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Japan should prepare something measures for China's collapse.

chinese-stock-market-crash.jpg In the latest assessment of global risks, researchers said the biggest worty is that China's economy will implode.
The Unit said continued deterioration in the country's services and manufacturing sectors, the ongoing build-up of the country's debt stock, now equivalent to some 240pc of GDP, and continued capital outflows have highlighted structural weaknesses in the world's second biggest economy. And that has led to depreciation in the yuan's exchange rate against the US dollar.
I think that it is impossible after all to maintain the economic management, in the premise of China's one-party system.
Will the American neo-conservative with Jiang Zemin group fail first? Or will China which bases on the one-party system fail first?The American neo-conservative will exert the last strength in order to come to defeat current China.
I think Mr. Soros will start the short sale of China's stocks by May, and the Chinese stocks will slump very seriously after that.
I think that a military internal disturbance may happen in China in this summer.In the present conditions, the demonstrations and riots from 500 to 800 a day continue breaking out from late 2012.I think that both China's military authorities and China's economy have reached the limit.
Japan should prepare something measures for China's collapse.
Japan uses the domestic imported food of China most in the food service industry now.If the confusion happens in China, commercial distribution and sales channels between Japan and China stops at a stretch, and the Japan's food service industry will be almost exterminated. Because distribution of the just-in-time of the import from China will become troubles even if Japan's food service industry shifts to use foods from other countries as the replacement of foods from China, time lag more than it for one month will be caused.Even if food service industry is going to change the mechanism of product distribution to use domestic production's foods at a stretch, it is impossible to change soon by the present food circulation."Japan's government" should lead the agricultural policy to release the storage rice and should spread a distribution system temporarily. Every product really perishes then from the every store of the retail store if Japanese Government does not reassure the citizens .If there are stock of the food of the retail store for 3 days then, the situation is better than nothing.The Japanese Government will be soundly beaten by the Upper House election for summer surely if the ruling parties do not secure citizens' foods for two months.Japan's foods' situation may become the serious situation such as the gastronom of the former Soviet Union, too.For emergencies of China, Japan should import "foods for storage such as the frozen vegetables or meat for two months" from United States, Russia, Australia, India, and Southeast Asia by this summer.Almost much industry is sluggish, the market's scale of the delicatessen's industry of Japan exceed 8 trillion yen. The delicatessen's industry increases 2.9% of compared with the previous year, and the production of the delicatessen's industry changes steadily . Japan's Government should support the delicatessen's industry, and each factory of the delicatessen's industry should step forward in India and Southeast Asia and should prepare for food shortage which may be caused by the crisis in China.
In India, many farmhouses cannot pay their loan because there is not necessarily the profitability on agriculture of Monsanto seedling, and the incidents of commit suicide increase.The Monsanto seedling does not seem to match the Indian dry soil. The Monsanto seedling matches only areas that have abundant water. Japanese Government recommends the contracts between Japan's delicatessen's industry and the Indian farmhouses by this August in order to be able to grow vegetable harvested in the summer in India and should secure frozen vegetables from this August to the next August from this March.Vegetables juice or the fruit juice will be good, too.The Japanese companies should invest effectively in this way with much effort because the interest rate is zero.
Of course world investors should invest Japan's delicatessen's industry positively. Japan's delicatessens are very yummy, and the Japan's delicatessen's industry is very promising.The world investors,click here, please.You can see yummy yummy Japan's delicatessens if you click the links of Product line of this the list .
I recommend that world's investors would invest "Warabeya Nichiyo Co. Ltd.".
Please look at a company of Mr. Hidetoshi Imokawa who is No. 14 "managing director" of the above list. He has the huge group of several joint‐stock corporations. I described his companies, Warabeya Nichiyo Co., Ltd. and Nichiyo Co., Ltd. in the above list. If Hidetoshi Imokawa can cooperate in establishing Delicatessen industry in a farm co-op(an agricultural cooperative association), I would like to hope that a lot of investors may buy the stocks of his companies. The financial condition of Net Sales of the companies of Hidetoshi Imokawa is the best ever.
The box lunch of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." is made by considering the balance of nutrition and calorie calculation , and they always try not to use deep-fried foods so much. "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." will ship " box lunch of a gentle seasoned dish" at budget prices into convenience stores all over the country. "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." acquired popularity and grew rapidly. Since his companies consider the consumers' health aspect and the low price , this company understands the needs of consumers well. With high-class foods, everyone can make delicious box lunch, but a price becomes high. With deep-fried foods, we can make the box lunch rapidly and easily, but a calorie becomes high. The box lunch of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." is yummy, cheap, and good for health. Those who do only demanded work can't do better job. Probably, "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." carry out a field survey sincerely, and will try to know consumers' needs, in order to make Delicatessen for export. Because I wrote this list mentioned above in the HTML script, it was very difficult to make this. Because I would like to notify investors that the financial condition of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd." is by far the best company in Japanese delicatessen industry, I made this list.Japan's future is bright.
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