When Washlet which is a very sensitive precision instrument malfunctions, only Japanese professional expert repair persons can repair Washlet .It is impossible for Chinese persons to repair Washlet.A fountain of Washlet may become the severe terrible horrors for China's economy.I don't say so by maliciousness.Because Chinese people are too rough and random, Chinese people can't control delicate flow of water condition of Washlet, I think.
China does not have any bases producing the products of high quality such as Japanese semiconductor and liquid crystal, the hybrid car. And the factories of current China only assemble Japanese machine parts. Now that personnel expenses of China rose, I think that China will be in deficit more and more because "Supply-side reform" without the concrete plan is vague.
As another economic measure of the Prime Minister Prime minister Li Keqiang which was spoken in National People's Congress, Chinese trading banks declared the policy to exchange the bad debts of 300 trillion yen to the Shares Certificate of each company by interest rate reductions.By this policy, the debts of companies and bad debts of the bank will disappear .
In this economic policy , China seems to nationalize many bankrupt companies.However, because almost banks will lose fund surplus energy in order to invest to the new business by this economic policy to nationalize many bankrupt companies, China's government will come to cannot but purchase valueless stocks. Therefore it will be only a temporary approach that the capital flight that escape to the dollar is settled.I think that I think that public finance of the Chinese government of the certain debt ratio which is more than 300% of GDP ratios fails surely.
  In National People's Congress, the Chinese government announced that the public debt and its debt to GDP ratio was set at 3% and a record-high standard to greatly exceed 2.4% of results last year. 3% is a budget deficit of the single year to GDP ratio.The total debt of China is 300% of GDP ratio.
The Chinese government tries to show a value as small as possible somehow, in order to conceal the serious financial difficulty.That's a pretty cheap trick!
China aims at the layoff from 5 million to 6 million in the state-owned enterprises for two or three years. But there were not any concrete plans for workers laid off to get jobs in the new industry so that they don't cause any riots.
A large-scale riot occurred from March 11 in Heilungjig of China in such the situation because of salary nonpayment. Their each salary never be paid for more than 8 months between 2015 and 2016.China's government never have shown any concrete plan for government to guarantee the total amount for back pay of "Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group" in National People's Congress at all.
The biggest problem of the Chinese steel industry "is an overproduction". The demand for iron decreased sharply by slowdown of Chinese economy. But too much production equipments remained, and in fact 47% came to have a deficit of the steelmaker last year. "The zombie companies" continue to remain by the relief measure of the government and the financial institution. Because the right of the country and local government official is closely connected to each other, the Chinese government can't easily smash "zombie companies". The Chinese government announced that the government prepared "100 billion yuan (approximately 1750 billion yen(US$15,701,000,000)" as a relief measure of approximately 1800000 people considered to lose their jobs by steel and the closedown of the coal-related zombie companies.
Well.....but " the Chinese government" had never announced about the relief measure for workers of "Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group" in National People's Congress at all.
Though Chinese big-name politicians amass riches, "the Chinese government" enmeshes in financial difficulties.
The vague "Supply-side reform" without any concrete plans only makes both of "financial failure of the Chinese government" and "intensification of the riot of the workers of the layoff" worsen.
In National People's Congress, the Beijing government had not any concrete plans in order to persuade world's investors, and National People's Congress was totally only a farce. China was not able to collect funds enough to hope in AIIB. AIIB is handled by low level which is less than the junk bonds.
Jiang Zemin group had regaled neo-conservative lavishly to provide many money to the market at the time of "the Lehman shock" under neo-conservative leadership of USA.So The military industry of USA , Jiang Zemin group and Mr. Soros seem to be the monolith .Several economists say that the short sale of Mr.George Soros about China's stocks will happen by May of this year.
The military affairs internal disturbance in China will happen in near future.I think China's President Xi Jinping will become the last President of China which bases on the one-party system.
Which side fails first? Will the American neo-conservative with Jiang Zemin group fail first? Or will China which bases on the one-party system fail first?The American neo-conservative will exert the last strength in order to come to defeat current China.Because both Apocalypse and Nostradamus foretell extinction of China, I think "the American neo-conservative" will win a great victory.

Marshal Kim Jong-un of North Korea should let "the husband of Ms. Megumi Yokota who is his real father of Marshal Kim Jong-un" negotiate with the United States.
Because the father of Marshal Kim Jong-un was in danger of being assassinated by "Kim Sung-ae who was the second wife of Kim Il Sung" and Kim Jong Il since he was a little boy, real father of Marshal Kim Jong-u is modest, and knows courtesy.I think the father of Marshal Kim Jong-un loves Marshal Kim Jong-un deeply and he will behave more faithfully for Marshal Kim Jong-un than anyone else.
President Obama has strongest spirit in US history , but President Obama is severe at all to the persons having dangerous negative sense of values. If Marshal Kim Jong-un threatens the United States, I am afraid that North Korea may perish and I'm worry about Marshal Kim Jong-un.
No one of close advisers of Marshal Kim Jong-un can stop the rampage of Marshal Kim Jong-un.I think the real father of Marshal Kim Jong-un will help Marshal Kim Jong-un very much in order to deal with this difficult situation .
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