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I read an article that a passenger plane has crashed in southern Russia, killing all 62 people on board. Russia's emergencies ministry says the disaster happened at 3.50 local time on Saturday morning at the airport in Rostov on Don at the end of a flight from Dubai.The Boeing 737-800, operated by Emirates-based budget airline Flydubai, is said to have crashed on its second attempt to land amid difficult weather conditions including strong winds and poor visibility. The jet burst into flames on hitting the ground and there are reports of an explosion.
I pray for the repose of the soul of the dead people.Although it was a trip of the spring vacation for them, the accident happened .I am sad.The human being should live in the peaceful life not to be related to an accident , an incident and the war. I can only pray.But I pray
CdvJLg6UsAAEnKN.jpg On the same day, a Palestinian girl died. She was 14 years old.She was shot dead by an Israeli soldier. She seems to be a very cute girl.For a moment a phrase tried to take shape in my mouth and my lips parted like a dumb woman's.She wears a beautiful coat with checks.Would her mother have bought this coat with check for her because her mother thought this coat suited her?I shock by this photo.I can only pray.But I pray for 14 years old's girl. The vested rights seem to occur for a dispute in Israel. Palestinian killing and the investment for plunder of the farmland business were led by Israeli military industrial Eisenberg and Rose corporation and they conduct their military plans. A manager of Eisenberg is American former Vice President Cheney. A boss of Cheney is Mr. Marc Rich of the Israeli nuclear weapon raw materials supplier. "The high dividend" is gathered from all over the world, and this plunder business attracts funds. Fund-raising charge is manager Alan Greenspan of bank Bear Stearns.
American former Vice President Cheney Mr. Marc Rich and Mr.Alan Greenspan.....Don't make Palestine's people shed tears.Have you ever had any tears in your eyes for yourself?
American former Vice President Cheney, Mr. Marc Rich and Mr.Alan Greenspan,for what on earth do you spend money by getting huge wealth so much?
Even if your each daily life is luxurious so much, you suffer from the loneliness that seems to burst.Old and young men and women alike are poor at loneliness. The luxurious life never heals loneliness . If a human being oppresses a human being, the human being undermines the own soul.
The coexistence is possible between Palestine and Israeli two countries.Can't you stand up so that you release Palestine than passing in vain in lonely days ?
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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